Tunisian Youths Abroad

If you’ve been following the “Camp of the Saints” series (the most recent installment was early this morning), you know that tens of thousands of refugees from North Africa have landed on Lampedusa, Pantelleria, Sicily, and Malta since January. It is likely that more than half of them are Tunisians, and many of those are eager to get into France, where family members are already resident.

The French have been mostly successful in keeping the Tunisians on the Italian side of the border, but some of the “youths” have slipped through the cordon into the South of France. The news report below gives a brief account of an evening of violence by the Tunisian illegals, and the response of the French police.

Many thanks to Bear for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

7 thoughts on “Tunisian Youths Abroad

  1. The powerful and obnoxious odor of mendacity brought by these Tunisians begs for a famous whiff of Napoleon’s grapeshot.

    Watching armed police officers retreat in the face of these Muslim thugs is more than a little disappointing.

  2. Just how many would need to die to serve as an example to the others before orderly behaviour ensued?

  3. Do you really think that civil order will follow Muslim immigrant murder – or will increased terror and civil war be the end result?

    In the case of civil war, infidel Westerners had better be extremely well prepared – especially when Muslim oil barons cut off the oil flow in solidarity with their “long-suffering” fellow Muslims.

    Right now, it appears as though only the new Muslim immigrants are openly rebelling. If you murder any new Muslim immigrants, the “old” Muslim immigrants will notice and react accordingly – most especially if any of the new Muslim immigrants are related to the “old” Muslim immigrants.

    Rather than Muslim immigrant murder, I would prefer timely repatriation to Tunisia.

    Unfortunately, the REAL problem here is the immigrant policy of the EU – determined by unelected officials who are anonymous and unaccountable to the citizenry.

  4. “Watching armed police officers retreat in the face of these Muslim thugs is more than a little disappointing”. Police know from previous experience that if a Muslim/Arab comes to grief at police hands or even running from police pursuit (2 youths climbed into a hydro facility and at least one was electrocuted) then there’s all hell to pay as the French Muslim/Arab street ups its chronic vandalism including BBQing hundreds of cars. Violence wins the day again as police must not harm a hair on a Muslim or non-white perpetrator’s head or face career demotion, another sacrifice on the altar of false racism. Police are no longer allowed to be “crime-ist” if certain races or groups are involved. Rule of law, equal rights (and obligations) under law is no longer applicable. Some people have more rights than others, including breaking the law with impunity.

  5. laine: Police are no longer allowed to be “crime-ist” if certain races or groups are involved.

    This will change when, regrettably enough, a sufficient number of White police officers die while adhering to this unequal application of the law.

    All through Europe, law enforcement and emergency services are being left vulnerable to Muslim violence. This thin line of public protection services cannot be expected to endure such a lack of appreciation.

    If and when they fully retreat, look for all Hell to break loose.

  6. They need to be stopped at source; the boats should be sunk and the occupants left to their own devices – sink or swim. Those who are illegally in any European country should be given 24 hours to leave and then shot on sight. It sounds brutal but I feel it is the only way this infestation is going to be stopped.

  7. “They speak French.”

    “They are educated.”

    “They have family in France.”

    “They just want a job.”

    I’m convinced this is so much B.S. Those are just catch-phrases they have been instructed to tell the media by the people traffickers who got them there. They know what strings to pull and what buttons to push to activate the PC thought on automatic pilot.

    If they had family in France, well they wouldn’t be sleeping it rough in the parks, would they ?

    Actually a lot of them (most ?) don’t speak French, or very little.

    And they certainly are not “educated”. An “educated” person does not assault the police, insult its prospective host country, try to blackmail and strong-arm and intimidate his way into it, break the law, etc.

    Not in my book, anyway.

    One of those illegals, from the “I just want a job” crowd, told the media he had studied two years in some institute for administrative studies in Tunisia (I suppose that means he did not graduate).

    Yeah, right. Just what France needs : another prospective public servant, but from a Muslim country and an aggravated chip on his shoulder.

    We’re already awash in public servants doing nothing and sucking the public tit, thank you very much.

    Those illegals are just parasites, looking for a free home, free food, free health care courtesy of the French taxpayer — and free ogling of the local ladies (not just ogling, actually, if you see what I mean).

    Rumour has it that a lot of them are escaped convicts. I have not seen any proof of that, but their behaviour is certainly compatible with such an hypothesis.

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