Al Jazeera Discovers Intolerance in Berlin

This report from Al Jazeera on today’s events in Berlin is about what you would expect from the Qatar press:

Concerning the intra-party vote by the Christian Democrats on whether or not to support the government as approved by the PVV: the CDA opposition to Mr. Wilders turns out not to be as fierce as Al Jazeera would have us believe.

Our Flemish correspondent VH writes:

From Mr. Wilders’ speech:

At this very moment the Christian-Democrat Party conference is deciding whether or not to approves this coalition. If they do, we will be able to rebuild our country, preserve our national identity and offer our children a better future.

Well, finally they did:

Of the CDA members present at the conference (about 5,000 of the approximately 65,000 members) 68% voted for the coalition agreement, and 32% against.

Hat tip: DF.

4 thoughts on “Al Jazeera Discovers Intolerance in Berlin

  1. Who is Laurence Lee and exactly how long must we wait for some form of censure or hefty sanctioning to be imposed upon this cultural traitor?

    Does anyone honestly think that Mr. Lee is a Muslim? Would anyone be willing to bet that Mr. Lee doesn’t scurry off after work to a nearby pub and lift a pint? A pint that Muslims would just as soon strike from his hand, preferrably using a sword (with hand still firmly attached to the pint in question).

    Wilders’ Dutch opponents call him a “Judas” even as Mr. Lee is greedily counting out his own thirty pieces of Qatari silver. Let us all see if Mr. Lee will take even further inspiration from the example of Judas Iscariot.

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