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I wrote last month about Martin Brennan, the English-born resident of Australia who up until then had been a prominent leader in the Australian Defence League and active in other parts of the resistance to Islamization.

Early in July Mr. Brennan was arrested and put in detention for immigration violations after failing to follow through properly on his paperwork. Today we learn that he is being sent back to England on Friday, having exhausted his available legal options. Fighting the deportation order would require tens of thousands of dollars for additional legal expenses, but the government froze his assets, and he has no access to his bank accounts.

That’s some catch, that Catch-22.

Below is a message from Martin Brennan, edited slightly to meet Gates of Vienna’s standards of decorum:

Hello guys and girls, after a good hard think about things, I have decided not to fight this corrupt government any longer. My lawyer states they will “road block” every move I make and will basically cost me my life savings in fighting the bastards.

Today I got served with another notice and a plane ticket for this Friday afternoon. To put a block on this will set me back around 8-10K, so this time I’m not going to contest this injustice but give myself something which I haven’t had for the last 3 weeks…FREEDOM & A BEER!!!

One thing that is [making me angry] is that I am getting escorted all the way to London by 2 guards as I am classed as… get ready… “high profile” and guess who gets their bill for their flights and 2 nights accommodation plus spending money… ME!!

They state if I was to return to Australia I’ll have to pay it all back. 2 words for them: [redacted], they can take it out of the taxes I have paid while living in this country.

I would just like to thank you guys for all the support that you have given me, and hope my work of getting Australians out in to the streets has not gone in vain.

Anyhow must dash to the gym now as I have riots to fight on my return to London this Saturday morning… what a welcome home present that will be!!!! And at least I’ll be home for the Tower Hamlets Demo, can’t [intensifier] wait for that… Bring it on!!… Be good be safe N.F.S.E.

— MB

Hat tip: Nilk.