The Star Spangled Graffiti

September 11th

Happy Independence Day, everyone!

Especially to our British readers, who should not take it personally.

To get into the spirit of the Fourth, check out this news video about the patriotic sentiment of certain dedicated public servants in the California Department of Transportation. It seems that a gigantic and well-executed American flag painted on a concrete retaining wall turned out to be on a state right-of-way. That caused the mural to be classified as “graffiti”, and highway workers were ordered to paint it over:

Tonight, when you’re lighting the fuses on your roman candles and bottle rockets, keep in mind all those Caltrans bureaucrats sitting in their comfy office chairs, and — just for fun, mind you — imagine your piece of ordnance detonating between their ample fundaments and the seat cushions…

It will add extra zest to your Independence Day experience!

[Post ends here, with a bang]

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