A Little Help From Our Friends

** Fall 2010 Fundraiser — Day Five **

Tractor Women

This blog is very much a group effort. It has been that way for several years, and has become even more so over the last six months or so, as the “Counterjihad Collective” reached critical mass and morphed into a pan-European (and even transatlantic) activist network.

Tip jarOur job is to act as a clearinghouse and information hub for various groups in different countries. We endeavor to bring accurate in-depth information — in translation if necessary — as well as opinion articles and analysis. The video-generating process is particularly valuable, since YouTube reaches a larger audience than text, and is more likely to produce a viral meme.

Our custom during these fundraisers has been to recognize all the people who make Gates of Vienna possible, but this has become a more and more difficult job. There are now literally hundreds of volunteers who play one role or another in the production of material that gets posted on this blog or included in the videos.

I’ll do my best to make a comprehensive list, but I’m bound to leave some people out. If your name should be in one of the groups below, please don’t just feel slighted — email me, and I’ll add it.

First of all, an enormous debt of gratitude is owed to Vlad Tepes, Kitman, and Henrik Ræder Clausen for their marathon contributions to various video projects.

The rest of the lists — contributors, translators, and tipsters — are much longer.


Andy Bostom
Sergei Bourachaga
Anestos Canelides
Henrik Ræder Clausen
El Inglés
John J. O’Neill
Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff
Seneca III
Takuan Seiyo
Nicolai Sennels
Paul Weston


Albanian   Ilia Toli
Arabic   Abdallah bin Sa’d
Bulgarian   Georgi Dimitrov
Czech   Czech Infidel
Danish   Anne-Kit
Dutch   Bolleke
    H. Numan
    Michiel Mans
Finnish   KGS
French   François
    Gandalf the Younger
    l’échappée belle
    Robert Marchenoir
German   Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff
Hebrew   DarLink
Hungarian   Zoltan
Italian   Gaia
Norwegian   Fjordman
    Jun Girl
Polish   GeKo
    Green Infidel
Portuguese   Afonso Henriques
Romanian   Costin
    Rebellious Vanilla
Russian   Natalie
Serbian   Gray Falcon
Spanish   Llew
Swedish   Cavatus
    Peter L.
Welsh   Saxeus


4symbols   Henrik   Politically Incorrect
Aeneas   heroyalwhyness   Pundita
AMDG   Holger Danske   Reinhard
Andy Bostom   Insubria   RRW
Bobbo   JD   Sean O’Brian
Brutally Honest   Jerry Gordon   Skjoldungen
C. Cantoni   Jewish Odysseus   spackle
Caroline Glick   JP   Srdja Trifkovic
Costin   KGS   Steen
DF   Kitman   Swenglish Rantings
Diana West   Latté Island   Takuan Seiyo
El Inglés   Liz   TB
Erick Stakelbeck   the Lurker from Tulsa   Thrasymachus
Esther   maggieTh   TV
Fausta   McR   VH
Findalis   Natalie   Vlad Tepes
Fjordman   Nilk   Winds of Jihad
François   no2liberals   Yorkshire Miner
Freedom Fighter   PatriotUSA   Zenster
Gaia   Paul Green   Zonka
Hans Erling Jensen   Pedestrian Infidel   Bewick

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Yesterday’s Stateside donors:

California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Virginia, and the U.S. Military (APO)

From the Near Abroad:


From the Far Abroad:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Chile, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the UK

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