Raise Your Voice!

Geert Wilders and René Stadtkewitz

Below is a report from the Austrian website SOS – Österreich about the Geert Wilders’ appearance last week at the Die Freiheit event in Berlin. Many thanks to JLH for the translation.

Berlin, Berlin… Report 1 of 3
October 5, 2010 by derpatriot

What a day, this 2nd of October in Berlin.

SOS Austria was “in the middle of things, and not just there.” We will try to capture the mood in the background. Organizations from all of Europe and locally as well.

The massive security arrangements prove the critics of Islamization right. While Muslims and revolutionaries can call for and even practice violence, those who step up against it peacefully are in grave danger.

The mood in Hotel “Berlin, Berlin” was cheerful. The guests, some of whom had known each for years, had sufficient time to exchange news. The author had already met many of the guests.

The opening speakers from Switzerland and Israel were well received by the audience.

When the moderator, Stefan Herre , invited Berlin representative René Stadtkewitz — who had invited Geert Wilders to Berlin — to the podium, the mood exploded for the first time. His talk was a resounding slap at Chancellor Angela Merkel. She, who presumed to reprimand the Netherlands for accepting a politician elected by the people.

Stadtkewitz accused the chancellor of meddling in the domestic affairs of an EU nation, yet staying silent on fundamental subjects. The chair of “Citizen Movement Pax Europa” addressed Merkel directly.

Raise your voice when Christians are persecuted in Turkey, or, as just recently, the chair of the Conference of Bishops, Padovese, was executed, brutally murdered. Then, raise your voice!

But above all, raise your voice when the problems in your own country become ever larger and more visible. Raise your voice about the problems in municipal ghettoes, as we find them everywhere in Germany, when we cannot get a grasp on these problems. Then, raise your voice!

Raise your voice when Turkish-Arabic extended families divide up whole sections of a city and put the police to flight. Then, raise your voice!

Or raise your voice when school superintendents desperately ask for help, when students in some classes are bullied and removed or girls are seriously insulted. Then, raise your voice!

Raise your voice when young girls are married in Germany or brought here to be married. Or when girls who wanted to flee forced marriage are murdered and the we have to call that “honor killing”. Then, raise your voice!

I could go on endlessly, but I will pass on one more comment: Raise your voice, dear lady chancellor, when leftist extremists burn a bible on, of all places, August Bebelplatz in Berlin. Then, raise your voice!

At first there was murmuring in the audience, then “Pfui!” and “Boo!” From sentence to sentence, Stadtkewitz became more emotional and the audience with him. (note)

But — and this is my last statement to the chancellor — please, please do not raise your voice when, in a neighboring country after an election, a government is formed by those who won the election. Then, do NOT raise your voice!

After Stadtkewitz, who became increasingly more emphatic as his speech went on, the PVV politician and electoral winner, Geert Wilders followed.

His impressive entrance and speech — lying now before the author — have already appeared on PI-News and SOS-Österreich.

As a thank you for coming and for his support, the maker of the film Fitna received
a “red book” (Sarrazin’s, note).

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff and Geert Wilders #2After an ovation lasting for minutes, and thunderous applause, the heroes withdrew. The author was allowed (in company with Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff) into the high security area and became witness to how tragic and fearful circumstances and the times are, and yet there is also hope.

Geert Wilders, whose tension before his speech about the events in Holland (balloting on participation in the government) could be noticed, compared pending court cases with Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff. Both of them have been charged by the sensitivity judiciary. When René Stadtkewitz joined in, he joked playfully about the counter-demonstrators:

“There were more organizations that signed on than people who came!” Sabaditsch-Wolff, Wilders and Stefan Herre broke out laughing.

What a sight that was. These people who for their efforts on behalf of human rights are persecuted, accused, vilely defamed, lives even threatened! For the brief moment — a few minutes — which the overfull schedule allows, they are greatly relaxed and enjoying it. Deeply human traits are revealed. A picture that gives hope! Like light houses on the rugged cliff, standing against the tide that rages around them.

But also a picture that should provoke reflection. Not just for those who are on the rocky path with them. No, more than anything, this picture ought to make those people thoughtful who are under the sign of false tolerance for oppression, apartheid, rape and murder. Those who decree from the height of their ivory tower the future of a continent, whole peoples but also each one of us. Those who for ideological and (even if they do not admit it to themselves) racist reasons are paving then way for an older and even more dangerous ideology.

After these short moments, another picture was shot for the album and the event was over. Mrs. Sabaditsch-Wolff was jolted abruptly back into reality, when Geert Wilders embraced her and took his leave with three Dutch kisses on the cheek. She could clearly detect the bullet-proof vest under his suit coat.

