Sarkozy: No More Multiculturalism for France!

During an appearance on French TV, President Nicolas Sarkozy made it clear that he is in total agreement with Angela Merkel and David Cameron: Multiculturalism has failed.

Many thanks to Bear for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Note: Vlad reports that there is an error in the subtitles, which was not discovered until the video had already been posted and disseminated. At 3:52, the text should read “We are a secular country”, instead of “We are a Catholic country”.

22 thoughts on “Sarkozy: No More Multiculturalism for France!

  1. Note the “body language” of those present. As Mr. Sarkozy began to really make his points, many people in the room exhibted signs of nervousness; some of the people in the room shifted their bodily positions.

    Toward the end of Sarkozy’s exposition, some people were nodding at him and others were listening intently.

  2. “It can only be an Islam of France… It can not be an Islam in France. This is not possible.”

    What a joke. It is the former that is not possible, the later is ugly reality. I’m interested to see how long it will take for that to come into public discourse.

  3. Any attempt at integration will be met with tremendous anger by this self-righteous society known as Islam.
    In the context of colonization, the forced Westernization of the MME and North Africa looked unjust.
    But in the context of nationalism, the imposition of Western culture on the immigrant is not unjust, it is reasonable.
    Islam will never Westernize, because to do so, it will have to cease to exist.
    The questions its adherents will ask will undermine and destroy it.
    So if Muslims want to preserve Islam and its repressive, backward culture, the West, in the form of law and society, must give Muslims no choice but to leave. If they don’t feel Islam as it exists is worth preserving, then they just might stay.

  4. First we had assimilation and when that didn’t work we had integration and when that didn’t work we had multiculturalism. Apparently we’re going backwards now – multiculturalism isn’t working so it’s time to return to integration. And when that doesn’t work presumably it’ll be back to assimilation…

  5. Don’t believe the hype;

    EDL gains members in record numbers within 18 months-“Call me Dave” Cameron makes epic speech day before record number march.

    Marine LePen gains electorate support-“Platform shoes” Sarkozy makes loud guttural sounds.

    I think the term for this is “releasing the steam from the kettle”

  6. The commenter “aku” is correct above.

    Sarkozy’s formula — that an Islam du France (an “Islam of France”) is the goal, and that an Islam en France (an “Islam in France”) is the current reality that has to be changed, and exchanged, for that goal — reflects a view that is not tenable, given the problems of Islamic psychology and sociology which Muslims by nature bring in their train.

    This formula is not merely Sarkozy’s, of course, it is the formula of the majority among those Westerners throughout the West who even acknowledge there is a problem at all about Islam (never mind the millions who don’t think there is any problem of Islam qua Islam, but only of some “extremist” truncation that leaves the main trunk smelling like a rose, to mix metaphors).

    Furthermore, it should not escape our notice that Sarkozy’s formula is nearly an exact replica of Tariq Ramadan’s — though for Ramadan, the goal of an Islam du France is only the penultimate goal, cloaking (for now) the ulterior desideratum: a France d’Islam.

  7. What he really means is – nothing.

    How exactly is he going to implement these changes ? Or Cormorant for that matter. The interest groups are so well in place that only a titanic battle will reverse them.

    The Muslims and the multicult mob know this and will be lining up for the fight that will comprise of riots, car burnings, attacks on the police, burning down of schools, attacks on civic buildings etc just like now.

    The Police over here are useless – just like in the UK. They prefer to handing out parking tickets and persecuting law abiding people for minor infringements of the law rather than face upto the “youths”.

    Cormorant, Sarko, Murky all talk the talk but when it comes to doing anything they don’t walk the walk preferring instead to shuffle and prognosticate.

    They all make me want to vomit the bloody traitors.

  8. T Jefferson, you are correct. However its a positive that the centrist parties are making overatures…its means public opinion is shifting. Its also mainstreaming criticism of Islam and Multiculturalism from the fringes. These are positive steps.

  9. Let’s grant for the sake of argument that multiculturalism is a failure.

    The question arises then: why have people who said this been ostracised, labelled as racists (and worse) and even prosecuted?

    And how could the people running our countries have been so stupid as to think that multiculturalism was working, when clearly (as anyone who had to deal with the real-life consequences of this fancy-sounding political theory knew) it was not working?

  10. Centre-L/R politicians will always be behind the curve on the imperialist advance of Islam.

    Demographic and democracy will increasingly make them impontent.

  11. Over here in America if you say boo to a Muslim you are a racist. One of our largest ,if not the largest, ISP has forums on the current news but allows no stories on Islam. Moderators delete these posts and ban the posters. This to me is unacceptable. Why American leaders cannot see what is going on in Europe is going to happen here.

  12. Titus Livius (Livy?) said it:

    “Deliberante Senatu, Saguntum periit”

    These politicians are reinventing the deception and trying to outflank the grass roots movements opposing the islamization of Western culture.
    It is the same as with the monumental (and predictable) failure of foreign aid. In the eighties everyone pretty much had to admit that most of the foreign aid effort in previous decades had been a disastrous failure. But then, sure enough, few years later there was this “new foreign aid” wave, admitting that in the past things had gone amiss, but that this time it would work. The premise was that foreign aid could really benefit the poor, provided it would be sent to relatively “benign” regimes. So in other words, the plans would bear fruit as long as it wasn’t handed over to countries where its leaders were like.. eating people or something.

    But all of this is as wrong as wrong can be. Foreign aid isn’t a good idea gone bad, it is a bad in and of itself.
    Same goes for all these progressivist reform policies aimed at Islam.

    Kind regs from Amsterdam,

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