We Resume Normal Service

Good News: The doctor’s concerns were unfounded. The complicated tests we went into the hospital for turned up negative — Dymphna is fine. She’ll be around later on to tell you the story of her latest adventures in modern medicine.

Y’all can resume arguing now.

I’ve just found out that I have to take Dymphna to the hospital. I don’t know how long we’ll be gone.

No one will be able to monitor the comments here for the duration. Due to the contentious nature of certain recent discussions, I am disabling all comments until I return.

This is only temporary. Normal operations will resume as soon as I sit down at the keyboard again.

10 thoughts on “We Resume Normal Service

  1. Excellent news, Baron! I had some fingers crossed for her and you.

    Here, here, Dymphna!

    I took care of a very close elderly friend with MS. He was usually wheelchair-bound, but would do his damnedest to walk by himself, hunched over and propped up on a couple of canes, grabbing onto anything sturdy within arms’ reach in order to pull himself forward. He had legs of semi-cooked spaghetti, but a chest, arms and shoulders of steel.

    He was a brave old man, who daily fought enormous hurdles, a huge one of which was having to hook his arm under his folded wheelchair, and essentially throw it into the trunk of his car. Then he went off to work in a paleontology lab technician as a volunteer at his local natural history museum, where he removed fossil mammals from their rock matrices, and put them together to make full skeletons. His end-result creations were incredible.

    Yet, the daily struggle to do basic things, like take care of humble bodily functions and give himself injections, were the hardest. Constantly having to make trips to the hospital, and being a medical guinea pig, was a great annoyance to him. I played companion and tried to smooth out some of the bumps.

    So, Baron, please tell Dymphna that I have some understanding, and that I’m glad things are okay.

    And as for you, Baron, the counterjihad blogosphere will not crash if you ever need to take some time for yourself. It might sag a bit, but folks will get by.

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