Good Lord, what is going on here? How did it come to this?

Most of those who had been there met again in the evening, to review the events of the day. to make or deepen contacts. Germans, Dutch, Austrians, Americans, Brits, and people of Jewish faith were able to mark the end of the day in peace and harmony.

All people who are called racists by the bleeding hearts.

Strange, but that is how it is written…

Earlier, the author and a small group started out toward Checkpoint Charlie to pick up some impressions of this metropolis. There will be separate reports on the, to some extent curious events. And about the events of October 3, 2010.

To the day of German unity!

4 thoughts on “Raise Your Voice!

  1. She could clearly detect the bullet-proof vest under his suit coat.

    Good Lord, what is going on here? How did it come to this?

    How? Unlike the process, the answer is quite simple; Moral Inversion.

    Right is wrong. Truth is lies. Loyalty is betrayal. Honor is deceit.

    Europe’s intelligentsia and political leadership have aligned themselves with a genocidal, misogynistic group of intolerant, puritanical anti-Semites.

    Obviously, the brutal lessons of World War II have been forgotten entirely.

    In the name of supremely callow expedience a host of this world’s political and academic elite have chosen to appease those who cannot be appeased.

    Their moral compass is so thoroughly demagnetized that giving or receiving even the most blatant effrontry fazes these appeasers not in the least. Whether it is meddling in the internal affairs of peaceful, democratic nations or seeking to rationalize the most hideous and brutal sort of savagery that much of the modern world left behind centuries ago, none of this creates an iota of compunction for them as they deconstruct what took centuries of enlightened humanity to craft from mankind’s benighted origins.

    This immunity to rationality includes being able to accept even the most outrageous demands without blinking. Insensate to what were once core moral values, we see bigamy, spousal abuse, gang rape, extortion, assault and sedition being met with an unflinching acceptance that would have earned permanent censure from those of just a few generations past.

    The leadership of a Continent once torn apart by war and genocide is now embracing genocidal barbarians in the hopes of propping up failed economic systems that are only burdened all the more by those who have been imported to underwrite this febrile Ponzi scheme.

    Having stripped themselves bare in order to obtain sufficient flexibility for the moral gymnastics required, they now resent and take umbrage at those with the termerity to point out their nakedness. It is doubful that Hans Christian Andersen himself could have forseen this modern enactment of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” taking place with such exacting verisimilitude.

  2. Well, it has ALWAYS been like this! Don’;t you reaalize this?

    It’s always been Tptb vs. the “common” People, the history tptb teach us, is the “Nobiles”: vs. “Peasants.” “Noble” who are NOT noble.

    This Merkel just doesn;t gived a s*#%* !

    That’s why she can take the attitude she does.

    If she ever was one of us, on her way up, here humanity and compassion towards her fellow man/woman, started dropping off little by little, until her being was co-opted by Darkness. . And I do believe in Dark vs. Light.

    The “Nobles’ – “Los de Arriba” – The Haves – never care about “Los de Abajo”- The Have-Nots.

    The Ones Up There, have NEVER cared because they can always inter-marry with the New Powers. They are appointed the Overseers over the “Common PEople” – and marry their daughters off with the new Conquerors. They get to keep their mansions behind high walls, carriages and armed guards, no matter what.

    So they don’t experience what the rest of us, experience, the harships, the beatings and the rapes.

    It’s all the same to the Merkels of this world.

    I believe it’s useless to appeal to this creatures good Human Feelings. She’s not one of us!

  3. “Germans, Dutch, Austrians, Americans, Brits, and people of Jewish faith”

    Are people of Jewish faith not Germans, Dutch, Austrians, Americans, or Brits?

  4. G, the Jews were chosen by God to be a nation apart from us Gentiles. To be our moral educators. To bring enlightenment to us benighted savages. To heal (our) world. It is called “tikkun olam” in Hebrew. In fact, Jewish laws are designed to reduce or eliminate fraternization between us, and they call intermarriage with us “the second holocaust”. Given that background, they certainly are citizens of the USA–they carry US passports, as do hundreds of thousands if not millions of Muslims–but I would hesitate to call them members of the American nation. How can they be a part of something Almighty God has ordered them to separate themselves from? Or did God make a mistake? They are in exile in America–in Galus–and according to their holiest of writings will only be fulfilled when they return to their nation and their land in Israel, when they “rise up” (Aliyah) from our benighted lands and return home again. This is black letter Judaism, G. You can find it on hundreds of Jewish websites across the web.

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