The Growing Worldwide Persecution of Christians

One of our Slovak readers, who prefers to remain anonymous, sends a translation about recent events in his country’s capital, along with this introductory note:

Last week a rally in support of the persecuted Christians took place in Bratislava. Your readers may be interested in how Slovak politicians react to recent horrible events concerning Christians abroad.

Below is his translation of an article from the respected Slovak newspaper SME:

Palko: Europe Shows Disregard for the Killing of Christians

Vladimír PalkoBratislava — Europe hesitates with expressions of solidarity, as if the killing of Christians in the world was not worth noticing. Those words were stated today to the News Agency of the Slovak Republic by the chairman of the non parliamentary party Conservative Democrats of Slovakia (CDS) and former interior minister Vladimir Palko, who attended the rally in support of the persecuted Christians in Bratislava. The event had been arranged by Young Conservative Democrats of Slovakia, which is a youth movement of CDS.

“The motive is the increasing persecution, even killing of Christians all over world. Since we announced this event, several dozen Christians have been killed in Nigeria, 21 Christians in Egypt on New Year’s Eve, and many other incidents. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that this problem is acute,” Palko pointed out.

According to him, today’s rally resulted in an appeal addressed to the Slovak President, the Slovak government, and the National Council of the Slovak Republic, urging a push through our foreign policy for the observance of human rights for Christians and freedom of religion worldwide.

Palko is convinced that publicizing the persecutions is the first step for the protection of the persecuted. “We believe that this event will also inspire people in other European countries, and it has already happened. For example, I know that this rally has been an inspiration for the event which will take place on January 18 in Saint Wenceslas Square in Prague, Czech Republic. It’s possible that similar events will be arranged also in other European countries,” he added.

Not only a crowd of a few hundred people that attended the rally taking place near the convent church of the Notre Dame order, but also a member of European parliament Anna Zaborska (Christian-Democratic Party) who came to show her support. “The attacks against Christians intensify, and the reaction of the EU and Slovakia does not seem adequate to me. The reason why I attended this rally is because I intend it as an open declaration of my support,” she stated for The News Agency of the Slovak Republic.

Zaborska is also ready to ask in writing the President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso and High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs Catherine Ashton to name the particular steps the European Commission has taken in order to support of the Christians all over the world. “I have arranged an appointment with our Minister of Foreign Affairs Mikulas Dzurinda (Slovak Democratic and Christian Union), where I plan to discuss the possibility of Slovakia joining the initiative of Poland, France, and Italy, for the EU should be the first community giving asylum to Christians expelled from their homelands,” she added.

26 thoughts on “The Growing Worldwide Persecution of Christians

  1. The best word to describe the European attitude for Christianity is indifference.
    Indifference is evil.
    It indicates a taking for granted, a blatant contempt.
    The European elite classes should be accused of indifference and contempt right to their faces.

  2. There may be another reason for the Egyptians’ uneasiness with the attacks on the Copts- maybe the Copts have more kinship with the Orthodox. Thus attacking them upsets the Russians, which is much worse than upsetting the Americans. In any case good for Palko, if Americans and western Europeans are too weak to say anything, let’s hear it from the eastern Europeans.

  3. The best word to describe the European attitude for Christianity is indifference.

    That is not true. The European Leftist attitude towards Christianity is hostility. Feminists, Atheists, Muslims, Homos, Communists and other Socialists are all not indifferent but extremely hostile to Christianity.

  4. This is reminiscent of the times of the Crusades. I don’t for a minute believe that the Christians of the Western world just happily upped sticks and went off to the Holy Land to fight the muslims. I believe it took perhaps a century or two before realisation came to the rulers that unless the muslim threat was confronted; and the battle was take to them; then the whole of Christendom would succumb to this evil cult. If I am only partly correct, then we have a way to go before our ‘leaders’ fully realise what we are up against and take the appropriate action. My first reaction after the 9/11 atrocity in 2001 was to raze a muslim state to the ground. Libya seemed (and still seems) to be a good choice. We should use chemical, biological and nuclear armaments against them and ensure that, as with the Mongol hordes, our enemy is obliterated. A good massacre will, I believe, clarify the minds of these muslim barbarians.

