Ground Zero Mosque: The Lethal Letter of the Law

Fox News has reported that the New York City Landmarks and Preservation Commission has voted against granting “landmark status” to the building near Ground Zero which Muslims have chosen to plant their so-called Cordoba Mosque Initiative.

The news didn’t come as a surprise, but it is deeply wounding nonetheless. In fact, even after all these months it’s hard to grasp the idea that this nightmare could become a reality.

If they actually were what they claim – i.e., “moderates”, they’d be sensitive enough to know that putting a mosque in that spot makes a mockery of the very notion of “moderation”. There is nothing moderate about building a triumphal edifice to Islam on the graveyard of three thousand people who were brutally slaughtered solely by Muslims.

WTC These innocent souls were incinerated, or asphyxiated, or jumped to their deaths on September 11th, 2001. They all died horribly and Ground Zero is their cemetery. No amount of Kumbayah and toxic tolerance can make those ashes disappear or bring back all those mothers and fathers and sons and daughters.

How dare the blunted human beings pushing for their “initiative” be permitted to erect this sacrilege? They can proclaim their innocence all they want to the Western press (who will eat it up), but Muslims in other countries read their message loud and clear: the killers of 9/11 have triumphed.
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Their message isn’t credible:

  • Why name a mosque Cordoba unless you’ve got an agenda, one every other Muslim will understand instantly?
  • A mosque flying under the euphemistic colors of an “initiative”? They’re afraid to call it by its real name until it’s too late to do anything.
  • A mega-mosque smack dab on Bin Laden’s prize black hole? No wonder he’s mad.
  • As in all real estate, this horror is all about location, location, location.

Lots of people have chimed in on this desecration.

The Left has its usual talking points about peace love and understanding. Their self-righteous tolerance is utterly witless, but feel free to find their explanations. I’m certainly not going to link to any of them. However, there are some stories I want to share with you.

The first one is an anecdote I’d never heard before. Bless William McGurn for remembering it. His editorial today, “the Auschwitz Nuns”, in the Wall Street Journal relates a story about Pope John Paul II’s “grace and wisdom” in handling a similar situation with some Carmelite nuns. With the best of intentions but little discernment, this group of nuns moved into an abandoned building near Auschwitz in order to pray for those who had suffered and died there.

As you may know, the Carmelite order is contemplative. Their secluded routine is taken up with a round of prayers from well before the sun rises and on into the last hours of the day. They maintain silence except for the chanted psalms during the formal hours of prayer.

As you probably also remember, the record of anti-Semitism among Polish Catholics is a blot on that country’s history. Yes, there were many brave exceptions, but the betrayals and greed were widespreasd.

Back in the 1980s when this incident occurred, there were even more living survivors of Auschwitz than now. They were justifiably suspicious and insulted. “Why there?” If the nuns wanted to pray do it somewhere less conspicuous and painful than Auschwitz.

Eventually, when the nuns didn’t get it, and the situation became more complicated with Polish nationalists and outside Catholic groups, the Pope stepped in:

He acknowledged that his letter would probably be a trial to each of the sisters, but asked them to accept it while continuing to pursue their mission in that same city at another convent that had been built for them.

Mr. McGurn suggests this parallel:

Let’s remember what this means. By their own lights, the nuns believed they were doing only good. They may have had a legal title to be where they were. And it is likely that they never would have been forced to move by local authorities had they insisted on staying.

Ah, yes, those legal rights. A good example of a lethal law, had it been carried out. Unfortunately, in New York City, the law is going to be used as a scimitar:

not all big questions can-or should-be reduced to legal right. Living together as neighbors in a free and inescapably diverse society requires more skills than just knowing how to hire sharp lawyers. Sometimes it requires leaders willing to sound a grace note, even yielding to the feelings of others who may not see our plans the same way we do.

For their part, the two people at the heart of this center-Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and his wife, Daisy Khan-defend the center as an antidote to 9/11. “Our religion has been hijacked by the extremists,” Ms. Khan told National Public Radio, “and this center is going to create that counter-momentum which will amplify the voices of the moderate Muslims.”

Perhaps. But it’s hard to argue with the Anti-Defamation League’s assessment that the controversy created by building the center at this location “is counterproductive to the healing process.”

As Mr. McGurn noted, John Paul knew the difference between having the right to do something and being able to discern whether your “right” is the best or wisest thing to be done. Unfortunately, Mayor Bloomberg is no Pope John Paul II.

