Fighting Dirty

Thom Jefferson is a Gates of Vienna reader and commenter who lives and works in East London. He encountered the following poster at 4pm today on Whitechapel Road in Tower Hamlets, and took a photo for us:

UAF poster: Breivik-Robinson #1

I enlarged the poster and removed the foreshortening to make it clearer:

UAF poster: Breivik-Robinson #2

So this is what we’re all up against.

This is an example of the favored tactic that is being used against us on both sides of the Atlantic, and we can expect more of the same for the indefinite future.

For what it’s worth, here’s my advice to EDL members and their sympathizers, both inside and outside the UK:

  • Don’t waste your time “denouncing” or “repudiating” Anders Behring Breivik. By going on the defensive in such a manner, you implicitly affirm the legitimacy of connecting the EDL with the Oslo killer. That’s a mug’s game, and you cannot possibly win it.
  • For the same reason, don’t bother saying, “We’re not racists.” That’s also a defensive stance, and automatically puts you one-down. Decline to take part in any discussions about race and racism. Islam is not a race, so such arguments are irrelevant.
  • Affirm your non-violence through your actions, not by declaring yourself non-violent. Actions speak louder than words. If the EDL is consistently peaceful, sober, and helpful to the community, then the demonization by the UAF and the media will not have its intended effect.
  • Stay on-message. Don’t be drawn into pointless arguments started by the enemy on his own terrain. Those can never be won. “Peacefully opposing militant Islam” says it all. That’s the topic; stick to it.
  • If a statement must be made, limit yourself to simple, one-sentence declarations. For example: “The EDL believes in resisting sharia through peaceful, democratic means.” That’s a winner.

One final note: if UAF are fighting this hard, and this dirty, it means they are losing.

They are afraid of the EDL.

They are frightened of the English people.

This means you’re being effective. Keep at it.

9 thoughts on “Fighting Dirty

  1. a good counter poster would be a mohammad hitler comparison..

    with a mufti hitler pic in the middle to show the historical meaning..

  2. I agree, or one could just “lower oneself to their level” and just stick a picture of Andy Chaudry over the picture of Tommy Robinson.
    Print out one of the many pictures of him on the internet and plaster them directly over the posters.

  3. I’ve always thought the Counter Jihad/anti-PCMC movement should be employing posters and stickers. Masses of them, everywhere. We need good, simple slogans.

    “End Immigration”
    “Islam = Nazis” etc.

    T-shirts too. Imagine people walking around with “I don’t obey Sharia law” t-shirts.

  4. Van Grungy’s and Rex Dyer’s suggestions for responses could get those responsible for it behind bars. After all, they could “endanger community cohesion” and “hurt muslim feelings”, both of which seem to have become the gravest felonies one can commit on British soil.

  5. i agree with the comment if the uaf are fighting this hard they are losing this is why we have to keep fighting our cause don’t let these leftie hypocrites win im bnp but I follow a lot of what edl do and this is my message to all edl going tower hamlets keep up the good work you are doing your forefathers and country proud

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