Death to the Koran Burner!

The video below is a composite made by Vlad Tepes from a TV news report, some raw footage of a mob burning President Obama in effigy, and original Vlad commentary.

Over the last three days Afghanistan has exploded in violent demonstrations. Mobs have taken to the streets in Mazar-i-Sharif, Kandahar, Kabul, and other cities, protesting the burning of a Koran last month at the Dove World Outreach Center in Florida. According to one report, police fired into a mob in Kandahar today, killing at least a hundred people.

The blame for all of this is laid at the feet of Pastor Terry Jones, who oversaw the burning of the Koran. Muslim leaders, including Afghan President Hamid Karzai, have called for Mr. Jones to be “brought to justice”. Based on President Obama’s statement yesterday, his administration must be searching frantically right now for a federal statute under which Koran-burners could be charged.

I’ll be writing more about this topic later on, but for right now, watch Vlad’s video:

8 thoughts on “Death to the Koran Burner!

  1. When Torahs and Torah scrolls were burned in an Indiana University a few months ago, you surely didn’t see Jewish people beheading and killing people.

    While it is horrid that the UN workers were killed, if we keep appeasing Islam, it will overtake us.

    Geert Wilders has the answers.

  2. Stipulated Jones’ burning the Koran is idiotic. However, I have noticed among co-workers and friends that incidents like this, and the cartoon jihad, get the attention of those who don’t normally care much about politics and world affairs. It creates and reinforces the impression that the Islamic world (with exceptions) is intolerant of any criticism of islam.

  3. notice how the muslims make sure to smash the cross completely..
    I guess fair is fair..

    If I could, I would drop billions of little red bibles, in your local non-arabic language, everywhere muslims live.. Operation Manna Drop I would call it..
    and like the book of the month club, every month I would ‘mail’ out a small essential western library for everyone..

    That would be a much better islam destructor than godfire…

  4. If you go to youtube, you will find 1000s of videos of burning Korans, as well as Korans in toilets and in dead pigs mouths. They surely have the internet. So, why do they only react to this ONE pastor? Can anyone answer?

  5. Van Grungy, if they could actually read their own languages, Pashto and Dari, for the most part, they learn the Koran by rote, in Arabic, and can’t even read that.
    Having said that, it is possible to get them the word of God in their languages, via Faith Comes By Hearing, which puts the New Testament on an inexpensive mp3 player. You can even download onto your own computer and mp3 player.

  6. felix, it’s not stipulated that burning korans is idiotic. I approve this and any other koran burning. Jones is a hero. And notice your “however.” That’s a pretty big qualification, right there. Maybe the inverse of Hesperado’s asymptotic twitch, in other words, instead of saying, but they make such wonderful falafel, one would say exactly what you did.

  7. @Blogger,

    My guess is that the rioters are focusing on Jones either because he’s a Christian minister, or because he is better known than the others and they wish to make an example of him.

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