We Made the Grauniad Again!

I wrote a few weeks ago about the Guardian’s use of Gates of Vienna as a news source, when it reported on EDL leader Tommy Robinson’s expulsion from the USA.

It happened again today, but this time the reference isn’t to Gates of Vienna, it’s to the International Civil Liberties Alliance — and that’s close enough for MSM work. The interesting thing about this news story is how much the Granudia is relying on the ICLA website for its reportage on the upcoming demonstration in Amsterdam in support of Geert Wilders.

Here’s what the comrades had to say today about those nasty WAYCISTS of the English Defence League. I’ve bolded a few bits here and there for closer attention:

‘Defence Leagues’ Plan Amsterdam Show of Support for Geert Wilders

Far right groups modelled on the English Defence League have been set up across Europe and are planning to demonstrate in Amsterdam in support of the Dutch politician Geert Wilders.

French and Dutch “defence leagues” will join the EDL and several other anti-Islamic organisations on 30 October to coincide with the end of Wilders’s trial for hate speech and inciting racism.

About 2,000 EDL supporters are expected to demonstrate in Leicester tomorrow. Home secretary Theresa May banned marches in the city this week but the EDL said its protest would go ahead, raising fears of unrest.

The EDL, formed in Luton last year, has become the most significant far-right street movement in the UK since the National Front. It claims to be a peaceful, non-racist organisation protesting against “militant Islam”. Many of its demonstrations have descended into violence and Islamophobic and racist chanting, attracting known football hooligans and far right extremists. At its most recent demonstration in Bradford, in August, 1,600 police officers tried to contain EDL supporters as bricks, bottles and smoke bombs were thrown. There were 13 arrests.

Notice the carefully contrived comparison with the National Front. The Grinaadu could just as easily have used some other, more recent street-fighting group — say, one of those revolutionary communist groups that sprouted like mushrooms in the sixties and seventies.

But no, that wouldn’t do. The objective here is to make sure that readers come away absolutely certain that the EDL is a direct descendant of Sir Oswald Mosley’s fascists. That’s their story, and they’re sticking to it.

Also, by saying that EDL demos have “descended into violence”, they elide any agentive, thereby neglecting to mention that it is the anti-fascists who actually initiate the vast majority of the violence — and most of the rest is conveniently provided by agents provocateurs.

As for “racist chanting” — I haven’t heard any in the videos I’ve seen. Can our British readers provide examples of what this refers to?

The article continues:

Critics say the demonstration in Amsterdam is a sign of the EDL’s growing influence among far right and anti-Islamic groups in Europe and the US, and part of its self-proclaimed “international outreach work and networking”.

This is an interesting gloss on what’s happening now in Europe. The continental countries that have organized their own versions of the “Defence League” brand have done so because it’s a really good idea, and a workable model. The EDL didn’t “influence” the other versions — all Western European countries are forming their various grassroots Counterjihad groups in response to the simultaneous Islamization of their own regions. It’s simply an idea whose time has come.

It’s like when frost forms on all the windowpanes in the house. The kitchen window doesn’t “influence” the curlicues on the bathroom window, but there is a common cause.

The EDL refused to answer the Guardian’s questions today but its leader, who uses the pseudonym Tommy Robinson, wrote on the group’s website that the Amsterdam demonstration would “take the English Defence League global”.

“The EDL has been in contact with our European brothers and sisters and we have decided that on Saturday 30th October the European defence league will be demonstrating in Amsterdam in support of Geert,” Robinson wrote. “We hope that all of you will be able to join us for this, what promises to be a landmark demonstration for the future of the defence leagues.”

The Amsterdam protest will see EDL supporters join other activists from countries including Germany, Belgium and Switzerland for the launch of what is being called the “European Defence League”.

This sort of thing is obviously very, very worrisome for the representatives of the ruling oligarchy all across Europe. With the exception of the explicitly anti-jihad parties, politicians of every persuasion — Communists, Greens, Social Democrats, Christian Democrats, and “Conservatives” — are united in their loathing of the EDL and its brothers-in-counterjihad.

The growth of the EDL and similar groups is of growing concern, says the Labour MEP for London, Claude Moraes, who chairs the all-party European parliament group on anti-racism.

“The EDL’s racist and Islamophobic message is resonating across Europe as we can see from the formation of these groups,” he said. “This is particularly dangerous because they are using this virulent Islamophobia as an excuse to promote what is a dangerous agenda of hate and division.”

The European connections are part of a number of international links forged by the EDL in the past year…

Last month Robinson and at least seven other EDL supporters flew to New York to attend a protest against the community centre near “ground zero”.

Why put “ground zero” in scare quotes? Has the phrase been used in error? Is there something vulgar or pretentious about it? Have the more benighted sections of American public opinion gone a bit overboard in their reactions?

