6 thoughts on “An Army of Occupation

  1. add the corner of W72nd and Riverside Drive in NYC, where cars are triple-parked for a whole block on friday … i shudder to think what would happen if my car became locked in and i needed to leave… probably a riot.

  2. 72nd & Riverside? I used to live at 70th and West End, and my impression of the area to the west was that it was upscale and Jewish/WASP. So, unless the neighborhood has changed a lot, this would contradict my impression that these street takeovers must be in lower-class neighborhoods. In the case of Upper West Side Manhattan, this is a takeover of an elite neighborhood. What do the locals say?

  3. Just imagine what would happen if flocks of christians would start to publicly pray in the squares and streets of the islamic world..Do you think that the muslim-populace would not wait for government to respond?
    Bit by bit, step by step this invasion army is taking over our lands

  4. All those men lined up like soldiers in formation, ready, willing and eager to fight for their Mo, are only the tip of the iceberg. There’s usually a large family group for each of Mo’s followers. And they will be at least as fanatical if not more so in a generation.

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