4 thoughts on “The Infidels of the EDL

  1. How did the British gov’t allow this to get where it is? They now have native British citizens marching and, in some instances fighting,against the immigration that has run amouk in the UK.
    What is it that the gov’t of the UK expects to achieve with their immigration policy?
    Riots? I don’t think anyone has seen anything yet…

  2. I thank the true G_D of the universe that many people are waking up to, and fighting islam. Gosh, but it took people so long to do this.

  3. EDL-

    “Good on ‘Ya” – KICK THEIR ARSES. And when you are done. Kick them again if they are still wiggling – paraphrasing the Great and Still alive BARRY FARBER!

    Dr. Shalit

  4. Baron,

    Revise and extend. I am PROUD that some of my forebearers were among those arrested in 1939 for STRONGLY protesting the NAZI RALLY at Madison Square Garden, and that Post War, some smuggled guns to the Hagannah. The EDL must remember that the UK is THEIR Nation, not a Suburb of Greater Pakistan. I hope they are able to make Muslimist Life in the UK untennable.
    Dr. Shalit

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