Mohammed Coefficient: 200%

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This multiply-offending child-rapist — who is evidently indifferent to the sex of his victims — has a Mohammed Coefficient of 200%.

The pathetically reduced sentence handed out to the convicted man is a sign of the deep derangement of the judicial system in the United Kingdom. For a people denied the right to arm itself, the granting of virtual impunity to violent offenders is particularly devastating.

From The Oxford Times:

Fake cabbie jailed for sex assault on boy, 13

THE 13-year-old victim of paedophile fake cabbie Mohammed Mehmood suffers recurring nightmares and needs counselling, his distraught parents said.

Mehmood, 44, was yesterday jailed for six years after earlier admitting sexual assault and a serious sexual assault on the Oxford youngster, who he lured by claiming to be a taxi driver.

But the court was told Mehmood, of Crowell Road, Cowley, will be out in under two years and eight months as he has already served 134 days on remand. Prisoners serve only half their sentence.

Speaking after the sentencing, the boy’s mother said: “It’s a disgrace, I’m disgusted.

“He should have been jailed for life. I could understand if it was his first offence, but he was already on the sex offenders’ register.”

Mehmood was jailed for 30 months in 2006 after he committed a similar crime on an eight-year-old girl in Blackbird Leys.

Matthew Walsh, prosecuting, said the 13-year-old was walking to South Park in East Oxford to play football at 6pm on June 8 when Mehmood pulled up in a silver Hyundai.

Mr Walsh said: “He said ‘I’m a taxi, where are you going?’.

“The boy said he didn’t have any money, but Mehmood said it was a free journey, it would be on the house.”

As the journey progressed, Mehmood took a meandering route and asked the boy about sex, Oxford Crown Court was told.

He drove down Hill Top Road to a secluded area by Southfield Golf Club and committed two serious sex assaults before the boy managed to run away and alert a passing cyclist.

Mehmood lost his taxi driver’s licence after the 2006 incident, the court was told.

Stephen Bailey, defending, said his client, who spoke through a Punjabi interpreter, was depressed by the death of his father and his inability to comfort his mother in Pakistan.

He said: “He has a liking for young boys but on this occasion his thought process was muddied.

“One thing that is very clear is that Mr Mehmood has shown remorse.”

Judge Christopher Compston said: “The effect on this young man we will never know.

“For all we know in the 15 to 20 minutes you were with him you may have damaged him for life.

“I do find there’s a significant risk to members of the public of serious harm such as to justify an extended sentence, but I don’t find him dangerous such as to justify life imprisonment or indeterminate imprisonment.”

He was jailed for six years, with an extended period of licence.

Mehmood admitted the 2006 attack, which saw him jailed for two-and-a-half years.

Oxford Crown Court was told he abused an ‘extremely vulnerable’ eight-year-old girl who he was tasked with driving to school.

He bought her sweets, the court was told.

Judge Anthony King said Mehmood would pose ‘a continuing risk’ after release, and so passed an order banning him from working unsupervised with children.

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3 thoughts on “Mohammed Coefficient: 200%

  1. The light sentences for sex crimes are themselves crimes against all of society, in their zeal to protect the rights of the criminals they are violating the rights of everyone else.

  2. This is routine in California, too. And these defense attorneys always make up these ridiculous excuses, which some members of the public actually believe…he was sad about his father’s death…You’d think this was a joke, but I have friends and neighbors who believe these excuses.

    I think a little street justice would be appropriate here. Sex offenders are never really cured, so if someone this hardcore is allowed back into society…

    Years ago, in California, a woman named Ellie Nesler shot and killed her son’s molester, in court. She served hard time for it, and a lot of people said she was wrong, and pointed out her low social status and drug problem.

    Whatever…she’s a heroine to me. Who knows how many children she saved from what happened to her son?

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