  5. There is an importan difference from the time of the First Crusade to remind: informations move much faster now than then. And people too.
    So, what required 4 centuries to be done then could, and probably will, require much less time now.

    To obliterate a population, given the current and future technology, there is no need of nuclear/biological or chemical weapons. A cold application of conventional weapons will obtain the same goal in few weeks or months.

  6. EscapeVelocity is right the left is very hostile to Christianity and is working to destroy it, for this reason they are refusing to condemn the attacks on the Christians in the Third World countries. After all those attacks mean fewer Christians for the left to fight.

  7. Islam is an empire.

    Christianity is an empire.

    Judaism + Marxism-Leninism + Freudian Marxism + cultural Marxism + feminism + gayism + cultural relativism + Third Worldism + immigrationism + multiculturalism + political correctness is Jewish empire.

    All of this is, collectively, metastasized monotheistic Abrahamism.

    It might have a place in the Levant, but it does not belong in Europe.

    *None* of the various flavors is healthy for Europe.

    Christianity is a metastasized cult based on self-flagellation, self-sacrifice and martyrdom and both violent and non-violent suppression of indigenous mythologies.

    A persistent ideology to “turn the other cheek” and will eventually get you killed.

    Christianity cannot withstand Islam. Islam is a warrior religion. Today’s Christianity doesn’t have the balls to fight it off.

    Furthermore, Christianity has little real relevance for indigenous Europeans, other than the church archives of births, Christenings, marriages and deaths of generations of Europeans, and historical archives.

    That’s why people are abandoning it.

    A Middle Eastern god is unappealing to indigenous Europeans, who have their own cornocopia of beautiful cosmogonies, mythologies and heroic heritage upon which to sustain themselves.

    Take the worn-out carcass of universalist Christianity, and fill it with the beauty of the stories of the old European gods and heroes. That will light a fire under the indigenous peoples of Europe.

    Indigenous Europe, thanks to Marxism et al, no longer has the birth to supply sufficient outward population pressure to ward off imploding under Third World population pressures.

    Weapons alone will not stop the spread of Islam.

    In order to stop the spread of Islam, two things must happen: (1) Islam must be subverted from within, and (2) their population growth rate must be reduced.

    In order to accomplish (1), the Muslims must be encouraged to study the beauty of their own indigenous cosmogonies and mythologies. Let the voice of their ancestors speak to them. Their desire to recover their old gods will weaken the Mohammedan cult and break up the Islamic empire.

    I don’t know how to accomplish #2 without slathering the Islamic world in feminism.

  8. One important and influential dynamic in the equation here is that according to the reverse-racist ideology of PC MC, non-white Third World Christians have become “Honorary Whites” (and “Honorary Westerners”), while on the reverse side of the coin, white Muslims (however few of them exist) are “Honorary Browns”.

    Needless to say, according to PC MC, being white and Western are handicaps, not marks of baseline respect; while, at the same time and logically, being brown and non-Western are triggers to arouse our Western deference and respect (accompanied by Wilsonian care packages of various types of concrete assistance, along with generous invitations to immigrate among us by the millions).

    By the cruel and complex logic of PC MC as it has become further warped by the actions of Muslims since 911, the one brown non-Western group that matters the most is represented by Muslims. This is a somewhat complex formula, which I have analyzed in the following essays:

    Anti-Racism: The primary reason why the West persists in whitewashing the problem of Islam

    Lawrence Auster’s First Law of Majority-Minority Relations, and Muslims

    White Muslims: Honorary Browns (a 3-part essay)

    The Muslim: The New Black and the New Jew

    The Race Factor: Reality, and political reality

  9. @Freyja’s cats
    A Return to Pre-Christian barbarism would not help Europe. Germanic and Celtic Paganism produced little more than a culture of incessant warfare and blood sacrifice. The last who utilized pagan mythology to unite Europe were the Germans. That ended in bloodbath – go figure.

