Will Geert Wilders Be Acquitted?

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A couple of days ago it seemed all but impossible that Geert Wilders would be acquitted of the hate speech charges against him. But the presentation of the witness testimony seems to have caused a shift in the wind.

Our Flemish correspondent has translated the latest from Elsevier. He includes this note:

It seems the quite convincing witness reports by Hans Jansen, Simon Admiraal, and Wafa Sultan, as read out in court, have made the plaintiffs nervous. Now they are openly worried that Wilders may actually be acquitted.

The translated article:

Lawyers for the plaintiffs want a sharpening of the charge against Wilders

by Marlou Visser

Wilders trial — plaintiffs' lawyers[October 8] Ties Prakken, lawyer for the plaintiffs in the trial against the PVV leader Geert Wilders, believes that the Public Ministry [OM] has kept “the most offensive, damaging” expressions by Wilders out of the charge.

According to the lawyer, Wilders has called for racial violence, as she said on the Dutch TV news-program “Nieuwsuur”. This concerns, for example, a quotation from Wilders from 2007, in which he has said there is “a struggle going on and we must defend ourselves.”

Ties Prakken and her colleague Michiel Pestman wrote a letter to the OM on Thursday, in which they asked that the charge be sharpened. The prosecution has announced that it will not comply with this request.

According to Ties Prakken, the Amsterdam court should have instructed the OM to charge Wilders for inciting hatred and insulting a group, and the OM itself was actually reluctant to prosecute. Ties Prakken finds that the OM is conducting this trial ‘with inappropriate reluctance’.

As a result, the OM themselves had not called witnesses nor asked Wilders questions. For that matter, the latter is invoking his right to silence.

According to the lawyers for the plaintiffs, there is a real possibility that the OM will require acquittal for Wilders. Tuesday, October 12, the Public Prosecutor will formulate a sentence. The prosecution has previously made known that an acquittal is a possibility.

15 thoughts on “Will Geert Wilders Be Acquitted?

  1. Ties Prakken and Michiel Pestman, if it is they in the photo, look like a couple of witches from Roald Dahl’s book, The Witches.

    The whole book is worth reading as it is a modern day parable that can be applied to islam and its useful idiots!

  2. “According to the lawyer, Wilders has called for racial violence, as she said on the Dutch TV news-program “Nieuwsuur”. This concerns, for example, a quotation from Wilders from 2007, in which he has said there is “a struggle going on and we must defend ourselves.”

    That is not just a stretch, but a universal chasm! Talk about desperation? Yikes.

  3. If Wilders is acquitted or ends up with a nominal sentence, what kind of public Muslim reaction should we expect?

    They’ll be fine with it, but probably do a little protesting, just for the sake of it.

    Point is: They want the conviction first of all, for that establishes legal precedence. Later they’d be able to increase the punishments, as European citizens protest this Rule of Evil Law.

  4. If this is racial violence – “there is a struggle going on and we must defend ourselves” – what is Tony Blair saying here?

    Defeating the narrative

    In his memoirs he also says, with reference to the “war on terror” phrase dropped some time ago – “if this is not a war, what is it?”

  5. keeptonyblairforpm: In his memoirs he also says, with reference to the “war on terror” phrase dropped some time ago – “if this is not a war, what is it?”

    What is it? What this conflict happens to be is something that neither side in the West will openly identify. Although, for different reasons.

    Liberals, Leftists and other fellow travelers of Islam will never admit that this conflict is an overt attempt to completely deconstruct, destroy and demolish the Judeo-Christian roots of Western culture and every other beneficial result of the European enlightenment.

    Those who oppose Islam and its fellow travelers are all too often so poorly schooled in Islamic doctrine that they cannot articulate their opposition and, more frequently, remain almost blissfully unaware as to what this conflict really is.

    This conflict is nothing less than an existential struggle which, despite all efforts to supress such a perception of it, is a Total War against dar al-harb.

    Islam has, prematurely and very unwisely, declared Total War against a foe whose ability to project industrial scale slaughter is simply incomprehensible. Even in the absence of nuclear armaments, the West’s conventional weaponry is capable of eradicating Islam from the face of this earth.

