Murder in Södertälje

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The city of Södertälje is one of the top four Swedish locales for cultural enrichment — the others being Malmö, Gothenburg, and the suburbs of Stockholm (particularly Rinkeby).

Contrary to what you might expect, the troublemakers of Södertälje are not generally Muslims, but Assyrian Christians from Iraq. The violent Arab tribal culture is not confined solely to Muslims, and has infected the behavior of Assyrian immigrants to Sweden.

In this story from The Local, notice that the name of the football club is “Assyriska”, which means “Assyrian”:

Football Player Murdered in Södertälje Shooting

Eddie Moussa, a player with Swedish second division football club Assyriska was one of the two men shot dead in a gambling club in Södertälje near Stockholm on Wednesday night, according to a statement on the club’s webpage.

The Superettan club was due to play an away match against Ängelholms FF this evening but the match has been cancelled, according to a statement on the Swedish Football Association homepage.

Police are continuing their search for three men seen leaving the premises by moped shortly after the shooting which, according to a report in the Aftonbladet daily, could have been an criminal underworld hit.

“It occurred in the Ronna shopping precinct, in Café Oasen,” said Johan Sjöholm at Södertälje police to news agency TT on Thursday morning.

The premises where the men were shot is a known gambling club.

“With regards to gambling clubs problems emerge from time to time. It can’t be ruled out that the shooting concerns gambling debts,” said Björn Engström at Stockholm police.

Police received a call over the shooting at around 2.20am on Thursday morning. Police officers from across the county have been called in to assist the search for the three men.

According to witnesses three men came into the premises and began shooting, according to Mari Olofsson at Stockholm county police.

– – – – – – – –

Police believe the perpetrators left the scene by moped, but witness testimony is unclear on this point. The moped was later found in the area, after having been set alight.

“We are going through all the information now, we shall then decide which direction to take the investigation. The victims have to be identified and relatives informed,” Engström said.

The condition of the third victim, who is being cared for at Södertälje hospital, is reported by the police to be stable.

Eddie Moussa is a Swedish and Dominican citizen of Lebanese-Assyrian extraction. He played his debut for Assyriska FF, a club which played one season in Sweden’s Allsvenskan top-flight after winning promotion in 2004.

The club, which was founded only in 1974, has a large following in Södertälje and is considered by many to be a substitute national team for the Assyrian people.

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5 thoughts on “Murder in Södertälje

  1. The club sprayed with a Kalashnikov , sec. 0:34 this video

    POliceofficer Lennart Kath, 2006: ” In Södertälje a gourp called “the Södertälje-network”, has in principle taken over power in the city. -it looks more and more like Sicily og Chichago in the thirtees.”

    (2006 sade poliskommissarie: Lennart Kanth: – I Södertälje har en gruppering kallad Södertäljenätverket i princip tagit över staden. Södertälje börjar mer och mer likna Sicilien eller 1930-talets Chicago.)

    One wonders – Is mayor Anders Lago still in power, and if so, for how long ?

  2. Troublemakers of Södertälje is Not Assyrian Christians from Iraq. It is Christian Assyrians/Syriac from Turkey mostly and Syria and Libanon partley who came to Södertälje (my home town) in the 70’s.
    They are not arabs.
    And, assyrian/syriac christians from Iraq has imigrated to Södertälje over the past years, after the invasion of Iraq.

  3. Witnesses report seeing 3 successfully flee on mopeds? Kalashnikov’s & mopeds? I’m trying to wrap my head around that vision.

    Is it Sweden which had compulsory military training for it’s citizens? IIRC, upon leaving service, each individual kept their weapon. Was it a kalashnikov?

    Coincidentally, it is reported today, that Military service comes to an end in Sweden

  4. I have to say that the miscreants here are criminals in spite of their Christian background, not because of it. Nothing in Christianity encourages, condones, or excuses this sort of thing.

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