    You are wrong if you think Christians are weak. It was Christians who fought off Islam at Poitiers, Lepanto and Vienna. Today the vast majority of fighting men in the United States are at least nominally Christian.

    The problem with Europe is that men have been stripped of unifying purpose as well as (in many nations) several rights crucial to the survival of free society. Among these are the right to educate ones own young, the right to bear arms, and the right to speak freely in public. These rights are denied by both the Left and Islam (at least to Dhimmis), as well as the Anti-Christian Pagans ala Nazism.

  10. SolaFide, the problem in Europe is that allegiance to your ethnic kin is evil exactly because of civilizations based on ideas.

    Anyway, you are being disingenuous related to paganism and I’m not a pagan. It’s like saying that Christianity produced only the inquisition and the like. I’d like to point out to you that the Roman and Greek civilizations weren’t comprised of Christians.

  11. @ SolaFide1689:

    Charles Martel beat the crap out of the Moors at Tours because he was a proud, strong and militarily-gifted Frank — not because he was a Christian.

    Americans of European descent are good fighters, not because they are Christians, but because they are the descendants of the successful warriors of Europe.

    Christianity produces the bleeding-heart Catholic nuns & priests and the evangelizing Protestant missionaries that are religiously and ideologically brainwashed to ferry-in, smuggle-in, welcome and demand settlement of all their Third World “God’s children” converts & refugees into Western countries.

    They also advocate for admission of their “interfaith network” Muslim co-religionists.

    They cannot “spiritually” or ethically resist a good sob-story.

    They are also desirous of filling their pews and contribution baskets.

    The U.S. Conference of Bishops is a huge driver behind the massive Latin American influx into the U.S. I give you Los Angeles Archbishop Roger Cardinal Mahoney and Chicago Archbishop Francis Cardinal George.

    I also offer the Marxism-inspired “liberation theologists” who drive the anti-white Third Worldist demands for “social justice.”

    I am not suggesting “a return to pre-Christian barbarism.”

    I haven’t yet had the urge to carry out a blood sacrifice.

    I do, however, enjoy a lot of mead. 😉

    W should transform all of the dying churches of Europe back into the sacred groves, shrines and temples they once were — rather than sell them off to the Muslims for use as mosques.

    We should ‘resurrect’ a study of Grimm’s Teutonic Mythology in place of the Bible, and do similarly for the Greco-Roman, Celtic and Slavonic pantheons.

    Get everybody on the same page by forming a polytheist ‘Council of the Pantheons of Europe.” We form a pact to respect each and preserve all. That way we don’t beat each other up, but direct our collective energies outward against monotheist Islam.

  12. Who died and made Freyja’s cats the big expert on society? And religion? Especially Christianity. Hey Freyja! You sound like a hindu druid. I bet the ink on your lousy degree in fine arts is still wet.

  13. @ Gregory:

    I’m a physicist and an engineer.

    And a Germanic genealogist.

    I enjoy field paleontology, hunting, trapping and fishing.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  14. Hi RV, F’s Cats

    “I’d like to point out to you that the Roman and Greek civilizations weren’t comprised of Christians.”

    Yes, but they are the empires that remarkably turned into Christendom. How did that ever happen? Don’t say the Christians brainwashed everyone with nice ideals. Jesus said he came to bring a sword, girl.

    F’s Cats overemphasizing the tolerant side of Christianity. Jesus taught both toughness and softness, to be balanced, as Seikyo might say.

    The problem is that Christianity is becoming a social mushy joke of itself to a significant extent. Don’t tell us to throw out the baby with the nasty pacifist bath water.

    Also, F’s Cats said:

    ” In order to stop the spread of Islam, two things must happen: (1) Islam must be subverted from within, and

    (2) their population growth rate must be reduced.”

    Starting with #2, should Muslims be consigned to their own countries then it matters not at all
    if they break every breeding record known to man.

    That would also eliminate any need to “subvert” since their own system keeps them wonderfully inept.

    Real Christians will fight Islam, they just need proof first. Europeans tell us in the USA that everying is fine in their socialist paradise and that they can’t return the Muslims for a refund.