    Suffering from delusions of adequacy, Muslims continue to ignore the consequences of having declared Total War. All that awaits is for the West to finally decide that this, indeed, is Total War and then it’s lights out for Islam.

    Even if the West does not take the initiative to preserve itself from Islam, there are other countries that will not brook this Muslim meddling. Russia, India and China are among some of the nations that would not flinch at scraping all Islam from the face of this earth.

    One way or the other, Islam is headed towards a catastrophic conclusion. Muslims cannot possibly arm themselves to any adequate extent in order to properly oppose the foes they currently antagonize with such ferocity.

    Islamic radicals are literally guaranteed to eventually commit an atrocity of such unimaginably hideous dimensions that the annihilation of this planet’s Muslim population will seem emminently justified.

    Proof of this lies in how few Muslims will even air such a concern much less challenge its scholars and clerics to do something about it.

    Left unfettered for just another few years, the jihadist juggernaut will gain enough momentum whereby there is no earthly force that can prevent it from carrying all Islam over the precipice of doom it is hurtling towards.

    Again, think about how few Westerners are considering this, not to mention the complete absence of any such concern within Islam and you have a recipe for the Muslim holocaust. All courtesy of Islam.

  6. Zenster: “One way or another, Islam is headed towards a catastrophic conclusion. Muslims cannot possible arm themselves to any adequate extent in order to properly oppose the foes they currently antagonise with such ferocity.” What if they are already inside the walls?

  7. G. Flaubert in 1878:
    “Je demande, au nom de l’humanité, à ce qu’on broie la Pierre-Noire, pour en jeter les cendres au vent, à ce qu’on détruise La Mecque, et que l’on souille la tombe de Mahomet. Ce serait le moyen de démoraliser le Fanatisme.”

  8. sulber nick: What if they are already inside the walls?

    It all gets just that much uglier.

    Properly practicing Muslims are incapable of integrating into Western cultures. Taqiyya makes it impossible to genuinely determine which are not devout and MINO (Muslim In Name Only) as opposed to those who actively engage in deception for the sake of jihad.

    Islam demands that all Muslims subvert and destroy any constitutional governments in favor of shari’a law. There can be no toleration of such sedition and expulsion of all Muslims is the only logical conclusion available. There are far more drastic measures and it has yet to be seen if Islam will not force the West to implement them.

    To date, there is every indication that Islam will make necessary a maximum of bloodshed. This is an age-old, intentional strategy designed to challenge the resolve of fainthearted opponents. The heavily increased loss of Muslim life that results from this ploy means absolutely nothing to Islam’s elite.

    Western nations that permit even a small residual Muslim population to remain within their boundaries will experience continued terrorist atrocities until those countries learn to practice complete and total exclusion of all who follow Islam.

    Again, this is no fault of the West. Islam is intractable and incorrigible in its constant resort to violence or atrocities. The only thing that Western powers can do is eject all Muslims and make war upon every Islamic nation until none can raise a standing army or field terrorist attackers without experiencing swift and dreadful retribution for doing so.

    Consider this, if Islam possessed the vast majority of nuclear weapons instead of it being the other way around, would we even be having this discussion?

    Even the harshest version of those measures I cite above are far more merciful than what Islam would impose upon us if it only had the chance to do so.

  9. I agree with Zenster, if they are already inside the walls, this struggle simply become more ugly.
    Inside the walls the struggle become an existential war. Who will win will eradicate and probably exterminate the other from inside the walls.
    Now, Westerns in Europe have larger numbers when this happen. They, also will have larger know-how, material resources and so on.
    To put it mildly, the Muslims will die of starvation where we simply will diet and shed a few pounds.

    The only possibility for the Muslims to win is to be able to take over anywhere and everywhere in the same short time. Any land able to prevent their take-over would become a magnet for the native Europeans and the starting point of a Reconquista. The difference with the old Reconquista is that a much more advanced technological civilization will not last long in the hand of Muslims. Raiding parties and armies will not forage resources enough for the side without technological expertise.

