Murder Anyone Who Doesn’t Worship Allah

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On Friday two culturally enriched men — Mohamed Mahmood Alessa and Carlos Eduardo Almonte — pleaded guilty in a Newark, N.J. courtroom to one charge each of conspiring to murder persons outside the United States. They admitted they were planning to join the Somali Islamic terrorist group Al Shabaab.

Below is a TV news story about the court appearance of these two upstanding young fellows. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing this video. Vlad assigned a Mohammed Coefficient of 50% to the incident, but technically speaking it’s 100%, since one of them is a double-barreled Mo:

Mandatory notice from the Department of Homeland Security:

These criminals are deranged loners, and represent a tiny minority of extremists. They have nothing to do with the real Islam.

For a detailed news article about the same story, see

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8 thoughts on “Murder Anyone Who Doesn’t Worship Allah

  1. These criminals are deranged loners, and represent a tiny minority of extremists. They have nothing to do with the real Islam.

    I don’t recall the US govt ever making a similar statement regarding abortion clinic bombers and their connection to Christianity.

  2. The “real Islam” is not the point.
    The point is that these are Muslims carrying out acts in the name of Allah.
    And the rest of the Ummah smiles, smiles, and smiles.

  3. This is a disturbing trend of the American police going to great lengths in order to have Muslims say unpleasant things, and then locking them up for that.

    It is morally disturbing to say the least.

    Saying you’d like to kill people is a far, far cry from actually doing it. When it’s an undercover policeman who incites you to say such things, what’s the value of the evidence ?

    It strikes me as an easy and dishonest way of making people think you’re actually doing something against Muslim terrorism.

    At the same time, the stealth jihad machine is left to prosper, driven by whole institutions who certainly need no prodding to try and subvert America.

  4. Robert, I think that’s why they wait until the last minute. The officers don’t move in on what someone says (otherwise the entire case is thrown out). Rather, they have to wait until they’re taking action and have done enough independently in order to be able to garner evidence for a conviction.

    Or would you rather wait until after they’re dead and put the corpse on trial?

  5. Robert,

    Not everyone who is “stung” by a sting op is necessarily innocent. With Muslims, it’s always safest to err on the side of prejudicial suspicion. Besides, in many of these stories, the law enforcement involved say that they gave the Muslims in question many opportunities to turn back; but they never did.

    One problem, however, that I see with such sting ops (as they are currently conceived and executed with PC MC dominant in all Western intelligence agencies) is that they don’t just randomly choose Muslims to sting — apparently, they pick Muslims who first come on their “radar”. This means they already have a type of Muslim who has apparently chosen to be (or is one inch away from choosing to become) a front-line soldier for the Jihad.

    What would be more valuable would be to target seemingly “moderate” Muslims for such sting ops and see how many of them do what the normal, decent, human (i.e., non-Muslim) would do in a circumstance where some shadowy fellow member of one’s religion whispers sweet jihad in your ear: No thanks, mister.

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