“Iranium” Available for Free Online

Zenster just sent us the following email about the recently released movie Iranium and asked us to share it with our readers:

Iranium is online for free at Hulu.com!

Click here to see it.

Iranian diplomatic pressure wanted to halt this film’s showing.

Please pay close attention around video time point 40:00 when the topics of cultural relativism and MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) arise. The Western world has little to no appreciation for the Islamic concept of Holy War and the tremendous human misery that it entails. As I have maintained for over half a decade:

A nuclear armed Iran will go down in history as the single greatest strategic blunder of this new century.

I also encourage everyone to please review Dr. John Lewis’ lengthy but superb analysis of why Iran’s immediate military defeat should be a top priority for America’s government. Difficult though it is to imagine, dismantling Iran’s terrorist machine may be of even higher priority than the crippling of Saudi Arabia.

Please share these links with all of your friends before Iranium is flagged or pressured out of existence.

— Zenster

13 thoughts on ““Iranium” Available for Free Online

  1. Dear Dymphna and Baron,

    I have little way to thank the both of you enough for publishing my email so promptly in its unvarnished form.

    In a few subsequent comments, I will do my best to elucidate why the information conveyed by “Iranium” is so important.

    Right now, more than anything else, it is of the utmost importance to note that even such a splendid production as “Iranium” falls prey to a prevailing meme that currently paints the ongoing “Egyptian Revolution” as some sort of triumph for Democracy.

    All of you will see this same intensely ironic meme played out in “Iranium” and I can only hope that everyone who watches this incredible documentary unfold will keep in mind the total insanity of believing that the genuinely benevolent form of Democratic Representative Government, which we in the West enjoy, has anything remotely in common with that which is manifesting in Afghanistan, Iraq or anywhere else in the MME (Muslim Middle East), including Egypt.

    In closing with this brief, please, please read through Dr. John David Lewis’ superb analysis of why there is “No Substitute for Victory” (The Defeat of Islamic Totalitarianism).

    “Iranium” is the canary-in-the-coal-mine for modern media. If this one presentation cannot convince enough people to take action and elect those who will accept the dismantling of Iran’s nuclear weapons program as an utmost priority, then there is little hope for Western civilization.

    I maintain now, as I have for more than the last HALF DECADE:


  2. EscapeVelocity: If it comes to war with Iran, I think that we should abandon, Nation Building, and just level the place.

    For many years now I have proposed that − with respect to Muslim majority countries − the era of Nation Building is well and truly dead.

    The sere and innutrious political soil of MME (Muslim Middle East) countries is totally incapable of fostering or sustaining in any way, shape or form what is traditionally accepted as Western Democracy.

    The hothouse flower of truly pluralistic representative government is unable to survive in the salted earth of MME dominions. Islamic jihad demands an entirely new military doctrine of:


    No boots on the ground
    No land or sea invasion
    No interim government
    No occupying forces

    Go in and destroy all vestiges of hostile infrastructure then get the Hell out

    Bounce the rubble as needed however many times may be required

    Mail the surviving regime a bill for all expenses involved (payable in oil)

    Any revival of anti-American activities = Rinse and Repeat™

    Don’t like my driving? Dial 1-800-N0-ISLAM

  3. 4symbols,

    Go the Jeruselem Post Website tick in your E-mail and you can watch it from there. I have just don’t it, nothing I didn’t already know. Heard the same last week at a conference in Brussels concerning Iran where John Bolton and the retired General in the film were talking. They both received a standing ovation, from the mainly Iranian crowd. I have come to the conclusion that we are on a collision course with a Kamikaze religion, if it does start it will be the end of Islam, but it will also be an end for the west as well

  4. I have a real slow internet connection so I would like to download it (a one day project) to a section of my hard drive, then burn it to DVD. Can Do?

  5. Gregory: Can Do?

    Here’s a cnet discussion forum about your question. Hat tips to 4Symbols and Yorkshireminer for the overseas viewing advice.

    You can also Google “how to download from hulu.com”. None of the foregoing addresses issues surrounding compliance with TOS (Terms Of Service) per Hulu which are the sole responsibility of the viewer.

  6. In hoc signo vinces



    Since the Balkans War have been weary of John Bolton at one point he supported independence for Kosovo stating “a very special case” this was against the warnings of Boris Tadic. Then he changed his position stating the independence of Kosovo, will give a boost to islamic extremism in the of whole Europe.

    Also curious about his alleged links with the People’s Mojahedin of Iran this man definitely keeps strange company.

  7. One thing “Iranium” does not make sufficiently clear is the likelyhood that Israel is not Iran’s primary target for nuclear terrorism.

    Please recall the “Samson Option” which is Israel’s tacit promise that they will glass and Windex™ the entire MME (Muslim Middle East), after taking even a single NBC (Nuclear, Biological or Chemical) strike.

    The WikiLeaks released by Julian Assange have already shown Arab nations begging Obama to intervene in Iran out of fear that Ahmadinejad will turn his country into one vast suicide bomber.

    Do not forget that this is an Obama who has openly sided with a known terrorist organization which is currently seeking, with the American presidential imprimatur, to overthrown the government of Egypt.

    Who here will bet the farm that Obama would have anywhere near enough courage to authorize nuclear retaliation against Iran, or any other Muslim country, should this nation experience a terrorist nuclear attack?

    One thing “Iranium” makes abundantly clear is Iran’s deep seated hatred for America. It requires no great leap of faith to imagine that Iran might stike the USA in advance of Israel. Much to our national discredit, we have no such “Samson Option” in place and Obama, of all people, is the least likely candidate to originate such a policy much less act upon it, even with full provocation.

    The “failure of imagination” induced by Western cultural relativism is so profound that even this film’s stark message cannot adequately convey the tremendous danger posed just by Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons let alone their finally acquiring them.

    Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s 1980 speech at Qom contained the following passage:

    We do not worship Iran, we worship Allah. For patriotism is another name for paganism. I say let this land (Iran) burn. I say let this land go up in smoke, provided Islam emerges triumphant in the rest of the world.

    The foregoing is a recipe for suicide at the national level and Ahmadinejad’s status as a “Twelver” only lends further credibility to such a ghastly scenario. Given the final catalyst of functioning nuclear weapons, the outcome could just as easily involve, or surpass, destruction on a scale not seen since World War II.

  8. One thing “Iranium” does not make sufficiently clear is the likelyhood that Israel is not Iran’s primary target for nuclear terrorism.

    Indeed, its most likely targets are other Muslim Nations, Sunni. Hegemony. Not necessarily by use, but by threat.

  9. According to an article at WorldNetDaily.com, “Iranium” will only be available online for one week. Please spread the word far and wide to help ensure that a maximum number of people see this important film before it enters the private market.

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