Is YouTube Shariah-Compliant?

We’ve featured the excellent videos of Acts17Apologetics several times in the past. They always present a straightforward critique of Islam and shariah law, citing the Koran and backing up everything they say with Islamic Scripture.

This is apparently not good enough for YouTube, which has begun to take their videos down just because they dare to speak critically about Islam. In other words, they are following the OIC’s guidelines on the “defamation of religions”.

Watch this video while you still can:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

13 thoughts on “Is YouTube Shariah-Compliant?

  1. Unlike the Muslim Brotherhood, whose activities are fairly easy to monitor, the OIC operates behind closed doors in the halls of power. They are currently making lavishly-funded attempts to buy western politicians, control the internet and shut down all criticism of Islam. Know your enemy!

  2. This guy, whoever he is, at 4:19, demonstrates like all unapologetic liberals, his wish to be all-inclusive to mos-slums, which is exactly the problem. If they follow their “creed” you have intolerance. Christians, if you follow their teachings, generates good will. Christians may not always live up to expectations, that is human shortcoming, but their intent is a worthy goal. mos-slums, to the extent they pay no attention to their teachings, may be the only ones that MAY ‘tolerable’.

  3. My apologies. I have just received mailer daemon notification that the above YouTube email address is invalid. They purposefully make it incredibly difficult to reach them directly via email.

    If someone else knows of a functional email address for YouTube, please post it.

  4. I just love this guy! I’ve watched all his videos and I’m just so happy, that there are other people out there who have the courage to go public this way and speak their mind.
    I’m now monitoring to see how many ‘critical’, ‘rassist’, ‘anti-constitutional’, ‘offensive’ videos will YoutTube delete, in order to protect the dear souls of their delicate muzz members.
    This world is becoming sick!

  5. Well as a blogger I sent the following inquiry to them at In my opinion blogs are also media.

    Dear sirs,
    I am a journalist for a Polish popular blog and would like to inquire about Your company’s policy in regards to free speech on your site. I have recently been informed that some video materials have been removed from the profile acts17apologetics on YouTube. As I understand these materials have included facts (citations) taken from muslim holy texts and have showed actual footage of the profile owner being attacked. I would like to inquire about guidelines regarding the type of videos, which can be shown on YouTube. Will video materials which are considered offensive by someone but show only facts, not interpretations also be taken down at the request of the offended?
    Should your answer be that in result of some policy change any person being offended is enough to take down some video material from Youtube my second question is whether the following types of videos will also be taken down:
    – video materials regarding large corporations braking the law – often offensive to the subjective corporations,
    – video materials critical of democracy – often offensive to democrats ,
    – video materials critical of communism – often offensive to comunists,
    – video materials critical of nazi ideology – often offensive to nazis,
    – video materials regarding christianity made by non christians – often offencive to christians.
    – video materials showing psychics and fortunetellers – often offensie to rationalists
    – video materials showing rational argumentation – perhaps offensive to psychics and fortunetellers
    YouTube, due to its enormous success is a very important element of promoting free speach and upholding the free flow of information in many countires, including mine so I am very interested in your policy in regards to the issue above. Thank you in advance for your answer.

  6. No. But I’ll keep you posted. I think in this case quantity really counts so let’s keep mailing them and give their press relations people some work.

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