Camp of the Saints: The Rising Flood

Lampedusa refugees #15

The flood of North African refugees continues to arrive in Lampedusa. Notice that the latest group does not consist of Tunisians:

216 Immigrants Land in Lampedusa With More Arriving

(AGI) Lampedusa — The first 216 immigrants rescued off the island have arrived in Lampedusa with 40 more arriving in the afternoon. They were all on board two vessels intercepted this morning. The boat escorted by the Financial Police also had six women and a minor on board. the migrants allegedly all come from sub-Saharan Africa and left from Libya.

Earlier this evening I posted a French news report about a battle between Tunisian “youths” and French police. That incident may have been part of a broader front, which included the arrest of 138 Tunisian culture-enrichers in France.

According to Reuters:

French Police Arrest Tunisia Migrants, Influx Grows

Paris May 4 (Reuters) — French police arrested 138 Tunisian migrants on Wednesday, clearing out an illegal squat in Paris as unease deepened in France over an influx sparked by the upheaval in North Africa.

About 250 riot police were deployed to evict the squatters, most of them Tunisians who entered Europe a couple of months ago via Lampedusa, a tiny Italian island that is one of the closest points for people fleeing North Africa.

“In all, 138 people were arrested, and their situation will be assessed on a case by case basis,” a police officer told Reuters television at the scene of Wednesday’s eviction in the northeast of the French capital.

According to charity groups, 400-500 Tunisians have arrived in France since a popular uprising in Tunisia led to the ouster of the former French colony’s long-time ruler in January, sending a wave of pro-democracy upheaval across the Arab world. [emphasis added]

It’s probably an underestimate, but, for the sake of analysis, we’ll assume that half of the 30,000 migrants who have arrived in Italy since the crisis began are Tunisians. If five hundred Tunisians have wound up in France, 500 ÷ 15,000 = 3.33%, so only one in thirty Tunisians has managed to make it into France. In other words, the Tunisian enrichment problem is still mainly Italian, and not French.

The flow of North African refugees has mainly washed up in Italy and Malta, but Greece has its own enrichment problems which predate the current crisis. The Greek islands have been favored landing places for illegal migrants for years, and many of the invaders now in Greece have crossed the border into Thrace from Turkey.

The Greek prime minister is complaining about the same problem that Italy has: once the culture-enrichers arrive, they cannot be gotten rid of:

Greece Powerless to Quickly Expel Illegal Migrants: Minister

Athens, Greece — Greece’s police minister on Thursday called for new detention centers to be built as the country is powerless to expel undocumented migrants seeking to cross into other European countries.

“Without detention centres in various parts of the country…we cannot solve the problem,” Citizen’s Protection Minister Christos Papoutsis told parliament.

“Nobody can arrest a migrant, whether they be illegal or legal, and throw them out. International rules do not allow it, the laws do not allow it, our country’s constitution does not allow it,” the minister said.

Greece has struggled for years to reach a coherent policy on hundreds of thousands of economic migrants and asylum-seekers from Africa, Asia and the Indian subcontinent who arrive seeking a better future in the West.

Many are kept in overwhelmed detention facilities under squalid conditions repeatedly criticised by rights groups, and eventually find their way to a life of poverty, labour exploitation or petty crime in the cities.

The majority are unable to even return home, and Greece is bound by EU rules to keep them from travelling on to other EU states.

Land and sea patrols by EU border agency Frontex has helped alleviate the pressure but there were still nearly 3,000 undocumented migrant arrests on the Greek-Turkish border in April, up from 2,000 in March, police data shows.

“The situation is dramatic, there’s no doubt about that,” said Papoutsis, who called on local authorities to drop opposition to the new detention camps.

“Local societies are against migrants. They want them out,” he said.

This week, residents of the western Greek port of Igoumenitsa blocked the harbour for hours, calling on the government to remove scores of migrants who have built makeshift camps outside the town.

Riot police moved in when some protesters began throwing stones at some of the migrants who had gathered on the scene.

Immigration concerns have also surfaced in Italy and France with the arrival of thousands of Tunisians after a revolution toppled Tunisia’s dictator in January.

EU authorities this week conceded that controls in the bloc’s border-free Schengen area could be tightened in exceptional circumstances as a bulwark against migration pressure.


You can’t arrest them.

You can’t send them back.

You can’t send them on to Germany, where they really want to go.

In other words…

EU to Greece: DROP DEAD.

To add insult to injury, Pope Benedict XVI thinks that Europeans need to welcome the immigrants with open arms, in the spirit of Christian benevolence.

According to Deutsche Welle:

Pope Urges Europe to Welcome Migrants From North Africa

In his Easter sermon, Pope Bendict VI lamented the violence and conflicts in North Africa and the Middle East and called on Europe to accept more migrants from war-torn countries.

In his traditional Easter message to the world Pope Bendict XVI contrasted the joy of the Easter season with the violence and strife in North Africa and the Middle East and called on Europe to welcome more migrants from war-torn areas like Libya.

