The Ethnic Cleansing of Norwegians

Oslo riots

At Gates of Vienna we often discuss a phenomenon which is described here sardonically as “cultural enrichment”. The term is an ironic euphemism, employed partially as camouflage, since the phrase is overwhelmingly used in the media as a positive descriptor of the mixing of ethnicities driven by the ideological imperatives of Multiculturalism.

MultiFestIt’s true that if you do a Google search on “cultural enrichment”, Gates of Vienna will appear on the first page of search results, thanks to our Cultural Enrichment Archives. However, the vast majority of search results are for articles affirming the value of multicultural living. The customary usage of the term becomes even more apparent if you search Google images for “cultural enrichment”: you have to scroll through dozens of puff-piece photos before an ironic image or two appears on the page.

Most of the resulting images are derived from websites for universities or secondary schools — evidence of the pervasive ideological indoctrination that proceeds at all levels in Western educational establishments. The pictures generally show folk dancers in colorful costumes, or people eating exotic meals in food courts at ethnic festivals.

In other words, the images commonly associated with “cultural enrichment” represent the same lie that was used to sell Multiculturalism to us back in the 1970s. All these foreign cultures were to come and mix with us; we would welcome them, and the only differences we would notice would be unusual clothes, new varieties of music, and tasty food of all different kinds.

Multicultural JoyThis is the Great Multicultural Lie, and it has persisted almost unchanged for four decades. Despite overwhelming evidence of its inaccuracy, the myth persists. “Cultural enrichment” is still being promoted by governments, schools, and the media as a rainbow enhancement of our societies, as if it involved nothing more than quaint costumes and spicy food eaten from a stick.

If we were to eschew euphemism, however, and decide to speak the truth about what is happening, we would describe the current devastation of our cultures as an invasion, for that is in fact what it is.

When we hear the term “ethnic cleansing”, we normally think of the actions of the Serbs, and maybe occasionally the Croats, in the various states of the former Yugoslavia. And — if we’re especially vigilant and willing to peer through the MSM smokescreen — we might also consider the actions of the Bosniaks and the Kosovo Albanians.

But ethnic cleansing is in fact occurring in major cities all across the Western world, as huge numbers of inassimilable immigrants — invaders — are imported. The new arrivals inexorably drive out the native inhabitants with their relentless antagonism and predatory criminal behavior.

The difference between Pristina and Krajina on the one hand, and Rotterdam, London, and Oslo on the other, is that the treasonous political leadership of the latter is forcing ethnic cleansing upon its own people.

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The following excerpt is taken from a Tundra Tabloids post, and was translated by Cecilie from the original Norwegian at

The silent revolution
by Christian Skaug

One of the most fascinating aspects of Oslo’s slow but sure transformation into a city with a foreign majority is how it all happens fairly quietly and with by far not everybody noticing it.

When it just became public knowledge that the majority of the city’s population will be of foreign origin well before 2030, and thus in majority among the younger half of the population — the future population in other words — long before that time, the news was received with more or less a shrug, a shrug whose effect was that the news did not get the reaction required for attaching itself firmly in the public consciousness.

Or was it perhaps gaping disbelief mixed with a painful sense of having been thoroughly deceived, which in turn meant that the news did not become a particularly controversial topic? Did it in informed circles in two nanoseconds go from being a paranoid fantasy you could not mention to a matter of course which it would be uncool to admit that one had not long ago sussed?

When a certain type of information reaches the majority of the population, it can roughly be done in two ways: either because the major national media decide to give it a certain amount of coverage, or because the news spontaneously spreads like wildfire among the population. (And the latter often leads to the national media sooner or later reviewing the case, i.e., they can either set the agenda themselves, or they can take things into consideration.)

But the knowledge that the capital will surely lose its Norwegian majority during the lifetime of most of its present inhabitants has not been spread in any of these two ways.

That the media does not give this demographic revolution — with consequences for hundreds of thousands of people’s lives — significant attention, can be attributed to herd mentality. As long as the bell sheep decides that this shall not be questioned, the other sheep fail to do it. It is tragic, but essentially banal, and easily understandable from the observation that the people in question are in thrall to their defects.

