The Return of “Fitna”

Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom in the Netherlands, is planning to release a sequel to his movie Fitna next year. The PVV just posted this notice:

Geert Wilders to Launch Fitna 2 in 2012

In 2008, Dutch MP Geert Wilders released the 17-minute documentary Fitna, which demonstrates how the Koran encourages acts of terrorism, anti-Semitism, violence against women, homosexuals and infidels.

Today, Mr. Wilders announced that next year he will release Fitna 2. The topic of this new documentary will be the figure of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Mr. Wilders wants to expose the barbaric, murderous behaviour and mental sanity of Muhammad, the man whom one and a half billion Muslims around the world regard as a holy prophet and example to be followed.

With his movie Mr. Wilders wants to express his support for the brave men and women who have left Islam and who, according to Islamic law, deserve the death penalty. “These people are heroes. They deserve our support,” Mr. Wilders says.

Earlier this week, Mr. Wilders wrote an op-ed article in which he argued that it is “Time to Unmask Muhammad.”

Below is a more detailed article from Many thanks to our Dutch correspondent H. Numan for the translation:

Fitna 2 ready next year

(Novum) — The sequel for the anti-Islam move Fitna by Geert Wilders should be ready by next year. The movie will mainly highlight ‘the barbaric life of the sick mind called Mohammed’, the PVV leader announced on Friday. He stressed it was certainly not an April Fools’ joke.

The PVV leader has been busy preparing this movie for a long time. The first viewing was postponed several times. In April 2009 Wilders expected the movie to be finished within a year. Last year in March he said the movie Fitna 2 wouldn’t be ready before the elections, due to the fall of the cabinet.

The second Wilders production will show what in his view are the consequences of ‘mass migration’ from Muslim countries. Wilders earlier said the movie, which will be made with the assistance of American professionals, will be much harsher than his first production.

Wilders ranted against the prophet Mohammed during the last few weeks. According to the politician, he suffered from a brain tumor and because of that tumor, hallucinated. He wrote as much in HP/De Tijd magazine.

Fitna appeared in March 2008 on the Internet. The 26-minute movie was a collection of news and movie clips about, amongst others, the terrorist attacks on 11 September in New York and in March 2004 in Madrid. The clips were shown with quotes from the Koran. The movie, which was a bad amateur effort according to some, caused a lot of media attention.

12 thoughts on “The Return of “Fitna”

  1. Wonderful! I’ve said for a long time there should be a movie about Muhammad, because not everyone can ‘imagine’ a story that is written. THey need to “see” it. I would even venture to say that it is quite possible that people brought up in Islamic countries will have an atrophied imagination due to the 1400 year taboo on images and representation. All the best to Geert Wilders – he deserves all the support he can get.

  2. Great idea. However the vast majority of the Muslim diaspora/ummah will never see this so it won’t have much effect in reality. It may wake up the West – a good thing.
    IF the Muslim majority see it (masses of translations needed) then the actual result will be rioting and and anti-west sentiment yet again.
    Perhaps a good thing to wake up the west. Who knows?

  3. Bewick should know that many Muslims in Muslim countries did see the original Fitna. I posted it on a website where it could be downloaded and viewed on individual computers, and had several thousand downloads from Muslim countries, mostly Malaysia.

    Many Muslims are going to want to view it in the privacy of their own homes, but they will have to download it as before, since YouTube and other video providers will probably be blocked from viewing.

  4. Timing is everything… Releasing such a film on its own will generate the predictable “hate crime” accusations, and prompt Muslims to “correct” Geert Wilders with “facts”, including “the Holy Prophet’s compassion and forgiveness” etc. And it may persuade a director to create a full Hollywood Blockbuster about the “Peaceful Prophet” – funded with the full force of the Sheikhs’ oil reserves, and watched by many times the audience watching Wilders’ Fitna sequel.

    If, however, Wilders was to wait until just such a film was made glorifying the life of Muhammad (and apparently it’s in the pipeline), before releasing his own movie, it may prompt more people to watch and be reminded of the other side of the life of the “Prophet”, as well as exposing the extent of Hollywood’s propaganda effort.

    My advice to Mr Wilders would be to make the film – then wait…..

  5. Green infidel, muslims would never make a film about Muhammad because they cannot represent him in any image. So, that’s a bonus for us.

  6. Addit: I spoke too soon. Went to your link GI, and read about the Mo Movie. Ugh, they have really taken up the propaganda war, haven’t they? No doubt the entire movie will be steeped in Taqqiya. The good thing is that truth is on our side. Too many people now know the truth about Muhammad, thanks to the internet. We have a year or so to increase aweness and knowledge.

  7. Blogger – that is true. I’ve had conversations with people (mainly English) who start off by emphasising that they don’t generalise about anyone – but then start talking about “England’s problems”, and “what’s happening in Sweden and Holland” etc. Information they could only have gained by reading websites such as this one, or Jihadwatch, or by one of the videos on Youtube… So yes, it seems like the truth about the Religion of Peace is spreading…

    But this is only one half of the equation. On the other side – there are Muslims working hard on the Taqiyya effort – by films such as the Muhammad epic, by investments, such as Abu Dhabi’s $1 billion donation to Hollywood, by “Islamic awareness weeks” at universities, by trying to keep the likes of Robert Spencer out of the mainstream media through branding them “extremists” and “hate-mongers”, and by claiming they’re being victimised by the likes of Spencer, Pamela Geller, or Geert Wilders – through the release of “hate-mongering” films such as Fitna… Arguments that the mainstream media, and large sections of the “mainstream” population, fall for.

    Which side wins? That we can’t know, but surely given the above, we need to play our cards right? For every idea, one needs to ask “who benefits the most?”. If Geert Wilders’ Muhammad movie doesn’t address the points of the “Prophet’s” admirers (that he was “merciful”, that he was “provoked” into his atrocities etc), then surely they will have an open goal, to be scored with the release of a Muhammad blockbuster? But if Geert addresses all these points, making his arguments water-tight, and waits for a good occasion to release the film – it might generate more interest, have a more favourable reception, and win more people over to “our side” of the debate.

  8. I hope you’re right GI. However, muslims talk a lot about doing something and never do it. So, Geert could be waiting forever until this ‘Taqqiya’ movie came out before releasing his.

  9. @Stogie,

    I also hosted Fitna HERE and I did find a lot of people from all over the world downloading/viewing it.

    I got some very negative emails too, which shows that the movie is not just “preaching to the choir,” so to speak.

  10. Geert Wilders is a hero! We should all thank him for defending European culture as well as for fighting for freedom.
    Releasing the film Fitna 2 will help people wake up from the dream, and propaganda, that we are being fed with, of “the religion of peace”

    “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” George Orwell

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