Time to Move to Canada

When I was young, a lot of people in my hippie cohort talked about moving to Canada to avoid the draft and get away from the oppressive fascist government of Amerikkka under Richard Nixon.

Canada never appealed to me back then, but it seems a lot more attractive now. Statements like those in the video below could never come from any prominent politician, either Republican or Democrat, in the United States government.

As Vlad Tepes says:

Here is a short segment of a debate in Canada’s parliament from today about the showing of the film, ‘Iranium’ at the National Archives last night. It makes my heart fill with pride to see this rare display of actual principle and vertebra from two of Canada’s finest politicians. I hope Canadians are watching as we head to a spring election.

It’s good to know that at least some Canadians possess the requisite manly generative equipment — even the women:

9 thoughts on “Time to Move to Canada

  1. Please forgive me, as this is a not quite fully formed thought.

    But Ive been noticing that Western Convervative Women are often at the forefront of the defending Western/European Civilization these days….like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman. They have more “credibility” than “old white men” in some circles, and thus are effective speakers in the defense of Western Civilization.

    Similarly, Black Western Conservatives like Allen West and THIS ONE IS REALLY INTERESTING, Dambisa Moyo, a Zambian of all things (I encrouage you to look into this womans books and commentary.)

    What do you make of that? Just throwing that observation, no fully formed thought out there.

  2. As they debate, the Government of Canada WIL recognize the essential TRUTH.

    ISLAM is -THE PERPETUAL TROLL under the Bridge to the Future.

    PM Harper gets this, so will the rest of the Great Canadian Parliament – given time, EVEN THE GRITS!

    Dr. Shalit

  3. http://diversityischaos.blogspot.com/2011/02/afghan-physiotherapist-will-be-executed.html

    An Afghan physiotherapist will be executed for converting to Christianity
    Said Musa, 45, has been held for months in a Kabul prison where he has been tortured and sexually abused by inmates and guards. Musa, who lost his left leg in a landmine explosion in the 1990s, has worked for the Red Cross for 15 years and helps to treat fellow amputees. He was arrested in May 2010 as he attempted to seek asylum at the German embassy following a crackdown on Christians within Afghanistan. He was visited by a judge who told him he would be hanged within days unless he converted back to Islam. But he remains defiant and said he would be willing to die for his faith. Defense lawyers have refused to represent him, while others have dropped the case after receiving death threats. Musa was arrested after a TV station showed western men baptising Afghans during secret ceremonies.

  4. So this is what we have degenerated to? We are so thrilled when a politician states the OBVIOUS. We call this courage, we call this leadership? Hello out there (hands waving over head). Whatevere happened to DOING SOMETHING CONCRETE and MEANINGFUL about the problems we face? We are so screwed in the west if we do not wake up.

  5. Not willing to sign on to the Canadian experience just yet, and this breast beating makes little difference when, as in the case of Canada, tough words cannot be backed up by military preparedness.

    Canada, when push comes to shove, will fold like cheap suit for she does not possess the necessary prerequisites for survival.

  6. EV, one of the most poignant pleas for England to honor its own culture was from a Nigerian woman whose words were published in a Melanie Phillips article. Her family had moved to Britain, returned to Nigeria, and returned to Britain. She was just mystified by the mad British urge to trash all they have for nothing. Trading the Maserati for the donkey cart.

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