    Instead of complaining about Christians, you should find out why Christians will and do fight. You are talking about fake Christians, the peaceniks, and on them I can agree with you guys and chicks.

    Regarding paganism. I keep hearing people bringing up paganism. What paganism?

  15. Freya’s Cats, you certainly underestimate Christianity, especially Catholicism (given that many Protestant denominations are utter jokes and parodies of Christianity – the result of the Church being made subordinate to (and an instrument of) the State). And you reveal a great ignorance of Islam if you think that you can get the Arabs to return to their pre-Islamic paganism.

    In short, you come up against the same problem all missionaries who attempt to address Muslims find – the death warrant that apostasy carries.

    Muslims are either cowards or madmen. The cowards might convert, if they knew they weren’t going to be killed by the madmen (or worked up the guts to play the dice anyway), but because Islam empowers the madmen, they generally won’t. It’s that simple.

    And frankly, considering that the Crusades, many Royalist armies in the French Revolution, the Papal armies and on and on were all armies that fought in the name of God (and King), I think you’d better learn that the present wish for peace isn’t Christian.

    Christian peace is peace with justice. Modern peace is peace without justice (taking the Golden Mean Fallacy to its rediculous extreme).

  16. @Gregory

    Freyja’s cats is a physicist , and we all know physicists are experts on society, religion, culture, etc.

    @You New

    Freyja’s cats is mad about paganism, particularly the Germanic variety (served with a side of Jew baiting).

  17. @ You New:

    Jesus came riding on an ass.

    “My kingdom is not a part of this world,” he said.

    Christianity encourages good-deed doing, in order to rack up enough brownie points with Jehovah in order to get past Saint Peter into heaven.

    I haven’t yet seen where Jesus advocated F-15’s and M-4 carbines.

    Clearing Islam and Muslims out of Europe is not likely to be a bloodless affair.

    The U.S. sucks oil from the Saudis. The Saudis and UAE are funding a helluva lot of these mosque complexes around the world.

    If you’re going to stick with Christianity to accomplish this task, I sure hope that Jesus has a whopping reservoir of oil tucked up in those clouds somewhere.

    If I have to fight alongside some Christians, their god had better be the one in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. You know, that gruff bearded guy that appeared over King Arthur when the cloud split over him…

    …this guy.

    ‘Course it’s a good idea!

    I don’t think Jesus is going to be much help in this situation. I think we need a massive army of Spartans and Vikings.

  18. The reasons why Christianity spread in the Roman empire are numerous, the main one being the fact that its slave morality was going well nicely with an empire in decline.

    But leaving that aside, a lot of you respect Vlad Tepes – and he did fight in the name of Christianity. Do you know what his solution would be for our Muslim problem? Rounding them all up and impaling them. I’m not even joking, he did this more than once with civilian people. Very Christian behavior.

  19. @ nonsubhomine:

    Freyja’s cats is a physicist and engineer.

    And physicists and engineers design and build things like IT forensics analysis software, atomic explosives, ICBM missle systems, laser-sighted automatic rifles, reconnaisance satellites, wireless communications systems, HF & microwave crowd dispersal devices, RF tracking systems, nuclear subs, stealth bombers…

    Your point is?

  20. @SolaFide1689

    A Return to Pre-Christian barbarism would not help Europe.

    there are no guarantees are there:

    Lecture 6: Europe in the Age of Religious Wars, 1560-1715

    Who died and made Freyja’s cats the big expert on society? And religion?
    Freyja’s cats comments are reasonable and debatable, so what specifically is your issue?

