Discrimination is a Good Thing!

“It’s not a race to wear a burqa, it’s a sheet over your head.”

This is a great call sequence from a Canadian talk radio show. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing the audio with appropriate visual accompaniment:

5 thoughts on “Discrimination is a Good Thing!

  1. CFRA has podcast archives for some shows and not others. y far, the best one is Lowell Green, when it is actually Lowell who hosts the show, which is 10:00 AM to noon Monday -Friday. Lowell is amazing. CFRA basically has lawyers on standby at the CRTC as well as the HRC to deal with the Muslim complaints after pretty much each show. When he tackles Islam, it is great radio and a real shame they do not archive those publicly.

    The shows to listen to are, Lowell Green and occasionally John Counsell, nd occasionally Nick Vandergragt who has had several well known anti-Islam activists on his show.

  2. Reply to John Cheshire; I thought we had the best, most unbiased and thoroughly honest broadcasting in the entire world in the UK. After all, we have the BBC…. er

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