No Arrests for Violence Among the Free Speech Demonstrators

A phone report from Dutch and British participants in today’s free speech demonstration in Amsterdam:

There were 34 arrests today for violence and disorder, mostly hooligans from the Antifas and Ajax, and none from among our people.

The only arrests on our side were four people who did not have ID cards, which is an administrative offense.

We have proven to the Mayor and the Government (and the media) that we are peaceful, non-violent demonstrators who want only to advocate for free speech.

5 thoughts on “No Arrests for Violence Among the Free Speech Demonstrators

  1. thx Henrik — Not Copenhagen . . .Amsterdam. My error. Treating a head cold is apparently not conducive with clear communication. Kindest regards.

  2. It is only to be hoped, that somehow we can show the public through the mainstream media, what precisely has happened Saturday. There were so many media, and almost all of them just twisted the truth of what’s happened there…

    The only thing we can do, is fight for Western values as we knew them till not too long ago! Fight until we have won this and celebrate by experiencing our Western society in Freedom.

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