Screaming to the Heavens…

A longtime reader in Sweden just sent me a note about the madness that is currently infecting Europe. He reminded me of the words of Geert Wilders, as reported in my previous post:

“For this reason it is not a question of what goes around expecting to come around, throwing a ball and expecting it to be thrown back, but a fake political game of left-wing parties and other mentally disturbed people who try to exploit political popularity by abusing this terrible mass murder in Norway. How low can you go?”

His impassioned response:

Who will write about it?

Someone with a knowledgeable insight into man’s psyche must address this theme: human stupidity, combined with conscious dishonesty.

You, Baron? Or Fjordman?

Because never before in modern times has human stupidity / human self-chosen idiocy been so uninhibited, so completely without shame, nor has it been permitted to reach such heights.

Indeed this is true.

Be assured that this topic will be addressed in this space at some point. Our situation is hectic at the moment, and spare time is hard to come by. But the subject cries out for an in-depth analysis, and one of us will attend to it in due course.

Our Swedish reader is quite correct: Never before in recent history have so many been gulled so completely by so few.