Obama Never Gives In, He Just Changes His Mind

Fox News (among others) is reporting that The Blame Bush Obama Feckless & Co Administration is going to permit military trials to resume at Guantanamo Bay prison camps…

…Hey, wait! What is this? There is a bona fide You Tuber below the jump, showing our President, pen in hand, signing his very first Executive Order in January 2008 as former members of our military lined up behind him to applaud this brave act of derring-do. [Be sure to watch through to the part where he lets show his ignorance about what happens next. He’s signed this paper, see. But now what?]

And then there’s another video from May 2009. The Little Engine That Couldn’t Quite, looking still almost presidential, reaffirms his resolve: Gitmo must close, y’all hear?

And the Lemming Left boomed back,

“Tear down those fences, Mr. President!”

Ah, there’s life, and there’s Obama posturing. Think of it as the difference between reality and those Reality Shows. Maybe Obama’s show is “The Metrosexually Misinformed Descend on Washington”.

Below the jump is the latest pose (think Yoga) being assumed by Obama. Call it, perhaps, the One-Legged King Pigeon pose. He has assumed this position since dealing with the real world has cost him his first leg. Afghanistan may cost him the other one, which is only fitting, considering the number of valiant young fellows who paid a far higher price than he has.

And now, the next volume in that exciting autobiography, Lies and Other Nightmares I Inherited from My Mother and Father

Here’s Obama with his brand new pen in January 2008:

And here he is again in May 2009 with his same old song and dance. I’d compliment him on his rhythm, but then I’d be accused of racism…or lying, since he hasn’t a lick:

Nor a lick of common sense either. No wonder he was forced to go on to Harvard Law School, where he learned as little about the Constitution as possible since he’s told us he doesn’t believe in it. Our President, the Constitutional Atheist.

Now given the momentous news, i.e., Obama’s great big “never mind”, you’d think there’d be a matching great big honkin’ video of the historical moment when Our Leader signed a new Executive Order, this one permitting military trials to resume at Guantanamo. According to Fox News, he said he wants to “broaden our ability to bring terrorists to justice.” Ummm…wasn’t this the very ability he narrowed to such a fine line that he froze the process completely?

  • Did he also mention that no one wants to take this core crew of degraded human beings into their polity — country, state, or locality?
  • Did he describe the likelihood of riots if he attempted to submit his own fellow citizens to the horror (and the humungous security costs) of civilian trials in our midst?
  • Did he say that the high-minded Europeans don’t want them, either? Oh, except for Ireland (which needed the money and likes dramatic gestures), or the few places where he made offers they couldn’t refuse?
  • Did he ponder aloud the inconvenient fact — i.e., that many of those released went back to Jihad, Inc.?
  • And biggest question of all, did he apologize to President Bush for the many smears and sneers directed his way ever since Obama decided he could do it better?

TEAR DOWN THAT WALL OF WILLFUL PRIDE, MR. PRESIDENT. It only makes you look more foolish with each passing “executive” order.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Do read the Fox News report to see our Attorney General bloviate. You get the prize if you can make it all the way through Holder’s turgid talking points. One must be a seasoned Washington-watcher to slash through such a jungle of prose. And if you do make it to the other side, please tell us what he said.

Also read it for the snide comments from the administration about abiding by “the rule of law”. They’ve suddenly got religion after all this time?

Here’s the last paragraph in the article. What do you think it means?

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Howard “Buck” McKeon, R-Calif., said he was pleased with Obama’s decision to restart the military commissions. But he said the administration must work with Congress to create a trial system that will stand up to judicial review.

Here’s one possibility: in the short term, Obama has probably been served notice by the legislative branch that the Executive’s powers are not unlimited and that as a lawyer and our president he ought to start acting as though he knew this. Longer term (and beginning with the House Armed Services Committee) Obama is being told to ditch his “doesn’t-play-well-with-others” high-handed attitude and get out on the playground for the game.

Like it or not, Obama will be forced to play. And because he was such a sore winner, he’s going to have his nose rubbed in the rule changes they’ll make. For starters, they’ll go right over his head to the American people. When it’s convenient, that’s a good move.

One more thing: wouldn’t you love to have been a fly on the wall when Bush got this news?

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