Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/1/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/1/2011As everyone already knows, Osama bin Laden has reportedly been killed by U.S. forces. While I’ve been putting this news feed together, President Obama has been speaking to the nation about this momentous event, or so Vlad tells me (we don’t have a TV).

I’m cynical. I think Osama assumed room temperature a long time ago, and was stashed in a cooler to keep until he was politically useful. It’s been a rough week for Hussein, so OBL is useful to him now…

But, as I said, I’m cynical. I’m sure it’s all just a coincidence.

In other news, Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York says that new immigrants to the United States should be compelled to live in Detroit, to help repopulate and revitalize the dying city.

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23 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/1/2011

  1. Dearborn is already well on its way to being an Islamic mini-state. Why not make another Michigan city part of the umma?

  2. Muammar Gaddafi’s Inner Circle Say They Have Been Betrayed by Britain

    Feelings of betrayal and incomprehension at the west’s rejection of the Libyan regime, particularly directed at the UK, are compounded by aggression, belligerence and merciless military assaults.

    A Muslim expressing outrage over having been betrayed? Betrayal, thy name is Islam.

    As to “merciless military assaults; it is difficult to imagine anything more merciless than terrorism.

    Ghadaffi needs to sit on it and twirl.

  3. Dont be too cynical Baron.Even if he was in a cooler he is still dead.Which is by saying they have gone it alone in pakistan the U.S is opening a can of worms.They could have easily said they got him in afghanistan.An ‘expert’ on the BBC has already said that it wont matter anyway as the war on terror escalated terrorist activity around the world and implied that Bin Laden was only the touch paper. .When will these people understand that all of this was always gonna happen and stop blaming ourselves for the current situation.

  4. Not so fast. Druge is saying ‘buried at sea’. The only proof was the corpse. No corpse means no proof.
    The moslims will now insist we are lying.

  5. Yep, they’ve got rid of the evidence and ‘dumped’ whatever they had at seas. As I’m sure most of you will know, it is not traditional to bury Muslims at sea.

  6. In hoc signo vinces†


    Have no problem with your sentiments but what exactly is the policy or long term objective regarding Libya would it not have been better to let them occupy themselves expending ammunition, then look for any advantage.

    The U.K. military intervention in Libya looks more like islamo-Euromed building than an action that is in the national interests of the U.K.

  7. In hoc signo vinces†

    Osama bin Laden the only surprise here was that he was not holed up in London at one of Prince Charles’s gaff’s.

  8. Conspiracy theorists! What could be more normal than not transporting Emmanuel Goldtein, I mean Osama, to a US base to prove their case? How much easier it must have been to transport him across hostile territory, from the border at the other end of the country down to the sea, for a sea burial. Was he a sailor? Is he buried with the vanished evidence of the Oklahoma bombing and 911?

    It’s all good. Shut up and celebrate. We have won the war against Terror. Now stop complaining about mosques and lovely, moderate, very, very peaceful, non-dangerous and officially non-terrorist Islam, I mean, Goldstein is dead! We love Big Brother…

    Whahahahahaha! Sounds like a Hollywood script.

  9. I’ve been spending time reading the market-ticker threads: some have said Fox News reported OBL had been dead a week; this despite BHO saying he gave the go ahead yesterday; and then there is the DNA test they claim to have used to confirm it was OBL: don’t those tests take a couple weeks or more?

  10. Dan said… Not so fast. Druge is saying ‘buried at sea’. The only proof was the corpse. No corpse means no proof.
    The moslims will now insist we are lying.


    But what would they make of his body if we had kept it and displayed it?

    It would become an Icon on which to focus future terrorism

    This one is a catch 22.

    The evidence we in the West have that he is dead is enough for us.

    Disposing of the body where nobody can find or recover it, that is our means of denying the terrorists the use of the body as a recruiting tool and focus of recruitment.

    Your point is valid, however, and will become an issue of debate in numerous circles.

  11. As I wrote (among other things) on my blog, we should have captured Osama alive, detained him on an offshore island, and tortured him to try to extract at least some of the invaluable intel his diseased brain possesses (using not physical tortures, which would likely not pierce the resolve of his Islamic fanaticism, but creative psychological tortures precisely calculated to exploit that fanaticism).

  12. Forcing immigrants to live in a place that people are deserting precisely because it is a wretched dump is either evidence of spectacular stupidity, or else a wonderful plan to reduce immigration.

    I’m not voting on it being a plan to reduce immigration.

  13. Okay, Smarty Mayor, if Detroit was a good place to create jobs and build a future, then why is everyone leaving?

    Given the current economic reality of Detroit, we may get a bunch of immigrants to go there, but they’re not going to want to stay any more than anyone else.

    Maybe what we should do is get the gummint’s hands out of the private auto industry and let private industry build Detroit back up to where it was.

    But to do that Detroit’s erstwhile auto industry would have to build auto’s that people want to buy, and since most people don’t want to buy the types of auto’s the gummint wants us to buy, it puts a serious crimp in redeveloping Detroit.

    Thanks, gummint, for killing America’s “Driving Excitment”.

    I’m really PO’d about the demise of the Pontiac line. I can’t even tell you how much I was looking forward to a rebirth of the Firebird in the modern Camaro style. As I’m reaching the age of life where I could actually afford to buy one. Preferable a new red one, to go with my old Formula 455.

    Sigh. There is no justice…

    … except to keep rebuilding and restoring my little piece of Americas Driving Excitement.

    Cheers to you all this weekend, as I go guzzle some gas and burn a little rubber in honor of a glorious time in Americas auto industry.

  14. Here’s how sky news reported it in one of there articles….i kid you not.

    Osama bin Laden got what he most dearly yearned for – death as a martyr at the hands of infidel Americans in the heart of an Islamic country.
    His place in paradise guaranteed by the sacrifice, he may look down with satisfaction at what he has left behind.

    They then went on to point out to any would be Jihadi.

    On top of that Anwar al Awlaki, a US-educated Islamist, has emerged as a new force in the movement.
    His “Inspire” magazine publishes how-to guides for self-starting terrorists.
    His propaganda arm has put out a 100-page book, which explains the intricacies of advanced bomb-making – and all of these are in English.

    I’m guessing that they will be creating a recruitment site any day soon??

  15. In hoc signo vinces†

    The big men of the politiical elite right and their media machine now call on the islamos to jihad on the poor white little man of the U.K. same war different boss.

  16. Phillip,

    The timing is quite convenient for Obama, is it not?

    And to be honest I have to acknowledge Obama for doing the right thing and pulling the trigger on this operation.

  17. Condemning immigrants to Detroit would be sending them somewhere worse than their country of origin and probably a human rights crime. Why not just put a hoarding around Detroit and big signs: “Democratic Party’s/socialist paradise under construction for 50 years. Enter at own risk”.

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