WTC planeAnd New York City is awash in suicidal but influential leftist Jews. Not to mention the machinations of Abdul and Daisy, so utterly sure of their righteous presence even though the majority of New Yorkers, Americans, and survivors of September 11th want them to move their “initiative” somewhere else. Anywhere but Ground Zero.

In the video below, Sam Nunberg, Deputy Political Director of the ACLJ, is interviewed by “Andy Bluecollar” immediately after the Commission ruling. In a previous meeting he reminded the Landmark group they have set aside some 22,000 buildings in New York City, including six percent which have been done solely for historical reasons. How about the house where Bill Ayers and his Weather Underground were building bombs when one detonated? That’s a spot worthy of preserving??

If the commission felt it appropriate to landmark that building, the location under debate now surely deserves landmark status due to the fact that a wheel from 9-11 ringleader Mohammed Atta’s hijacked American Airlines Flight 11 – imbedded in the building itself.

At the hearing, Sam put the issue clearly into perspective:

“The Landmark of 45-47 Park Place is important not only to maintain the character of the neighborhood and also to preserve the unique architectural design that would otherwise be lost, but even more importantly because of the tragic events of September 11, 2001. It is important to grant the landmark status in order to freeze construction of buildings that do not belong at the location near Ground Zero and would irreparably change the look of the neighborhood. Not only has the building stood there for over 150 years, but it has also felt the impact of the 9/11 attack unlike any other building in the area.”

“It would be a travesty to permit this building to be removed. It would be like removing the sunken ships from Pearl Harbor in order to erect a memorial for the Japanese Kamikazes killed in the surprise attack of US Troops.”

If Pearl Harbor had happened in the last decade we might be doing just what Mr. Nunberg describes. Our culture has become so degraded that we celebrate our murderers and toss our real victims on the ash heap.

Speaking of leftists, Juan Williams was surprisingly contrarian in his summation of the details in this debacle. Jennifer Rubin on Commentary gave him full credit:

Williams…didn’t parrot the left’s “tolerance” line. Instead…he criticized the lack of “transparency” in funding. But he did not stop there. He called building the mosque a “thumb in the eye” of those who lost their lives and suffered trauma. He concluded that, contrary to the imam’s claimed intention, the construction is “not promoting dialogue or understanding; in fact it is polarizing.”

Ms. Rubin adds:

This is the proper and entirely compelling rebuttal to liberals’ fixation with “tolerance.” Liberals assume that we must respect the Muslim group’s sensibilities and refrain from denying them their monument to Islam. (And we certainly can’t question their motives or associations.) But Williams quite rightly doesn’t take the imam’s argument at face value. What about the mosque builders’ tolerance and respect for others? Quite obviously, it is entirely absent.

I will be addressing this total absence of Islam’s respect for others in a future post, but meanwhile, Ms. Rubin sees clearly the consequences of patronizing indulgence so prevalent on the left – prevalent, that is, as long as you fit under their Victimology rubric:

And there’s the rub. In the left’s vision, “tolerance” and indulgence of aberrant conduct is our burden and obligation, and ours alone. That not only leads to cultural surrender; it also infantilizes Muslims.

…what’s intriguing, and to a degree horrifying, is what it tells us about the left’s cockeyed view of “tolerance” and its inability to engage and refute the arguments of those who wish to destroy our society and murder our fellow citizens.

Finally, Andrew Bostom reaches back to 1685, only two years after the first September 11th, to bring us John Locke’s A Letter Concerning Toleration. Here’s a snip from Locke’s epistle (read more at his link):

It is ridiculous for any one to profess himself to be a mahometan only in religion, but in every thing else a faithful subject to a christian magistrate, whilst at the same time he acknowledges himself bound to yield blind obedience to the mufti of Constantinople

Yes, indeed. It is ridiculous, so ridiculous that none of us who have read the Koran and understand the doctrine of abrogation believes for a New York minute that this is an honest operation.

The smoke and mirrors used by the Khans fool only the Left, and it is only too willing to be deceived if in the process of bringing dishonor on itself, it can also bring its enemies down, too. Those useful idiots have a lot more in common with homicidal jihadists than would be apparent at first blush.

This is a very sad day. It was obvious the Landmark Commission was going to rule in favor of Cordoba, but the decision was nonetheless painful for that.

