Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/8/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/8/2010Three Al Qaeda suspects were arrested today in Norway in a bomb plot linked to foiled plans to attack the New York subway and a British shopping mall. The FBI and the CIA coordinated with Norwegian authorities to uncover the plot.

In other news, the United Arab Emirates’ ambassador to the United States said that the benefits of destroying Iran’s nuclear program would outweigh the costs. It was not clear whether he meant that his country or should do the bombing, or somebody else.

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One thought on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/8/2010

  1. Mother of Baby Saved by Israelis Wants Him to Murder Them

    “So I was unable to explain how on the one hand, she fought for her child’s life, but at the same time told me that his life is not precious. I never believed I would hear that from her. That’s why I decided to stop shooting [the movie]. I had come to tell a lovely story, not a story about a mother who destines her son to be a shahid.”

    What did you feel when she said that to you?

    “That I had been betrayed, that it was a knife in the back. I didn’t want to see Raida any more. It also drove me to greater despair. I asked myself, ‘Well, is that the conclusion that comes from this story?’ But in the end I started filming again. Why? I don’t have a good answer; I think it was from curiosity. I wanted to solve the mystery for myself.”

    A mother agonizes over her baby’s survival, is granted an unexpected financial boon that might cover the child’s expensive bone marrow transplant, then proceeds to spew about how she wants this infant to grow up to be a homicide bomber.

    Why not just send the kid to paradise right now and eliminate all the intervening fuss?

    This is the level of cognitive dissonance coming from the “Palestinians”.

    The foregoing is reminiscent of Wafaa al Biss:

    It didn’t happen, but as the Hallmark people tell us, it’s the thought that counts. As Mahmoud Abbas and Ariel Sharon prepared for their summit meeting, someone was preparing a “surprise” for them. Wafaa al Biss (or Wafa al Bass), age given variously as 21 or 23, was caught at the Erez crossing, trying to enter Israel in order to carry out a suicide bombing in a crowded Israeli hospital. Bis was being treated gratis in Israel for burns she suffered in a home cooking accident. It takes more imagination than I have to imagine someone who would take advantage of the kindness of the Israeli medical establishment in this way.

    The extreme cynicism of this “operation” by “freedom fighters” is difficult for ordinary people to appreciate. During all the time of the Intifada, while Palestinian propagandists were spreading stories about Israeli massacres and oppression, Israeli hospitals have been quietly extending humanitarian treatment to Palestinians from Gaza and the West Bank.This “operation” was to take advantage of that kindness by attacking an Israeli hospital, using a young Palestinian woman.It was organized by the Fatah Al-Aqsa Martyr Brigades.


    Wafaa al Biss sought to make a bombing attack against the hospital that literally saved her life.

    That is how sick, twisted and f%&$ed up these cretins are.

    Raida Abu Mustafa is willing to accept tens of thousands of dollars from Jewish contributors just so she can raise her child to KILL THEM. This sort of ingratitude transcends all boundaries of mercy and lenience.

    It is long past tea for the “Palestinians” to begin reaping the whirlwind they have so diligently sown.

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