The Coming Civil War in France

The following clip is from a CBN news program about deteriorating conditions in France brought about by late-stage Multiculturalism, with a special emphasis on the cultural enrichment provided by Muslim immigrants. Some of the people interviewed seem calm and matter-of-fact about what’s coming — Yes, of course there will be a civil war. It’s interesting that the army is expected to intervene when civil disturbances reach a certain (as yet undefined) level of intensity.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing this video:

11 thoughts on “The Coming Civil War in France

  1. Anne-Kit —

    You’re probably thinking of CBS.

    CBN is the Christian Broadcasting Network. Of all the MSM TV outlets, they do the best reporting on the Great Jihad.

  2. How can they expect the army to intervene, when it’s riddled with Muslims? The French army will have its own civil war to deal with.

  3. Video time point 02:29 – (Philippe) Vardon complains that the White majority is treated like a minority.

    IN THEIR DREAMS! IF French Whites were treated like the other “minorities” in their nation, they would be showered with preferential legal protections, excessive social benefits and a host of other appeasements that the French government currently reserves for its resident parasites-in-chief.

    How not-quite-amusing it is to see the predictions of El Inglés slowly bob to the surface of current events.

  4. And yet, it is so simple, if you do not want to be part of France – cut of the French municipal supplies.
    I don’t believe they have muslim power station producing electricity, or a muslim water-purifying station or even an autonomous social security and health system.

  5. This may be a misunderstanding of the term civil war. The bizarre Western ideologies that oversaw bringing unassimilable aliens to France and Europe are the persons that civil war must be directed toward. The Muslims were never meant to, and never became, part of French society. A war clearing France of Muslims is not strictly a civil war, but the result Frenchmen losing the civil war among themselves.

  6. Egghead –

    Not EVEN a Civil War, more like Resistance and Liberation circa 1940-45.

    GSW – On point about cutting off utilities. This is done regularly in India
    when their Muslim minorities get out of hand.It is something the French would do well to copy when the “Carbeque” season starts again. Dr. Shalit

  7. There is no danger of a civil war coming in France.

    751 no go zones means they are already in a state of war.

    The War has started.

    But even to call it a civil war is misleading.

    A civil war is about ideas and rights. An invasion is the seizing of territory by a foreign entitiy.

    It is an invasion.

    Immigration does NOT equal invasion. Immigrants from across the globe have been welcomed into America, Canada, England and Europe. Immigration is a part of what has made western civilization great.

    But none of those immigrant groups created 751 no go zones in a single country.

    Make no mistake. France is at war.

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