Bringing Dishonor Upon Pakistani Culture

The video below is a MEMRI translation of a Pakistani television program. In it you can see a Muslim cleric, Mufti Abdul Qavi, scolding actress Veena Malik for her behavior on an Indian reality show, which he says has brought shame upon Pakistan.

Ms. Malik’s response is vigorous and vehement. It makes me wonder how dangerous it is for her to return to her home country:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

10 thoughts on “Bringing Dishonor Upon Pakistani Culture

  1. So the mullah reckons that someone can be famous just by being Pakistani. Then where was Paris Hilton born?

    Still, she does pretty effectively tell him where to put his high horse. I pray she might soon learn that love reigns supreme among the followers of Christ.

  2. Veena Malik – meet Wafa Sultan; now that would be a tag team. As for the mufti; what an ignorant pig.

  3. Good for her. She did a lot more for Pakistan’s image than that old creep. I hope she leaves Pakistan and hires some bodyguards.

    I had to laugh when she referred to Pamela Anderson wanting to do social work in Pakistan. Pamela can save thousands of lives by not going there and causing riots.

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