Racial Hatred in Auburn

In my previous post, I reported on an attack on a Hindu temple in Auburn, a suburb of Sydney, Australia. The newspaper article, despite its excruciating political correctness, identified the persecutors of the Hindus as Muslims.

Not so this TV news report. I listened to it twice, and never heard the I-word or the M-word. Not once. These were “racial” attacks, according to everyone involved. That’s their story, and they’re sticking to it.

Vlad Tepes has added some population statistics for Auburn to his YouTube version of the news video:

7 thoughts on “Racial Hatred in Auburn

  1. Most western countries now have either laws that prohibit explicit mention of the race and/or religion of offenders, or the journalistic trade unions or associations have developed “guidelines” that do essentially the same job. For example, in Britain there are the NUJ (National Union of Journalists) Guidelines on Race Reporting.

    It would be very interesting if someone could compile a list of these laws or regulations and say exactly what the restrictions are. Because of the language barrier, the information would probably have to be provided by locals.

  2. Not only did the male reporter, John Hill refuse to identify the cultural identity of these attackers, it appears he is actually demonstrating how these cultural enrichers missed their target with at least four recent attempts. Fast forward to 0:55 and note how Jphn Hill points out the direction from which the shots were fired and how easily, had the cultural enrichers slightly changed their aim, they could have actually hurt the Priest, Jatinkumar Bhatt, his wife and 3 young children in the home a few feet away.

  3. Thank god we live in a world where slavery, segregation and discriminatory immigration policies are a thing of the past in the United States.

    Thank god in Australia the White Australia policy is a thing of the past and we no longer have discriminatory immigration policies.

    Thank god in Australia we no longer remove half caste children from their families.

    The west has made great strides in this area, BUT you’ll always have a few out there that give all of us a bad name.

  4. Hi there, APB. Welcome to the blogosphere. 🙂

    Unfortunately, if you have a good wander through the archives here, you’ll find that slavery is not exactly dead in the States. More underground, actually, or hidden under the cover of the pc-induced blindness to what actually happens.

    Circe over at the Australian Islamist Monitor over the last couple of years has produced an excellent series on slavery in islam covering the history of it as well as all of the justifications for it.

    I agree with you that we’re better off without the WAP, although there are groups here in Oz who would like to bring it back.

    Personally, I couldn’t care less what colour an Australian is, so long as they’re Australian.

    And please don’t bring the Stolen Generation into it. Robert Manne, who was one of the instigators of that particular meme has never been able to answer Andrew Bolt’s request for the name of 10 victims of such a racist, divisive policy as removing half caste children and attempting to dilute the aboriginal population.

    Even Lowijta O’Donohue admitted that she wasn’t stolen.

    Although she did change her mind on that one.

  5. Thanks!

    I am aware that allegations of genocide are disputed by some people.

    The point I was just trying to illustrate is that racism today in Australia is probably not as big an issue as some people would like to make it seem.

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