“Here, in this world of ours, the Easter hallelujah still contrasts with the cries and laments that arise from so many painful situations: deprivation, hunger, disease, war, violence,” he said in his “urbi et orbi” (to the city and the world) address.

Ha! How many Tunisians and Somalis do you think the pope has living with him in his papal apartments?

There’s no end in sight to all this insanity. What new excesses of cultural enrichment will tomorrow bring?

Hat tips: C. Cantoni, AC, and Kitman.

4 thoughts on “Camp of the Saints: The Rising Flood

  1. I might be inclined to give the Pope the benefit of the doubt here, given that Catholics and other churches in communion with Rome are essentially hostages of the Muslims. But we must be bold, right now.

    Anyway, I thought you might be interested in this tea towel story I posted a long time ago.

  2. Multiculturalism certainly is the most glorious, universially enrichening, pro-white system that can exist.

    World Conscience Sweden – or more appropriate Kretinostan, land of honey and goodness, is again on the war-path – now we are the first EU-country to receive 200 quota refugees who want to flee from Libya. These are mainly Somalis, Eritreans and Sudaneses from Darfur who currently are stranded at the Libyan borders.

    Our ingenious gay Migration Minister Tobias Lennart Billström is himself down there to fetch them, – I am proud! – he declared.

    Sweden is, not surprisingly, the EU country that receives the highest number of quota refugees and Mr Billström (M) inspected on Wednesday the border between Egypt and Libya.

    – The people who we will accept are people in need of protection, women and children. And they are definitely exposed and vulnerable in the situation they are in today, said Mr Billström. – The responsibility must be based on the principle of humanitarian aid and we in Sweden have always been at the forefront.

    Already some 55 000 Somalis, 11 000 Eritreans, 14 000 Ethiopians, 2 000 Sudaneses are kept in Kretinostan on the taxpayers expenses. The blond protestant ethnic Swedish population shall be substituted for a new exciting populatin of toffee- and chocolate-muslims. Visit Kretinostan in 2030 and you will find it unnecessary to travel all the way to the Middle East. Chose elStockholm for Dubai.

  3. Today we hear in the media that the Swedish Integration Minister Erik Ullenhag will kick off some kind of task-force to identify, analyze and counteract “xenophobia” and “racism” in Sweden and especially in the schools. As supreme commander of the task-force the utmost wretch of the Swedich polital scene, former leader of the Folk’s Party, former Immigration Minister, former Chairman of the Red Cross, former, former Benkt Westerberg has been chosen.

    We have to realize that this is a “brain-washing-project” with the aim to happily explain or even canonize the treasonable government’s insane migration policies!

    What Ullenhag now is going to do is a clear indication that the Kretinostani government realizes that their asylum policy and family reunification programs like a rotting rat is starting to smell and that they now intend to “walk over corpses” or at least not hesitate to use any dishonest methods to conceal their treason against Sweden, against the Swedes, the future of Sweden, its children and grandchildren!

  4. It is an exaggeration for Deutsche Welle to have reported that Pope Benedict XVI “…called on Europe to accept more migrants from war-torn countries….” or more specifically, that he “called on Europe to welcome more migrants from war-torn areas like Libya.” The Pope uttered no such definite, highly politicized imperatives. This is the typical slant of the mainstream press. Rather the Pope’s remarks are nested within a series of many subjunctives (a grammatical form indicating irreality, or a wish) translated into English with the repeated use of the word “may.”

    The Pope mentions Lybia only once saying: “In the current conflict in Libya, may diplomacy and dialogue take the place of arms and may those who suffer as a result of the conflict be given access to humanitarian aid” (italics mine). This is far from a demand that refugees from Libya come to Europe. As for the “refugees from various African countries” generally, the Pope expresses an additional wish; namely, “may people of good will open their hearts to welcome them, so that the pressing needs of so many brothers and sisters will be met (“may be met” – si possa venire incontro) with a concerted response in a spirit of solidarity” (Vatican translation, italics mine). The original Italian, in context, can only mean an opening of the heart to acceptance generally. Benedict XVI does not even mention acceptance “of them” as in the English translation (ad aprire il cuore all’accoglienza). It is an open ended acceptance from an opening of the heart, and not an opening of physical borders: Europe is not mentioned, and no European country is mentioned. There is no invitation to “invasion” here, only a risky interpretation thereof.

    The key word in the Pope’s address is “may,” which translates the repeated Italian subjunctives into English, hence they translate the Pope’s Easter wish-list. These subjunctives carry no more of a political imperative than does “May God save the Queen.” As if to reinforce the wishful nature of these statements, the Pope follows with the following subjunctive in respect of the hopeless situation in the Ivory Coast: “May peaceful coexistence be restored among the peoples of Ivory Coast.” The whole passage on the crisis in Africa can be summarized as follows: “May we all get along splendidly together in perfect harmony and look after displaced persons who are less fortunate than ourselves.” It is important not to create a commentary on a commentary; it is better to first study an original text, even in translation, and observe if the context matters.

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