Are we colonials maybe a tad hysterical about all this Islam stuff?

But now we come to the best part:

In April EDL supporters attended a demonstration in support of Wilders in Berlin, and in June EDL delegates spoke at a “counter-jihad” conference organised by the International Civil Liberties Alliance in Zurich, where they gave a presentation entitled The Anatomy of an EDL Demo.

Yes, they got that one exactly right: the EDL sent representatives to Zurich, and they gave a bang-up presentation with a slideshow of the recent demo in Durham, if I recall correctly. It was an excellent production.

In need of an expert opinion, the Gurdiana turns to an Antifa representative for a definitive explanation of what the EDL is really all about:

Nick Lowles of anti-fascist organisation Searchlight said: “The EDL is operating on two levels. There are the violent street demonstrations that have brought fear and division to towns and cities across the country, then there is the political wing of the organisation that is partly inspired by Christian fundamentalism and is making links and inspiring other groups in Europe and elsewhere.”

First of all, where does Mr. Lowles get this “inspired by Christian fundamentalism”? Is it because of Lionheart? Or is it maybe the EDL’s fondness for Crusader gear and the Cross of St. George?

And yes, of course the EDL organizes “violent street demonstrations”. Sure it does. That’s the meme, and it’s here to stay.

If the EDL organizes a demo, and the UAF starts to beat them up, they have two choices:

1.   They can resist and fight back, in which case they have brought about a “violent street demonstration”.
2.   They can remain passive. Then they get the crap beat out of them and end up in the hospital, or dead.

Some choice. That’s what you call a lose-lose proposition.

Or, to put it in psychological terms, it’s a “double bind”.

And we all know what happens to a person who gets put into a double bind for an extended period of time: he goes berserk.

Wait for it.

13 thoughts on “We Made the Grauniad Again!

  1. In the 1990s, the Serbs got libeled in much the same manner, and for the same reason: for attempting to resist the Muslim invasion.

  2. This has been said ad nauseam on counter-jihad blogs, but I still can’t help thinking about how shameless the Grinaadu (that looks like it could be a Finish or Estonian word) and other MSM have to be when they write crap like Far right groups modelled on the English Defence League have been set up across Europe to refer to anyone in favor of free speech, women’s and gay rights and opposing sharia.

  3. The Grinaadu is in lock-step with its national socialist counterpart, BBC or MBC as it is mote correctly known, and the current government.

    In UK, as we have no constitution we have instead a consensus. This is where all governments pretend to be different but as soon as they get in power they are all the same. The only difference with the Cleggaron is that they are extremely fascistic and anti-Israel. Lord Avebury welcomed into the House of Lords, a bunch of muslim Jew-haters and holocaust deniers, the other day.(Harry’s Place)

    The police beat EDL supporters and treat them like second-class citizens, while islamo-nazis can run around attacking people, raping women and they are UNTOUCHABLE!!!

  4. Quote:
    French and Dutch “defence leagues” will join the EDL and several other anti-Islamic organisations
    end quote.

    Classic manipulation. Name-calling.
    The perspective is utterly dismissive.
    It’s as if the British decided to put a gun to their throats and shoot on the basis of a stupid guilt.

  5. “The EDL has been in contact with our European brothers and sisters.”

    Hmmm… not sure this is a wise choice of words… “Brothers” and “sisters” is typical Muslim-speak.

  6. “Brothers” and “sisters” is typical Muslim-speak. True, but they are powerful labels and entirely appropriate in the European case.

  7. Robert Marchenoir: “Brothers” and “sisters” is typical Muslim-speak.

    To date, the EDL has demonstrated a rather canny ability to influence public perception. Some examples:

    Flying the Israeli flag at events

    This effectively locks out accusations of neo-Nazi leanings in an irrefutable manner. No Nazi worth his highly polished jack boots is going to flit about brandishing the Star of David.

    Broadcasting the adhan at counter-mosque demonstrations

    This not only sows confusion in Muslim minds but gives locals a realistic foretaste of what they’re going to hear five times a day for years on end should the barracks … er, mosque manage to get built. It is a brilliant strategy designed to inoculate Islam’s future victims and steel their resistance with legitimate grievances about how intrusive Muslims tend to be.

    The only thing better would be to erect mock minarets so neighbors could see how they will tower over the neighborhood.

    Similarly, using Islamic argot creates intentional “product confusion (e.g., ATT vs. ITT), and defuses Islam’s ability to project its “folksy” and supposedly “family first” pseudo-morality. This is vital in that it strips away Islam’s more benign playing cards and leaves it with brutal trumps like shari’a law, wife beating and da’wa which are more often just cause for offense to non-Muslims.

