This Rising Level of Stupidity

This is the second part of a two-part interview by Vlad Tepes with Sergio Redegalli, the Australian artist who caused so much trouble by painting a “Say No To Burqas” mural on the exterior wall of his studio in Sydney.

As we reported a week ago, Mr. Redegalli felt himself under siege after radical Leftists threatened to firebomb his building. While he waited that night to see what happened, he talked to Vlad over skype. This is the second half of what he had to say:

2 thoughts on “This Rising Level of Stupidity

  1. What we need is mural-cam.

    another point:
    from a recent smh article:
    Cigdem Aydemir, 27, a Muslim, artist and high-school art teacher, said she felt ”completely offended and insulted” when she saw the mural pop up in her neighbourhood.

    “I think everyone has the right to wear whatever they want on their body and that kind of diversity needs to be protected.

    Interesting, given this recent ruling:
    Cover up for pool event during next year’s Ramadan
    A PLAN to force families to cover up to avoid offending Muslims at a public event has triggered furious debate…VCAT has approved a ban on uncovered shoulders and thighs for a community event to be held at the Dandenong Oasis, a municipal pool.

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