Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/6/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/6/2011Bloodshed continues in Syria, with police reportedly firing into crowds of protesters, killing dozens of them. According to some reports, in the city of Deraa all men over the age of 15 have been arrested.

In other news, the Scottish National Party scored a surprise victory in yesterday’s elections for the Scottish Parliament, ousting Labour by a wide margin.

Meanwhile, the Australian city of Monash will construct a privacy screen at a municipal swimming pool to accommodate the needs of Muslim women during female-only swimming sessions. The expense of the modification will be borne by local taxpayers.

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3 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/6/2011

  1. @SNP Wins Majority in Scottish Elections.

    Political Shock and awe (technically known as rapid dominance). This is a hugely significant event for the U.K. Europe and the counter-jihad movement the magnitude of the shift in a peoples political mindset is unbelievable if I had not witnessed it on the night I would not have believed it to be possible.

    One thing that has been perplexing over the last few decades is why Scottish Nationalism has not more visibly nurtured English Nationalism and the answer to that maybe what is the achilles heel of the British State in that it is taken as a purely English construct in any case this is retrospective thinking as this is not the self-abasing politics Englishman v Scotsman this is a move towards the untethered political will.

    Socialism and right wing ultraliberalism are on their death beds in Scotland it would be foolish for the British state to through them a lifeline.

    Scotland maybe the first to move into the post-ultraliberal and multikulti era, make no mistake this movement has Nationalist roots.

  2. @Jeronimo’s Great Grandson is “Outraged” For the Namesake

    I actually agree. Bin Laden doesn’t deserve to be elevated by equating him with Geronimo. A code name like Dur Fuhrer would have been far more appropriate.

  3. Egghead said…

    “The US hopes to free up “significant sums” of the Gaddafi government’s frozen assets for the Libyan people.”

    We should send the money to Italy and Malta….

    5/07/2011 4:08 AM

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