The European Counterjihad Tours Israel

Paul Weston, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, and other members of the European Counterjihad are on a visit to Israel.

As Paul Weston reported yesterday, the group visited the area around Ashkelon and Sderot near the border of the Gaza Strip. Today they are touring Judea and Samaria.

ESW in Israel #1

KGS at Tundra Tabloids is live-blogging today’s events, based on reports from Brian of London, who says:

Elizabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff has just met a man CONVICTED of hate speech! He served 6 mnths for “No Arabs No Terror” on T shirt.

See KGS for an extensive report, featuring a lot more photos and a video of Elisabeth and others (in a mixture of German and English).

2 thoughts on “The European Counterjihad Tours Israel

  1. Why are those european governments so adamant about hate speech directed toward islam, yet never bother muslim men carrying signs that say: ?Behead those who insult islam?
    Do they think that only people way down on the social ladder will be victims of jihadis?

  2. It is good to see that Brian of London is communicating. His site, Shire Network News, has been dark for many months and I miss it.
    I read Mr Weston’s account yesterday and wanted to direct Gates readers to a wonderful charity called They send pizzas, soda, soup and other things to the Israeli soldiers. If you have a fin or two to donate they are very appreciative. You pick what you want to send. Please check out their site:

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