Living Under Sharia in Dundas Square

David Menzies is a Canadian journalist who happened to try out his new camera in a place where his behavior offended Muslims. He was with his young son in Dundas Square, a very public space that is sometimes called the “Times Square of Toronto”. He attempted to show his son how the camera worked, and that’s when the trouble started.

Here’s the story from Charles Adler’s program on SUN TV:

Mr. Menzies’ observations about the unequal application of the law are quite correct, but only when Canadian law is at issue.

If Mr. Menzies had understood that he was in fact living under sharia, he would have know that rule of law was never breached, not in the slightest. Under Islamic law, the rules are different for Muslims than they are for infidels.

The police at Dundas square were enforcing the law as it applies to interactions between Muslims and dhimmis, non-Muslims who enjoy only limited protection under Islamic law. Not only was the Muslima breaking no law by striking the journalist for his impertinence, but he may well have broken the law himself. He should consider himself fortunate that he was not charged with photographing Muslims without their authorization.

He got off lightly.

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.