    Freyja’s cats is a physicist , and we all know physicists are experts on society, religion, culture, etc.
    It is unfortunate that today there are so many posters with nothing but sarcasm and elitism to contribute

  21. #4 John in Cheshire

    It would certainly get their attention. A true defeat would take more. Otherwise the Saddam attitude of “we survived therefore “we won” would start up.
    An Occupation along the lines of the Soviet Zone of Postwar Germany would be required, further – “Islamic NGO’s ” would have to be excluded – as if they would put up a single Dinar for anything except rebuilding Mosques. Islam and the new State would be kept 100% ACLU Separate. Education would be made entirely secular & co-ed – In a language Other Than Arabic. In short more or less what the Romans did with Carthage. Dr. Shalit

  22. @Thrasymachus,

    The last time Eastern Europe tried to stand up for Christians being persecuted by jihadis, it didn’t go so well for us. That was the Kosovo War, in which the Clinton Administration hired out the US military, and that of NATO, to the local branches of al-Qaeda in the Balkans, for the purpose of turning over Serbian sacred land to a jihadi-narcoterrorist drug gang.

    Russia, at that time, was not powerful enough to put a stop to this evil adventure. But that was over a decade ago, and things have changed a great deal. Russia’s military is well on its way to recovering its strength. Russia’s economy continues to grow, while America’s economy is stuck in a recession with little prospect of any real recovery anytime soon.

    Considering that the scandalous truth is beginning to come out about what has happened in the Balkans (including organ theft from kidnapped Serbs), I would suggest that the story is not over yet.

  23. You can see the hostility to Christianity amongst Europeans, right here in this thread.

    And then they wonder why Western Civilization is collapsing and Muslims waltzing in.

    Smacks Head!

  24. On the general subtopic of this thread, the civilizational/military weakness (or lack thereof) of Christianity, I note once again the curious deficiency among the commenters of what could be called the sense of paradox.

    While of course the reasonable mind always seeks to resolve apparent paradoxes, sometimes reality is irresolvably paradoxical.

    In the case of the massively complex question of Christianity and its role in the ongoing evolution of Modernity (which, needless to say, is a peculiarly Western phenomenon and journey), we see two processes that together present a paradox:

    1) for thirteen centuries, from approximately the 4th century clear through to the 17th century, Christians were quite able to mount armies, fight battles, win and lose wars, coalesce into military alliances, forcefully defend their interests in a global process of colonization of inferior cultures — as well as engage in a variety of other forms of collective violence short of war.

    2) Christianity also has been one key ingredient in the modernization and secularization of the West, which includes (among other, often seemingly contradictory, things) the steady strengthening of PC MC throughout Western culture. As part of this process of modernization and secularization, the uniquely Christian emphasis on quasi-pacifism and tolerance has seemed to come to the fore, and more often than not, the Christians who indulge in this emphasis tend to be PC MC, when they are not actually Leftish.

    To focus on (if not to harp on) #2 at the expense of #1 (and vice versa) would be to botch the paradox. Neither pole of the paradox alone represents the essence of Christianity (I distinguish here “Christianity” from the Gospel, the latter of which has always had problems concretizing itself in the real world of human imperfection, for — speaking of paradoxes — that is part of its essence).

    At any rate, there are plenty of nominally or lukewarm Christians or virtually non-Christians (as well as varying forms of agnostics and atheists) throughout the West who are doing nothing about the problem of Islam — when they are not, through their own PC MC idiocy, positively hindering their own West in this regard. So one needn’t locate all, or even most, of the blame for this on Christians or Christianity.

    The Hesperado

  25. Perhaps, Hesperado, we can also interpret this through the prism of pragmatism. Consider the legitimate roles of government to be (broadly speaking) the peace and security of the realm and the prosperity of its people.

    That includes absolutely the subjects of war and peace, internal security, foreign affairs and trade, currency and local standards (e.g. weights, dates, distances and so on).

    In the last 2-3 centuries, Western supremacy meant that the impetus for maintaining armies has lessened when considering non-Western powers, and combined with a general trend towards pacifism (even sacrificing all forms of justice to achieve it) in the West equals a good chunk of the present problem.

    Of course, the PC MC talk has been so twisted by those who seek to destroy the West that they have become a fifth column within our civilisation, and as this is the dominant political theory too, then we stand in an extremely perilous situation.

    Returning to pre-Christian European religions won’t change that. We need a return of pragmatism and an understanding that the basic duties of government means that yes, we do have to fight wars, and yes, it is bloody business. But those who don’t fight will always lose.

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