Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/7/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/7/2010The Netherlands is taking action to alleviate some of its fiscal problems by charging immigrants for their mandatory integration courses. This is one of the new policies implemented by the coalition government with the support of the PVV.

In other news, leaks from a previously secret court case reveal that highly enriched uranium was smuggled into Georgia (the Caucasus) and made available to all interested buyers on the black market.

Meanwhile, Congressman-elect Allen West intends to join the Congressional Black Caucus when he enters Congress. He says he will not ask permission, and that he meets all their criteria — presumably including skin melanin concentration and his slave ancestry.

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  1. Like 1930s anti-Semitism? What a joke!

    The Jews in Europe, and elsewhere, were always too few in number which made them easy targets for the hateful bullies.

    And why can Muslims deny others, yet call for tolerance to themselves? It’s not that I do not believe in tolerance, but a people should act as they wish to be treated.

  2. Hi.
    With just a few days to go until Barack Obama arrives in Indonesia, a prominent American Islamic scholar has called on President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to show the Western world the true face of Islam.“The real battleground is between the moderates of all religions against the radicals of all religions,” Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, founder and chief executive of the American Society for Muslim Advancement and leader of the Al-Farah mosque in New York, said at the State Palace in Central Jakarta on Friday.Feisal said Muslims should be responsible to help change negative attitudes toward Islam by intensifying interfaith dialogue and fighting radicalism. “I am convinced that with the right behavior, the right ethics, we will change the hearts and minds of people in America toward Islam,” he said.Hmmm…Iman Rauf the Ground Zero Mosque founder laying the groundwork for the U.S. President his Indonesian visit?

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