Geert Wilders’ Final Remarks in Court

Below is a subtitled video of Geert Wilders’ final remarks at his trial today in Amsterdam. The English text of his speech is here.

Many thanks to Kitman for subtitling and YouTubing this video:

2 thoughts on “Geert Wilders’ Final Remarks in Court

  1. I’m so glad I had a chance to live in Holland and pick up Dutch so that I can savor this profound speech right from its source.

    It is almost as powerful & moving in translation.

    Many thanks for posting.

    Winston Churchill’s spiritual son.

    Go Geert!

    Sterkte, hoor!

    (Hang in there, pardner.)

  2. An outstanding speech, very much for the history books.

    I’m just saddened that he felt the need to denounce Ratko Mladic, arrested this week and charged with “genocide” of Muslims, who is being railroaded much the same way as Wilders, in Geert’s own country.

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