    All in all, the EDL seems to have a solid handle on the propaganda game, something that Muslims usually have a total lock on. They manage to avoid being too aggressive by using previous Muslim behavior to spark outrage. The Luton protests against returning British military being a splendid example of churning up outrage against typical Muslim effrontery.

    One aspect they could stand to improve is their event security. They need peripheral monitors armed with concealed video gear to catch ANTIFA window-smashers and others who instigate violence. Handing over a few opportunistic soccer hooligans and ANTIFA thugs who were caught in the act of inciting to riot could only serve to burnish the EDL’s image.

    Yes, the MSM continues to do their best at tarring the EDL with Nazi and fascist labels. However, it appears as if the EDL carefully manages their efforts at inspiring groundswell support among the British public and I can only wish them well.

    The advent of a European Defense League shows just how successful the EDL’s overall strategy has been. If they can obtain vocal support from Geert Wilders and other European lightning rods of the counter-jihad, it can only bode well for the future.

  8. Zenster :

    “Similarly, using Islamic argot creates intentional “product confusion (e.g., ATT vs. ITT), and defuses Islam’s ability to project its “folksy” and supposedly “family first” pseudo-morality.”

    Yes, I suppose one could argue that. I sometimes use this tactic myself. Ruthlessly turning the tables on your opponents has its advantages. Accusing them of behaving like nazis and racists, for instance. Not letting them occupy the moral high ground.

    It’s just that I have this feeling of a Frenchman hearing German being spoken during the Occupation, or even some time afterwards. Arabic begins to have the same effect on me.

  9. Robert Marchenoir: Arabic begins to have the same effect on me.

    This is perfectly understandable. I am beginning to experience this myself as a thorough detestation of all things Islamic.

    I am sick to death of having to learn even one more damn thing about Muslims and their pathetic, whiney-arsed totalitarian ideology disguised as a “religion”.

    I am so fed up with this taurine fecal matter that it has begun to erode my staunch opposition to first use of nuclear weapons. And that is no small matter.

    I want this theocratic manure over with, YESTERDAY. How and why Islam has been allowed to get away with this crap for so long will remain a mystery for the ages. Something for scholars to study and write thesis papers about once Islam has been cast upon history’s scrap heap of failed ideologies.

  10. As for ‘racist chanting’—I haven’t heard any in the videos I’ve seen. Can our British readers provide examples of what this refers to?

    I’m sorry to have to use these words, Baron, but they chant, ‘We want our country back.’ Shocking.

  11. And soon,
    “We want our country back” will turn into “We demand our country back” and then will progress to “We will fight to gain our country back.”
    It is only a matter of time.
    The multicultural party is over.
    Thank God and good riddance.

  12. A Chain is only as strong as its weakest link. In the second world war America’s weakest link was rubber, most of which they got from Malaya which the Japanese had captured from the British. Science came too the rescue synthetic rubber. One can ponder the consequences if America had not had the science to synthesis it. I seriously doubt that science will come to the rescue in the west now because our weakest link is energy, and that cannot be synthesised. Most of the energy in the west comes from coal, unfortunately our transport energy comes from oil. This is the most important sector in the system because if you cannot transport your goods you cannot sell them and the system breaks down. By some quirk of nature 75% of the world oil reserves are sequestered in the Middle east in an area about the size of Texas, 40% of the worlds oil exports come through the straits of Hormuz cut that off and the world has an economic heart attack. Throw in the concept of peak oil and you understand why America handles Iran with Kid gloves. A few weeks ago a Japanese tanker was badly damaged, by an explosion on the high seas in these straits. I have read every explanation on the cause of the damage and not one excuse give a plausible explanation, hit by a freak wave, no way, why wasn’t there damage to shore installation as the straits are no more than 15 miles wide, it goes on a mine no damage to the bottom of the ship, got hit by a submarine, damages would have been more localised, and so it goes on, my explanation is that some group of terrorists tried to blow it up in a rubber boat full of explosives and they couldn’t get near enough because the bow wave of the tanker kept pushing them away. Until the west gets itself off oil as a transport energy we are going to be dictated too by Islam. Wars cannot be fought without oil. Will the Brits fight of cause we will. the mood will certainly change from appeasement to defiance as happened in 1940, will we be able to win, I very much doubt it unless we are part of global war, and even then I doubt it. we have no real indigenous energy sources Maggie closed the mines, oil and gas are running out. We cannot feed ourselves and we are up too our ears in debt. Do you think that the sovereign fund of the middle east who have bought up our bonds will not react. America certainly did in 1956 when we invaded Suez, Eisenhower’s threat to dump them on the open market made us back peddle pretty dam quick. Can we fight and will we fight the answer is yes. Will we win I very much doubt it until the hand of Islam is removed from our economic testicles.

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