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There are a couple of interesting things to notice about this news item from the Netherlands. First of all, it demonstrates that the hard-left Greens and Socialists are not being given a free pass by Muslim fanatics, not at all. Femke Halsema, a Green politician, has withdrawn her children from a culturally enriched school after a pious Muslim in Rotterdam threatened her daughter.

The article doesn’t actually say that the alleged perp is a member of the Religion of Peace. However, given that his online nick was “allah-u-akbar”, it’s reasonable to assume it’s true.

The most telling aspect of this story may be found in the penultimate sentence. Here’s the article from NIS News:

Netherlands: Man Arrested After Threats to Halsema’s Daughter

ROTTERDAM, 04/12/10 — The police in Rotterdam have arrested a man on a charge of having threatened the daughter of leftwing Green (GroenLinks) party leader Femke Halsema.

The 35 year old man, as has now been made known, was arrested on Tuesday. He threatened Halsema in September via, under the name of allah-u-akbar. He also threatened Labour (PvdA) leader Job Cohen and centre-left D66 leader Alexander Pechtold, the police said Friday.

The suspect appeared on Friday before the investigating judge, who decided to remand him in pre-trial custody for 14 days. A further investigation will be carried out into the suspect. When this is completed, the Public Prosecutor’s Office will decide how the case will be concluded.

Last month, it was made known that Halsema took her children away from the ‘black school’ in Amsterdam which they had been attending. It is not clear whether that decision was related to the threats.

Halsema sent her twins to a school with mostly black and Islamic children in Amsterdam-Oost for idealistic reasons. “They have now gone to another school. That is better for their welfare. Children are not a social experiment. For these reasons, I do not want to say anything, it is a matter of the privacy of my children,” said Halsema last month in De Telegraaf newspaper. [emphasis added]

It’s nice that Ms. Halsema has woken up to the fact that children are not a social experiment. And it’s a pity that she and the rest of her ilk didn’t practice the same principle over the last forty years instead of importing millions of inassimilable migrants into the Netherlands and jamming their children into the schools with native Dutch children.

Ms. Halsema is one of those dedicated lefties who use other people, particularly working-class people with no political clout, as the objects of vast social engineering schemes designed to remake society into a socialist utopia. She was even willing to put her own kids on the line to prove her point.

Then she discovered the ugly truth about what happens to white children in majority-enriched schools. At least she did the right thing at that point, and removed her kids.

Now she’s got a new mantra: instead of NIMBY (“Not in my back yard!”), it’s NWMK — “Not with my kids!”

Alas, her realization has come a few decades too late to help the rest of the Dutch and their unfortunate children. Privileged progressive politicians have options that are unavailable to most ordinary parents. Their kids are stuck in multicultural hell.

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Hat tip: C. Cantoni.

6 thoughts on “First NIMBY, Now NWMK

  1. Children are not a social experiment.


    MY Children are not a social experiment.

    There, fixed that.

    As the Baron already noted, few others will have the political clout or disposable income to handily relocate their children to another less enriched educational institution.

    Ergo, the experiment continues, just not on the spawn of its original perpetrator. How typical, in this particular case it’s:

    Sauce for the gander shall not bedeck the goose.

    Yet another sterling example of our modern political elite thinking that laws and all the other trappings of organized society are solely for the little people.

    The longer and more thoroughly this Vampire Elite™ insulates themselves from all consequences of their acts, the more harsh their comeuppance will be. From all indications, justice will be so interminably delayed that these cultural traitors shall find themselves receiving the same treatment as Mussolini and Ceauşescu.

  2. According to one theory a conservative is a liberal who was mugged. I would say she just got mugged by reality, I wonder if she now feels guilty over all of the kids her policies damaged?

  3. Further to Richard’s point, “…a conservative is a liberal who was mugged. I would say she just got mugged by reality, I wonder if she now feels guilty over all of the kids her policies damaged?” – they say a liberal is someone who refuses to take her own side in an argument, Femke Halsema appears most decidedly to have taken her own side in this particular argument, clearly she is now a lapsed liberal. I wonder how that compares to being a lapsed Catholic?

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