One-Way Street Tolerance

Below is an excellent rant delivered in Parliament by the Austrian MP Ewald Stadler. His remarks are directed at the Turkish Ambassador, who, as you may recall, recently insulted Austria for its purported mistreatment of its Turkish minority.

Many thanks to Politically Incorrect for the original footage, and to Kitman for translating and subtitling it:

9 thoughts on “One-Way Street Tolerance

  1. Outstanding! Superb oratory.

    My only question is:

    Why wasn’t he hauled off to the klink in midsentence?

    How is it that Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff is facing a kangaroo court for what is most likely far less invective against Islam than the good Herr Stadler managed to get in front of his Parliament?

    Is Ewald Stadler protected by laws that permit political debate but prohibit public discourse? If so, we need to get Elisabeth elected right away!

  2. Outstanding! Bravo! Now can this gentleman get together with those who applauded for him in the august chamber and pass some real protections for free speech in his once-great nation?

  3. Even though I have no knowledge of the language, his delivery was worthy of an Oscar. The glasses coming on and off, the hand gestures and body language. Superb. A true showman. God bless him. If only there were more like him.

  4. I remember a guy like him…He was named Ronald Reagan, President of the United States, when it was the strongest and most respected nation in the world.

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