Fundamentalist Bitch Fight in The Netherlands

Our Dutch correspondent Bolleke sends his translation (with interpolated commentary) of an article from today’s De Telegraaf about what he calls a “fundamentalist bitch fight in the Netherlands”:

Fawaz JneidImam Sheikh Fawaz Jneid [known hate beard] has attacked Shariah4Holland, the new Muslim organization that wants to introduce Islamic law in the Netherlands. “Either these young people are mentally insane and irrational, or this is a band of exploiters and criminals that are after bloodshed justified by Islam,” says the imam of The Hague’s as-Sunnah mosque, who asks the authorities in the Netherlands and Belgium to arrest the organization behind Shariah4Holland and Shariah4Belgium.

According to the imam the Muslim organization is a criminal organization or a bunch of crazy people, in any event, the organizers behind it must be incarcerated.

“If these figures actually suffer from mental disorders, then it is a duty to put them away in a mental institution. Otherwise they must be locked in prison,” says Fawaz in a written statement. His words are remarkable, because in the Netherlands preacher Sheikh Fawaz Jneid is known as a radical Muslim, who once in a sermon begged that Theo van Gogh and Ayaan Hirsi Ali would get serious diseases. But even for him the new shariah clubs are too radical [yeah, right!].

The Belgian spokesman for the organizations both in Belgium and the Netherlands, Abou Imran, is furious about this statement. In revenge, he has secretly recorded a phone conversation with the imam that he posted on the internet. This audio recording shows that the Dutch Muslim community is embarrassed [really? NOT] by the controversial organizations in Belgium and the Netherlands: “What you are doing brings difficulties for the Muslims in the Netherlands and in Belgium,” grumbles the imam from The Hague.

“Your actions have nothing to do neither with the Islamic law nor with the jihad. And also your behavior is not of the shariah, nor of the jihad. If you’re so concerned about our brethren in Afghanistan, then fine, go there. May Allah make it easier for you,” says Fawaz cynically.

“You exclaim: ‘we Muslims are coming’, to put the Muslim flag on top of the Royal House. That is aggression and an outright military challenge. You scare people away from Islam. Don’t worry about whether the unbelievers lock you up; if I catch you guys, I’ll beat you up!” warns the imam from The Hague.


The imam calls the shariah clubs a gathering place for criminals. “You guys are not mujahideen. You guys are murderers and scaremongers,” says Fawaz, who reproaches the shariah organizations for wiping out everything for which the Muslims have fought for during their years in Europe. “Tell me, who of the Muslim scholars has given you a fatwa for this error and unrest by which you set the Dutch against us?” asks Jawaz rhetorically in the secret recording. “Abou Imran, you are not even able to establish the Caliphate in Morocco, and you want to do it here in the Netherlands…?”

Then the imam from The Hague asks if the shariah-organizations secretly support Al-Qaeda. But first Fawaz stresses that “this phone line can be tapped”. Abou Imran denies links with terrorists: “no, never.” Conversely, the shariah-organizations blame the mosque in The Hague that it “cooperates with the unbelievers”.

The PVV is calling for a ban on the Organization Shariah4Holland. The National Coordinator for Counterterrorism (NCTb) says it is aware of the activities, but sees no reason to intervene.

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  1. My money is on “hate Beard” posing as a slightly less radical Muslim in order to secure lucrative government advisory or training contracts and a leadership poistion in the usual “Interfaith Dialogue” mutual masturbation societies.

  2. People who use the tiniest bit of reason can see the folly of advocating Sharia Law in democratic societies and the adverse reaction of people who love freedom. Reason (and shame)will be the downfall of Islam.

  3. This imam is simply advocating Stealth Jihad.

    Don’t scare the potentially-strong infidel dogs awake!“, is his true message.

    Infiltrate quietly, fools!” works better for the colonization of the West and the replacement of the unclean non-Muslims.

  4. Quote:
    The National Coordinator for Counterterrorism (NCTb) says it is aware of the activities, but sees no reason to intervene.
    end quote.

    An irresponsible organization.
    They should be held in deep dark contempt along with the terrorists they enable.

