Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/18/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/18/2010A mass of frigid Siberian air has moved south over Europe, causing heavy snow and breaking low-temperature records as far south as Tunisia. The UK has had the coldest December on record, and Sweden hasn’t been this cold for a century. Much of Italy is covered with snow, and one enterprising skier practiced his cross-country skills along a beach on Italy’s west coast.

In other news, the Russian government has cracked down on nationalist demonstrators, arresting hundreds of them before they can stage new demonstrations. Reports say that 1,300 have been preventively detained. Vladimir Putin has deplored the outbreak of violent nationalism among teenagers, and says the government must work with the youths to help them overcome their antisocial tendencies.

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5 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/18/2010

  1. This op-ed about Erdoganistan’s “fighter jet” is truly hilarious. Burak Bekdil, the fact that he was named after Mahound’s flying donkey notwithstanding, is one of those rare Turks who criticize his home country without laying the blame for its problems on others, but on Turkey itself. It’s too bad that a whole lot of his fellow countrymen consider blaming their country, rather than “foreigners”, “America”, “freemasons” and “da Jooooz”, for anything (as one can see in a lot of the comments on the article) heresy.

  2. Looks like young Russians arent going to take it anymore.

    Tommorrow belongs to them, but only if they stand up for themselves. If they dont, tommorrow belongs to Muslims.

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