Far more interesting, on the other hand, as a social psychological phenomenon that awareness of, and upset over the ongoing revolution in Oslo has not spread like wildfire all by itself, without mass media attention. Those who see what is going on, do not raise the issues in public, and they don’t raise them at parties. One may begin to wonder whether these topics aren’t even discussed within the family. Does one decide to move from Oslo without even having to admit to one’s spouse — or even oneself — that one find it most pleasant to be surrounded by one’s own kind?

The questions may seem absurd, but considering how little the public know about things that many thousands of people must have realised, it’s hard not to ask them.

A Document reader refers to an obscure Web site belonging to Akershus University Hospital. There one can read that Manuela Ramin-Osmundsen, Project Manager in the South-East in briefly comments:Statistics from Oslo University now show that 7 out of 10 mothers have an immigrant background.

The article is dated 11 November 2009, i.e. after hospital Ullevål and Aker was merged with organizational Rikshospitalet University Hospital in Oslo. The vast majority of births in the capital take place at one of these three hospitals, do they not? Does this mean that only 30% of the newborns in Oslo currently have a Norwegian background? Whether the true figure is 30% or 40% may not matter greatly. The point is that these are numbers that would surprise most people, despite the fact that anyone who might have stayed at a maternity ward in Oslo last year must have seen the development close up.

What do a doctor, nurse or midwife do, observing how Norwegians are fewer and fewer year by year? I refuse to believe that there is information that does not make an impression. What do expectant parents who see that their children are a minority in their age group think about this? And whatever they think: Why have they not they shared their thoughts with enough people that it is an indisputable and well-known public truth that Oslo in a few years will be a Norwegian city only in patches?

The explanation can hardly be any other than that it’s taboo to say that Norwegians prefer to live among other Norwegians. It is a taboo so strong and so deep seated that one must believe the reason people keep quiet can’t be based on sense. The taboo must to such a degree have become a part of one’s mind, that the reaction comes almost from the bowels: Stress hormones come trickling out, and it hurts physically to challenge the silence.

Europeans have a link between conscience and political correctness that makes them go around with constant feelings of guilt: We owe it to share and make room for the others, to the extent where we declare our own culture out of date. This is a strange psychological phenomenon. It has occurred during a relatively short time, and people do not speak out even when they are forced to move out of their neighborhoods. When will they be willing to speak up? What will it take?

There is something odd about a culture that claims to be against everything Hitler was for, but dares not or cannot defend their own culture.

The Jews who survived Auschwitz have no problem with saying that they want to retain a state composed of their own people. Should we also need to allow ourselves to be partially obliterated before we find it morally acceptable to fight tooth and nail to retain a territory we can call our own?

It is often said that Israel and Europe are in the same boat, in the sense that both are the subject of Islam expansionism. But the difference is that Israel understands perfectly what is happening. “Israel is us” is the name of a book by Fiamma Nirenstein. I wish, I have to add.

Cecilie added this commentary:

As a Norwegian who has lived in Hong Kong and China for the last 21 years, I know what it’s like to be an immigrant (I call myself a climatic refugee, having escaped the cold and dark of Norway to revel in the much more pleasant South China weather) living among strangers. Here, I act like the normal foreigners who have settled in Norway: I have learnt the local language, cook and eat mostly Chinese food and I celebrate the local holidays.

What I haven’t done is demand that everyone in Hong Kong becomes Norwegian.

And that is the crux of the matter: Muslims, wherever they settle, will eventually demand that the local population become, if not exactly Muslim, so at least ‘Sharia compliant.’

So why the hell don’t the Norwegians say “OK, enough of this, we don’t want to be like you and if you don’t want to be like us, go and live in Saudi Arabia or Iran, those paradises for the right-thinking ummah”?

I think it’s for the same reason as many older Chinese, having lived through the ravages of extreme Communism and seen at close hand what that evil ideology leads to, can’t bring themselves to say a bad word about the Communist party. They keep bleating on about how Mao was misled by evil people, how Communism is great really, it’s just been hijacked by some misunderstanders of the faith.

When I grew up in the 70’s, America was the big evil. Palestine was good, Israel bad. The radicals from the 70’s are now the people running Norway. No matter how much mayhem Muslims create in my country, my contemporaries can’t bring themselves to admit that their youthful views were in fact wrong. Perhaps they think holding on to their teenage beliefs will keep them young. Meanwhile their children have grown up in an atmosphere where all war is bad, patriotism is bad and equated with fascism, and all points of view are of equal value.