Three months after 9/11/01, the Baron and I were in New York City for a few days. He was there on business, but our evenings and Saturday were free. So of course we watched the skaters at Rockefeller Center, and then made our way slowly to Ground Zero. I will never forget the smell of those still-smoking ruins.

As we passed the wrought iron fence of the nearby Wall Street churchyard, I used a pill bottle to gather dust from the top of the fence. Even though it was unseasonably warm for December, the white dust covering the graves looked eerily like snow.

In addition to all the detritus from the destroyed skyscrapers, contained in that dust are at least a few molecules of the almost three thousand human beings who were sacrificed to this primitive political theology. They didn’t deserve their fate.

The Khans – and whoever is funding them – don’t deserve their Cordoba Mosque at Ground Zero, either.

15 thoughts on “Ground Zero Mosque: The Lethal Letter of the Law

  1. Perhaps the “authorities” need a more robust demonstration of the ordinary americans opposition to this vicious symbol of muslim dominance,i certainly hope that they provide them with one.

  2. It seems to me that it is now only the hurt feelings of muslims that matters in this world.
    How New York of all places in the world can piss on terrorvictims graves like that, and the feelings of those families left behind, I simply just dont understand…
    What almost angers me the most in all this, is to see the creepy satisfied smiles on the faces of those muslims interviewed on TV talking about peacefull co-existing and tollerance after they have won, for them, such a big symbolic victory that they a few years back could not even had dreamed of. They all make me sick and I hope too that the proud Americans will stand up against this… Wake up America…

  3. I was going to post something around the idea of “So what are you going to do about it?” (“you” in the general figurative sense, not D&BB in particular, we know what they do) But I decided it was too depressing and not to bother. So in order to get even more depressed I went to an old online hangout of mine dominated by braindead libs, and came across this link:

    “Last week, the Islamic Center of North Florida was rocked by an explosion, and police suspect that a pipe bomb was responsible. The Islamic Center is located in Jacksonville, Florida, “

    … it is later than I thought.

    But I’m not so depressed anymore.

  4. Englishman is right , this does screem for a robust demonstration .
    The question is , if there exist at all even a few hundred people who are willing to do someting about it ?
    One Idea ( that doesn’t demand a lot of “robust” peoble) would be to “contaminate” the building with pigs blood in a way that would be impossible to get rid off… like mixed upp with the concrete ..
    Another would be to fly&crash a lot off wery small and harmless model model airplanes ,also with pigs blood , into the building ,hopefully hitting in hard-to-clean places.

  5. “And New York City is awash in suicidal but influential leftist Jews.”

    As an ex Democrat Jew, I say WELL PUT….

    I would bet a full 30% of American Jews would fight to get the free train ticket to the “special” summer camps if given the chance…

    Sad, they have not learned from history..

    and are doomed to repeat it…

  6. On a side note. If this monstrosity does go through I am curious as to who will actually build the thing? In NYC construction workers are still predominantly white guys (who ride Harley’s on the weekends) followed by blacks, Puerto Ricans and Dominicans. Most of which wont want to touch this thing with a 40 foot pole. Then you have the Mafia which still controls a lot of things involving construction. Materials, carting etc. The unions will go nuts if they try and hire out scabs.

    If it does get eventually built I bet the materials will be shoddy and the workmanship will include balsa wood support beams. Unless of course they are allowed to hire an all Muslim work force. Which in NYC would not surprise me.

  7. I agree that there are a lot of NYC Jews who are tolerant to the point of suicide. My parents were those kinds of Jews. Luckily, turned away from that many years ago. They are decent people, just drunk on ideas that don’t work.

    Still there is hope. In recent years, both Dershowitz and David Horowitz have gone from blind leftists to actively seeing the Muslim threat. I’ll bet more Jews are turning even now – and even in NYC. There is hope.

  8. I say we do something even more insane and over the top. I do like the desecrating it with pigs blood, but I have an idea that might go beyond even that.

    On 9/11, those who can gather at the Memorial and join in International Burn a Quran Day. Right there, in front of the towers, burn the book that sent them to their graves. Heck, even roast pigs upon the flames if you wish. Let us call out to the Christian and Pagan gods, with one American Voice. Let us lay a curse on Islam and its prophet as they did in olden days. Let us show them that we can slap back just as hard.

    And when they come for our blood, let us be ready, and take theirs in defense of our own.

    This has gone on too long. They will show us no mercy, so why should we show any to them.

  9. What I don’t understand is why some patriotic American(s) didn’t simply buy the building in question and then say, “Sorry, no mosque allowed.”