    In a Total War technology give a great advantage. If an Army is free to use whatever mean is needed and expedient to win and victory is mandatory, technology will allow to win fast and faster.

  10. extropolitca: The only possibility for the Muslims to win is to be able to take over anywhere and everywhere in the same short time.

    I challenge anyone in the West or any Muslim to explain how a global war is going to be won by reliance upon terrorism.

    Long before Islam has any chance of demographic conquest, some Muslim fanatic somewhere will devise and execute a terrorist atrocity of such staggering dimensions that the West will no longer be able to justify any restraint. Speaking personally, the 9-11 atrocity met all of those requirements but, evidently, Western powers did not fully appreciate the implications and await even more vicious attacks to motivate them.

    The Total War that Muslims have declared on the West will be laid at Islam’s door and woe betide all who are on the receiving end.

    Were it not so offensive, Muslims bragging about how bloodthirsty and vicious they are will come across like a schoolgirl’s pathetic whingeing when Western powers crank up their industrial scale war machines.

    By then it will be too late and Islam will finally discover what mass slaughter is really all about. The few Muslims who survive will learn to curse the name of Osama bin Laden.

    The only alternative is a global caliphate and there are a near-infinite variety of factors militating against that outcome. A most cursory examination of facts on the ground points towards Islam’s eventual annihilation, even if it is only by their own hand; which is exactly what the Qu’ran predicts.

    Islam’s obsession with death will prove to be its downfall. No healthy and functional culture can possibly be centered upon such savagery. Pretending that it is otherwise will be of no avail. The entire death-oriented mentality of Muslims will come home to roost with a vengeance.

    One look at how barbaric and chronologically retarded Islamic nations are is enough to know that the Muslim death wish will be their own undoing.

  11. In the meantime, other measures can be taken. There should be strict supervision of imams, for example. Immigration of imams should be prohibited and the existing ones’ sermons should be observed and recorded to discourage subversive propaganda. This is not something they will consent to voluntarily, obviously. Therefore the imams need to be forced by accusations of promoting terrorism. Let them disprove it by allowing their public utterances to be observed and recorded.

  12. The Netherlands began their capitulation to Islam in 1990 when they banned a book written by a Pakistani Muslim apostate living in Holland, titled: “The Downfall of The Netherlands- land of the naive fools”. (Available here online in English, and recommended reading for all who oppose surrender to Mohammadism.)

    He warned the Dutch that their delusional, WW II-abandonment-of-the-Jews-guilt-ridden tolerance of an aggressive colonizing imperialistic ideology like Islam was nothing less than national and cultural suicide.

    For his effort to spare them the loss of their land, his book was pulled out of bookstores and banned (in the most “liberal” country on Earth) and he ended up indicted and fined.

    Pim Fortuyn was assasinated for finally saying the same thing, in May of 2002.

    And Theo Van Gogh (who had just finished making a feature film about Fortuyn’s political murder)was himself slaughtered on the streets of his hometown by a “homegrown” jihadi, in 2004, for the same “offense”- telling the truth about Islam’s malignant aims.

    Unless a free people are able to speak out honestly about any ideology, by Law, the war against retrograde, cruel, intolerant Mohammadism is pre-lost.

  13. I wish to report a disturbing trend in Australia.

    A tapeworm is a parasite that lives in the intestines of its host. Ultimately the worm has a severly debilitating effect on the host.

    I think this is the biological analogue of the relationship of Islam to Western society. I am seeing it everywhere. Let me give an example.

    I studied Science at the University of Melbourne and I am shocked to see it now hosts (same word) the National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies Australia. They offer Phd’s in this awful stuff.


    It is not funded by the Saudis, it is funded by the Australian government!!


    On this site are school educational materials to help teachers,”introduce Islam and Muslim related content in your classrooms” etc. Our

    classrooms are just fine the way they are.

    I think Western society is being eviscerated by our own obsequious political representatives. I see it everywhere. Therefore I think we are doomed.

    Terror is an effectve means to scare our politicians into submission. Threats of death to any opponents worked for Hitler’s Brown Shirts and it works for the Islamists.

    Best Regards,
    Foo The Anti-Islamist

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