MSM Report on Paris

Here’s a news article from the Canadian press about today’s event in Paris. Notice the primary emphasis on the counter-demonstrators:

Protests greet Paris conference against ‘Islamization’ of Europe

PARIS – About 150 people protested Saturday outside the site of a conference in Paris organized to criticize the “Islamization” of Europe.

Protesters held banners reading “United Against Islamophobia” and “Fascists, get out of our neighbourhoods.” Socialist Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe had asked police to ban the conference, but police allowed it to go forward under surveillance.

The conference was organized by several French groups, including nationalist political group Bloc Identitaire, that frequently complain about what they see as Islam’s growing influence over traditional French values. France has Western Europe’s largest Muslim population.

Several hundred people [actually 1200 — BB] attended the conference, which also was broadcast over the Internet.

“Resistance against Islamization is alive. Nothing can stop it!” Bloc Identitaire wrote in a statement about the conference on its Web site.

Several speakers came from outside France. Oskar Freysinger, a lawmaker with the nationalist Swiss People’s Party, arrived wearing a bulletproof vest and accompanied by bodyguards. Freysinger had campaigned last year to ban the construction of minarets in Switzerland — a law that drew international condemnation when voters approved it in defiance of a government recommendation.

At the lunch break, organizers served wine and pork sausage — typical products of France that are shunned by many Muslims. Alcohol and pork are forbidden by Islam.

Elisabeth didn’t get her name in the paper — drat!

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6 thoughts on “MSM Report on Paris

  1. That’s all they can come up with?

    This is a pretence of covering the event – and serves only to cover up what was actually being said at the event, who was present, etc.

    I hope other media will do better soon. In any case, MSM is becoming increasingly redundant due to Internet, YouTube etc. While I respect the right of anyone interested to read about Britney Spears, most MSM coverage has become a diversion from what matters.

  2. Yes. After using the internet as a news medium for some years now I find MSM news (tv in particular) ‘thin’ and it’s propaganda content so obvious that I’ve long since lost patience with it.

  3. The conference was organized by several French groups,…that frequently complain about what they see as Islam’s growing influence over traditional French values.

    On what reason can French anti-Islamization groups ground their protest of the influence of non-traditional values? They are going to need one…or two.

    I’m suggesting that they don’t have any–I speaking in terms of political philosophy.

  4. “The conference was organized by several French groups…”

    I read the names on the advertissement for this conference: surprised to see that Alexandre Del Valle was not among them.

  5. LosAngelesCityCollege

    by Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs)

    Youtube close Palestinian Media Watch’s account. Dhimmitube snivels and prostrates itself yet again…

    All PMW does is translate Palestinian television. That’s it. It is a news source. I have been telling you for years, truth is the new hate speech.

    So devout Muslims and jihadists can post, publish, and broadcast their bloodthirsty screeds against Christians, Jews, and other non-Muslims, but if we expose it — we are shut down.

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