    We should know better at this stage than trust the dhimmi public officials…

  10. In hoc signo vinces

    There must be a thousand ways to thwart this squat of jihad, from the lowest NYC permits official to building insurance brokers, all have a moral duty to end this desicration and mockery of the innocent.

  11. NYC 9/11 Mayor Rudy Giulani had some choice words, but he wasn’t much in evidence in the MSM (that I know of).

    Last night I was too tired and despondent to address this issue, but it’s important and will continue to be an issue driving things like the Tea Party(my emphasis below):

    “It sends a particularly bad message, particularly (because) of the background of the imam who is supporting this.This is an Imam who has supported radical causes, who has not been forthright in condemning Islamic (terrorism) and the worst instincts that that brings about.

    “So it not only is exactly the wrong place,…at ground zero, but it’s a mosque supported by an imam who has a record of support for causes that were sympathetic with terrorism. Come on! We’re gonna allow that at ground zero?

    “This is a desecration,” he added. “Nobody would allow something like that at Pearl Harbor. Let’s have some respect for who died there and why they died there. Let’s not put this off on some kind of politically correct theory.

    “I mean, they died there because of Islamic extremist terrorism. They are our enemy, we can say that, the world will not end when we say that…

    Nice Deb blog has the whole thing, along with, as she says, the “mutterings” of NYC’s Chief Dhimmi, Bloomberg: “This is a Desecration”

    I feel deeply sad for those New Yorkers who fought so hard against this, particularly Debra Burlingame, whose brother was the pilot of the hijacked plane flown into the Pentagon on 9/11.

    Along with Liz Cheney she has formed a group called Keep America Safe — see their sidebar for a good collection of polls re what Americans want re Gitmo. It’s NOT what the kumbiyah kids want at all…

    …The Baron and I were in Li’l Kumquat recently and saw one of these KKs in Whole Foods wearing a T shirt (colored ‘prisoner orange’) that listed all the websites devoted to closing Gitmo. Big list.

    (Why were we in Whole Foods? for the freebies, of course. Great cheeses and salsas to try…before not buying any. Of course, you also have to run the gauntlet of things like that boy’s T shirt).

    Those two websites are full of information. Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy (which has been in operation since 1988)has actively supported their work.

  12. @ Right Girl:

    I loved your comment–

    Dymphna, this is an excellent, well written, well researched and passionate piece. One of your best!



    Unfortunately, the solution was ummm, radioactive. I sympathize with your sentiments, but the powers that be could view this as incitement.

    One of the features of living in interesting times is that one must pick her way through the mine fields set up to silence us all.

    What you say in an email, of course, doesn’t need to follow the commenters’ rules required for public display.

  13. ole,
    For what it’s worth, Hogs roamed lower Manhattan where mega-mosque planned

    The degree of Islamic ‘tolerance’ was a lesson taught but all too quickly forgotten by far too many since 9/11.
    Similar lessons exist across this globe. The triumphalist nature of this planned structure is accentuated with the announcement that they plan to dedicate this heinous insult on the tenth anniversary of 9/11 .
    I became aware of yet another example of Islamist ‘triumphalist’ dedications in a comment saved from a similar post. The German city of Duisburg’s “Conqueror’s Mosque” (Fatih Camii) was built by the local Turkish community. Its opening was celebrated exactly 550 years (May 29th 2003) after the conquest of Constantinople (May 29th 1453). A photo which shows a plate with the date of the opening of this mosque can be found following this link.

    Following up on the fallout of this bridge building Muslim adventure, here is what the ‘tolerant’ NYC residents can expect.
    *Policing Their Own German authorities in North Rhine-Westphalia are sending uniformed Turkish police into their own sharia enclaves (Duisburg)to try to maintain order.

    *Police in Duisburg, Germany remove Israeli Flag during a protest on January 11, 2009

    * Schavan says school Islam lessons improve integration

    *from 1997 Pastor answers Islam’s call to prayer with crusade to muzzle muezzins

    Quote: “No state has done more to bring Islam classes into schools than North Rhine Westphalia, where one-third of Germany’s Muslims live. Here, 150 public schools offer Islamic studies to 13,000 children in Grades 1 through 10. About 200 schools nationally teach the courses, established by state governments and local Muslim groups.”link

    Who is integrating who in Westphalia/Duisburg Germany? Such is the question for NYC, should construction of this mega-mosque be permitted to proceed.

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