Saying that we must stop the wholesale immigration from Muslim countries is fascist, everybody in the world has as much right to live in Norway as those who were born there because, oh, we must compensate for British imperialism or something, and to say that immigrants must adhere to Norwegian laws and customs makes us somehow like Hitler.

Norwegians have been living in a pacifistic haze since WWII, and anyone who even mentions that the people who want to turn Norway into a Muslim vassal state should be stopped, must be a racist, fascist warmonger.

The author of the above article, Christian Skaug, is wrong, however, saying that Norwegians don’t even discuss these things in private. They do … at least one-on-one. But it is hushed. Because the youth from the 70’s are now running the newspapers, the schools and the government. They still think Palestine is the ultimate cool, and that Israel should be obliterated.

I despair for my country.

10 thoughts on “The Ethnic Cleansing of Norwegians

  1. Could someone who can read Norwegian let us know what the general tone of the comments to the article are like?

  2. When you google Oslo most of the time you find muslim children.
    Norwegian government/media are criminals.
    It´s a silent holocaust.

    GOD Bless Norway.

  3. The problem here is not that the average Norwegian doesn’t care about the massive problems associated with immigration and that they don’t dare to speak up against it. Believe me they do. The problem here is that the public discourse on Islam and immigration (asylum lottery and clan reunification policies) is dictated by the MSM who find it hard to understand what the big fuss is about. The MSM simply don’t see or are unwilling to admit to themselves that it poses a threat to Norway. They do write about criminal immigrants and other issues relating to Islam and immigration etc. but the majority of them don’t take an active stand against it. They do write about future demographic projections, but they don’t seem to think that this is a problem (many Norwegian however do see this as a massive problem).

    Being a Norwegian myself and having followed the Norwegian debate on immigration for the last 25–30 years I can definitely say that anti immigration organisations and individuals have made their voices heard, and that they have warned about the impending demographic holocaust. FMI (People’s movement against immigration) FrP (Progress Party) and various other organisations were very active during the early 80’s and 90’s and warned about the dangers of non-western immigration, but were vilified by the leftist MSM. The FrP has seen a tremendous rise in popularity as the problems associated with Islam and immigrations have become too great to simply sweep under the rug. Their dire predictions have also come true.

    The article from claims that there isn’t a debate in Norway on the future demographic scenario of Oslo, that’s not true. The white flight trend out of the eastern suburbs of Oslo has been highlighted in the MSM for many years now, although admittedly it hasn’t necessarily been portrayed as a catastrophe. However if you go on to Norwegian online discussion forums, Norwegian blogs etc. you’ll find that the issue is being debated with great passion. The majority of the MSM’s own online discussion forums are bombarded with anti-immigration comments. Dagbladet (leftist trashpaper) have on several occasions had to close its own internet discussion forum because of what they perceive as ‘racist comments’, but which is in reality is objective views on the results of an immigration policy gone mad.

    The problem with Norway is the stranglehold that the political parties on the left have on the population through intensive media and television propaganda, a stranglehold which have lasted since the end of WW2 and which manifest itself in a continued support for these leftists parties in the elections. This stranglehold has started to loosen in the last decade or so much to these parties dismay. Basically what needs to happen in Norway now is that the voters needs to be bombarded with information that nothing is going to change in Norway until they start voting for anti-immigration parties, the leftist parties aren’t going to change their ways so they need to stop voting for them if they wish to see a change. And that means either voting for the Frp or Demokratene (democrats, whose views on immigration and Islam are similar to those of anti-immigration parties in Denmark and Holland).

    I sincerely believe that the Frp will become the biggest political party within a very short time in Norway and that things will change for the better. The current trends in Europe can’t be ignored; people have simply had it up to their necks with the left and their suicidal policies. The same goes for the majority of the people in Norway, they don’t want to see their country overrun by foreigners.

  4. No matter how much mayhem Muslims create in my country, my contemporaries can’t bring themselves to admit that their youthful views were in fact wrong. Perhaps they think holding on to their teenage beliefs will keep them young.

    From all indications, there will be absolutely no progress until the moral and political capital possessed by these Leftist “contemporaries” is permanently discredited.

    Multiculturalism must be shown to be the bankrupt and dysfunctional anti-White system that it is.

    Saying that we must stop the wholesale immigration from Muslim countries is fascist, everybody in the world has as much right to live in Norway as those who were born there because, oh, we must compensate for British imperialism or something, and to say that immigrants must adhere to Norwegian laws and customs makes us somehow like Hitler.

