Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/9/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/9/2010The big news story of the day concerns a mysterious vapor trail that appeared at sunset last night off the coast of California just north of Catalina. The spectacular trail was taken to be evidence of a missile launch by the news helicopter that shot footage of it, but the Pentagon insisted that it had launched no test missiles anywhere near the area. There is some speculation that the vapor trail was actually a con trail from a jet aircraft that was traveling parallel to the ground towards the coast, rather than a rocket launching from the ocean moving westward. If this theory is correct, the apparent direction of the rocket was an optical illusion. As of post time, the mystery was still unsolved.

In other news, the Archbishop of Brussels was pied by a congregant during an All Saints’ Day mass. The pie is thought to have been launched in protest of the archbishop’s refusal to acknowledge the seriousness of clerical sex abuse scandals.

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3 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/9/2010

  1. I love it when the “experts” authoritatively assert “cant be a rocket because they dont change course”. DOH! What morons, never heard of guided munitions? Change course frequently and with great agility is exactly what a great many rocket propelled munitions are designed to do, ie SAMs, AAMs, ASMs.

    That aside, its probably an airplane trail seen at a funny angle.

  2. It had to have been a slow news day; the pictures I’ve seen on-line look like plain old contrails.

    A more sinister explanation is that there was something else that the MSM wanted out of public consciousness, and a bogus missile scare happened to have perfect timing to grab mind-share from it and make the tinfoil-hat crowd look even sillier.

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