From Iberia to Hell’s Kitchen

WTC — El Cid

Nine years ago today was a beautiful September morning.

It was very similar to this morning, at least in Central Virginia. But later on the day turned into a horror that for many of us has not yet receded.

At the time it was commonly said at the time that “September 11th changed everything.” For me that was certainly true — it launched me into a career that I couldn’t possibly have imagined and never would have chosen. It left me doing this, when I could have been gainfully employed and might occasionally have managed a good night’s sleep.

There will more analysis in a longer piece later today, but for right now ponder the photo at the top of this post, in which a still from El Cid has been merged with the inferno of Lower Manhattan nine years ago today.

It’s a reminder of the depth, breadth, scope, and longevity of the war that has been declared against Western Civilization. The fall of the Twin Towers tells us that the war is ongoing. The creation of Al-Andalus and the sack of Constantinople tell us that our victory is not assured.

When, God forbid, the walls are breached and the city falls, it may take centuries to throw off the yoke of Islamic oppression. And keep in mind the complete erasure of Buddhism from Afghanistan: there’s no guarantee that what we have now will ever be fully recovered, once the gates break open.

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5 thoughts on “From Iberia to Hell’s Kitchen

  1. Today Obama declared solemnly that the west is not at war with muslims. He should be known as Neville Obama from now on, after Neville Chamberlain, who so steadfastly refused to recognize his enemy.

  2. … there’s no guarantee that what we have now will ever be fully recovered, once the gates break open.

    Given Islam’s nihilistic and destructive behavior, there is little chance of any other outcome.

    The West stands to lose a tremendous amount of irreplaceable cultural heritage. Here, especially, Cultural Marxism has laid the groundwork with great diligence.

    White Guilt, combined with disfigurement of the visual arts, music, architecture and so many other taken-for-granted aspects of daily life have deadened any sense of the prospective loss that Islam’s arrival portends for the West.

    Our great works of art, libraries, cathedrals and many other irreplaceable treasures will all be put to the torch in a pyre of Islamic victory that will burn for decades, if not centuries.

    Should we allow this to happen, the world’s future generations will have every right to curse us with their dying breath.

  3. The mass immigration of Muslims is the major issue today in the Western World.

    This trend must stop or well, you better start shopping for a hijab for your wife/girlfriend and a prayer rug for you.

    It’s the immigration, stoopid.

  4. I too remember that day vividly as I was living on the island of Manhattan myself. I remember going on my roof and seeing smoke billowing up in the air and F-16s flying overhead. I remember seeing police on motorcycles driving around covered in a white dust and thousands of people walking across the 59th street bridge. Ambulances, fire trucks, police all head downtown. I also remember feeling like a trapped rat.

    I knew nothing about Islam on that day. My only experience with it had come from childhood friendships and Black Muslims. I have learned quite a bit since then thanks to sites such as GOV. I cant believe how ignorant I was. Islam seemed as foreign and removed from my brain and daily life as some naked native in Papua New Guinea. My how times have changed

  5. A comment made in the “Why Do Our Soldiers Fight?“, thread said it all.

    S: Those buildings held 25,000 people each. That was the potential death count.

    That was the plan.

    I knew that the intention was to topple the Twin Towers into metro Manhattan. Still, the foregoing provides some truly vivid perspective about what the real aim was. 50,000 DEAD AMERICANS.

    Some acts are unforgivable.


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