Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/5/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/5/2010Not only does NASA Administrator Charles Bolden believe that the USA will never return to the moon without international help, but he says that one of his major goals is to improve relations with the Muslim world. His mission is to help Muslims feel good about themselves because of the their historic contributions to science, math, and engineering.

In other news, a Christian professor in the Indian state of Kerala was accused of blasphemy against Mohammed, and a mob of angry Muslims seized him and chopped off his hand to punish him. The perpetrators are still at large.

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6 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/5/2010

  1. Spain: Women Wearing Burka to be Fined 600 Euros in Lleida

    According to today’s La Vanguardia, the ruling will limit or forbid access to and use of services or town structures for people who wear the burqa or who complicate identification and visual communication. [emphasis added]

    This is the proper way of addressing such an issue.

    Complicate the constabulary’s ability to enforce common law and get fined almost $1,000.

    Works for me.

  2. Perhaps, Bolden could benefit from assistance with his task to use [undermine] NASA as a tool to boost the self esteem of the global muslim community, aka umma, by reminding them of their contributions to science. . .but first, I need to clear the image of muslims celebrating the disintigration of the US Shuttle Challenger upon re-entry. Recalling a Mr. Timimi described the crash of the space shuttle Columbia in 2003 as a “good omen” for Muslims in an apocalyptic conflict with the West. At the same time, recall the image of the new Missile Defense logo which now incorporates Obama’s campaign logo with the crescent moon and star.

    Consider this self esteem collusion is further impacted by earlier Saudi demands for altitude apartheid, [sactioning religious purity at soaring heights].

    Obama, Bolden and company should familiarize themselves with Fjordman’s essays. Of particular relevance is one apparently overlooked, despite being addressed to the current ‘occupant’ of the oval office, Fjordman to Obama re:Islam and science.

    It’s no coincidence that on the seventh anniversary of the Columbia tragedy, Obama chose to announce $100B in cuts to NASA’s plan to return astronauts to the moon.
    Obama’s loyalty and sensitivity to Islam logically concludes with relegating this agency’s primary function to umma public relations.

  3. Where is the World? Why is West Not Doing Anything in Face of Upcoming Stoning of Iranian Woman?

    Just try to examine the real attitude of this world’s main institutions to Iran, a state where you can be stoned over espionage, violating religious laws, protesting against the government, homosexuality, or just for spiting Ahmadinejad or the Ayatollahs.

    Where is Obama?

    BHO is unable to respond appropriately. His kneepads are at the cleaners as they were in dire need of a wash and extensive mending due to all the groveling he’s been doing lately.

  4. Hey, if this lady had a problem with someone interfering with her right to be veiled, Obama would be there in two shakes to stand up for her right to be mummified as he’s made a point of saying.

    Now her right not to be stoned to death on the basis of primitive sexist laws…that doesn’t engage him so much.

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