    Right there is a glaring hypocrisy.

    If Third World immigration is such a wonderful thing, then the “Norwegian laws” that permit it must also be part and parcel of this magnificent social experiment.

    How then, with the mere addition of Norwegian “customs” does the wish for immigrants to respect these facilitating aspects of the cultural landscape suddenly become some totalitarian Hitleresque fascism?

    One cannot have it both ways. Either the Norwegian legal system along with its culture is a desirable example and one to be copied through assimilation or it is a bigoted boot upon the Third World’s neck.

    It cannot be both, no matter how much the Left pretends it to be.

  5. Europeans asked for this. They elected those leaders who made theser decisions. And the Europeans just sit in their kitchens sipping ‘tea’. I think that they desearve to have their asses kicked. But, if they mount a fight, then I will come and try to help them.

    Hope I didn’t bum your kids out, you guys…..

  6. Kritisk_borger: Saying that we must stop the wholesale immigration from Muslim countries is fascist, everybody in the world has as much right to live in Norway as those who were born there because, oh, we must compensate for British imperialism or something, and to say that immigrants must adhere to Norwegian laws and customs makes us somehow like Hitler.

    The rationale employed here, the guilt for past sins of colonialism, should be cause for unfettered access by Norwegians to Sweden, given the imperial history. Naturally, I do not wish to add to the burden of the sinking Swedish ship, nor would such an extension of the rational be employed or even deemed appropriate.

  7. Why do the embracers of white guilt not ask themselves why non-whites feel no guilt whatsoever for their sins? e.g. near universal slavery that they did not end voluntarily until whites ended the practice for everyone. Muslim slavery was so barbaric with its gelding of male slaves and rape of women slaves that they are left with no trace of their millions of slaves, unlike the relatively humane USA where 12% of the population claims slave roots. The Chinese don’t beat their breasts about Mao’s slaughter of millions. North American natives are proud of their heritage – barbaric practices and all, once again including slavery. Rwandans are not dying of shame for their relatively recent butchering of 800,000 including women and children. Neither are Muslims for their slaughter of half a million blacks in Darfur. And so on it goes. Only whites keep flogging themselves for generations and ignoring the good they’ve done for others, a record no other race has. This masochism is a liberal sickness that has European whites moving like zombies toward their doom and has already infected half of North American whites. We owe non-whites nothing. Our bill such as it was has been over-paid, the only suckers who have paid anything for their transgressions.

  8. @ kritisk_borger

    “the stranglehold that the political parties on the left have on the population through intensive media and television propaganda”

    Good point. I think we in the West live in an environment of pervasive propaganda, much of it very subtle, while a calculated subset of it is brutally blunt. It is in our schools at all levels, the mainstream media and television, our workplaces, and is in the mouths of our politicians and cultural leaders.

    Norman Doidge writes in “The Brain That Changes Itself” about how young children in North Korea are targeted with constant political propaganda from a very young age. As he describes it in terms of neuro-plasticity, the younger brains are much more malleable. With enough propaganda at an early enough age, the brain re-wires itself and finds it very difficult to think “unacceptable” thoughts.

    If we look at the average television viewing hours of young children in the West, we can see just how much early brainwashing our children (and adults) are subjected to. And that is just one source, the “educational” establishment is another huge one.

    I am not surprised that so many of us in the West are unable to deviate from the scripts set for us by our enemies.

  9. For me at least, this is not a matter of national origin, but of belief systems, values, and ideology.

    The problem is that the MSM actively disrespect our Judaeo-Christian heritage. As an Orthodox Christian who also has some Jewish relatives, I’m comfortable around Christians and Jews from any part of the world. I’m just fine with Christians of Arab, African, Indian, and East Asian heritage, and in fact, in my travels within the US I have worshipped together with all of these.

    On the other hand, I am NOT comfortable around people such as Barack Hussein Obama, or Bill and Hillary Clinton, who have claimed to be Christians, but clearly are NOT, nor am I comfortable around any Jew who has turned against Israel and joined forces with what I consider to be the neo-Nazis of the BDS movement.

  10. let me get this straight: the problem according to the owner of the blog culture is not race who is currently invading and interbred with the Norwegians, because tomorrow is a mixed Christian born in Norway – Norwegian it will be more than one Indian that follows Islam.
    _sera more or less what you would have us believe?

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