The Truth is no Longer Sacred to the BBC

Below is the latest video from Pat Condell. Caveat: Mr. Condell uses a naughty word several times in the course of his talk. Viewers may want to cover their children’s ears whilst enjoying his bracing rhetoric:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

12 thoughts on “The Truth is no Longer Sacred to the BBC

  1. I always enjoy hearing Codell speak. He gets right to the point, and he is right on target when it comes to the politically correct BBC.

    Pat isn’t afraid to speak out against the evils of Islam. Im glad we have a few good men like Condell but we need many more. Geert Wilder is a true hero. He’s trying to save Europe from becoming another Islamic state. Its ashame that the politically correct in europe as well as here in America continue to deny the threat Islam poses for a free society.

  2. Kudos for Pat. If he cleans up his langauage a bit and improves his wardrobe, he could go maintream on US Cable TV.

  3. Anyhoo, that aside, it seems to be a common outcome that truth takes a back seat when fame and prestige come a-knockin. The BBC attacks anything that threatens its existence or its world view, regardless of the truth of the situation. It will never acknowledge when it is wrong, and it will attack opponents and even allies without mercy when they point out mistakes it has made, or simply don’t toe its editorial line 100%

    They tossed out David Bellamy, a renowned and highly knowledgeable environmentalist, when he disagreed with them on global warming. They tossed out out Johnny Ball, responsible for putting more kids on the road to a science education than you can count in the 80s and 90s, for the same reason.

    Anyone who disagrees with the BBC on any subject goes under the bus faster than you can say “Take the National Express”.

    It’s not an attitude limited to the BBC, however. Any media company in the UK will do the same, though they often follows the BBC’s lead on such things. Often, when the BBC blackballs a personality, they become unemployable.

  4. Just so you know,

    this will never be a ‘PG13’ site, no matter what…

    Anachronism pervades Gates…

    though I respect it, I don’t see this form lasting going forward..

    The medium is the message.. Gates is ‘rated X’

    that’s just the facts/reality…

  5. “Im afraid that Euro-Centrism has been replaced with Anti-Euro-Centrism.”

    How about Pro-Founding Americanism?

    You Euros need a new start..

  6. Excellent. I think the p word is apt, because he’s referring to a certain type of smug, Oxbridge educated person who has always expected to create public opinion.

    Half Sigma is currently blogging mini-biographies of New York Times writers, and he shows how most successful journalists are from rich families. I think this is somewhat related to what Pat is saying about the BBC, i.e. the elite media types who pretend to represent the people are from privileged backgrounds and out of touch with ordinary people.

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