  5. You people are extremely paranoid. Imam Sheikh Fawaz, in this article, clearly demonstrates the need for peace and co-existence. He would rather convert people than put them to the sword. To think this is “secretly infiltrate and Jihad” is his ulterior motive is, as I said, paranoid.

    Good on him for calling out the jihadist.

  6. What Fawaz is doing is saying that the time for Jihad is not now. Salafists act based on mujtihad, or personal consensus, as opposed to ijtihad, or communal consensus, of the regular four madhhab of Islamic Sunni law. Fawaz is not a salafist. He is of the traditional madhhab.

    The Sharia of the traditional madhhab states that the ummah cannot wage aggressive jihad without permission from the caliph, and there is no caliph, because there is no kalifah. Fawaz is clearly just saying that now is not the time, and that Moslems must get their own house in order before attacking the dar-ul harb.

    Notice how he says “who… has given you a fatwa”… implying that if a fatwa was issued by a traditional scholar he views as legitimate, he wouldn’t be objecting.

    Notice also how he says “What you are doing brings difficulties for the Muslims in the Netherlands and in Belgium.” The Sharia of the traditional madhhab states that one should not be seditious in infidel nations or even wage jihad if those actions will bring harm to other Moslems.

    Fawaz doesn’t actually condemn Jihad, he just claims that these men aren’t real jihadists, but criminals. And from the view of the traditional madhhab, he is correct. He is not a salafist, and good for him. But that doesn’t mean he rejects the need for Islam to eventually reign supreme on earth and for PotB to have submitted and paid Jizya. His own statements heavily imply that he would not reject offensive jihad if legitimate ulama declared it obligatory. And he hasn’t rejected jihad against the US and Israel.

    Non-salafist Moslems are supposed to engage in Dawah, or proselytization, and then Hisbah, or “enjoining good and forbidding evil. Hisbah is basically enforcing Sharia. If Dawah or Hisbah are resisted, then Jihad can be waged, if the legitimate authorities justify it. That has not happened. Fawaz needs Islam to look good so he can engage in Dawah in the meantime.

    Fawaz is a Moslem and therefore, in the end, he is an enemy of Europe.

  7. toro: I just wanted to say that this is the best post that I’ve seen in a long time.

    I would like to concur with Toro and invite heatsketch to comment more often. That sort of detailed analysis really opens up doors to a better comprehension of how Muslims palliate their minced declarations into the pseudo-pacifist (not!) pap that infidels usually end up getting fed. Bravo!

  8. “Sheikh Fawaz, in this article, clearly demonstrates the need for peace and co-existence. He would rather convert people than put them to the sword. “

    So says the Mohammedan poster above.

    The slick sheik is aware that he needs to calm down the irritated non-Muslims who might wake from their multicultural slumber and resist the Islamization of their country.

    Most Muslims would prefer conversion to the daily bloodbaths we see all around where the soldiers of Allah have the upper hand.

    We know what the endgame looks like. The question is simply: what are we going to do about it?

  9. Here’s an analogy to put this Imam Jneid’s preposterous words into perspective:

    Imagine a Nazi S.S. Commandant issuing a public statement condemning certain Nazi groups who want to institute Nazism.

    Far from those groups he condemns being “mentally insane and irrational” — as Imam Jneid calls the Muslim groups Shariah4Holland and Shariah4Belgium — it is Imam Jneid himself who, through his very condemnation, shows himself to be mentally insane and irrational; for it is impossible for him to be ignorant of the dictates and imperatives of Islam.

    Or, he is being clever, and doing his part to foster the deception of the Good Cop/Bad Cop split among Muslims which continues to reinforce the acceptance by the West of the vast majority of Muslims and their in-streaming immigrants.

    The fact that he is a Dutch convert is further indication of a serious mental disease; for it takes a peculiarly acute psychopathic desarroi and anomie for a Westerner to convert to Islam — and all the more so when done with such evidently industrious avidity as to become a full-bearded, kaffiyehed “imam sheikh” of a mosque. But, as we have learned to our horrified dismay over the years, insanity and deceptive cleverness are not mutually exclusive in Islam: they are, in fact, together the normative baseline.

    The Hesperado

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