Anticipating an Islamic Copenhagen

An Iranian politician has a few choice words to say about Denmark, the Danish prime minister, and human rights. Many thanks to Anne-Kit of Perth, Australia for translating the article and the video, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The accompanying article from Extra Bladet:

Iranian politician: Copenhagen will have Muslim majority by 2025

29 June 2010

Iranian politician calls Lars Løkke [Danish Prime Minister] ‘stupid’ and ‘anti-Muslim’ and predicts that Copenhagen will end up with Muslim majority.

Iran’s UN delegate in Human Rights affairs, Mohammad J. Larijani, gave an interview on Iranian State TV 15th June, here translated by a resident Iranian.

“Larijani (Iran’s Human Rights delegate) says that Denmark’s Prime Minister is an idiot and is anti-Muslim. He says that by 2025 Copenhagen will be the first European city with a majority of Muslim citizens. What do you think?” writes ‘aabbddoouullaahh’, who uploaded this video to YouTube.

The video is an excerpt from a several hours long interview which Mohammad J. Larijani gave to Iranian State TV, and was translated by an Iranian living in Denmark. The statements about Denmark are at the end of the video.

They don’t understand our punishment of whipping

– – – – – – – –

At a UN Human Rights Conference in Geneva on 15th February, Mohammad J. Larijani defended Iran against accusations of breaches of human rights. In the interview on Iranian TV he explains that the West does not understand the punishment of whipping and therefore accuses Iran [of breaching human rights]. The UN does not agree; official figures from the Tehran regime state that 47 people have died during demonstrations, and that more than 5000 critics of the regime are in prison.

Mohammad Larijani also took the opportunity to repeat the allegation that the much-publicised killing of Neda Agha Soltan, who was shot 20th June last year, was carried out by “foreign powers”.

4 thoughts on “Anticipating an Islamic Copenhagen

  1. I’m not saying that it’s a 100 percent certain that there will be civil wars/civil unrest in Europe in the future, but strictly speaking from a military strategic point of view it’s definitely not a disadvantage to have the vast majority of your enemies concentrated in small areas, like say certain neighbourhoods of your biggest cities. I believe the French was taught that lesson in Dien Bien Phu.

    It would not be difficult for an army to besiege such neighbourhoods and ‘starve’ the enemy to submission. And as far as I know there aren’t any military bases in these immigrant dominated neighbourhoods of Copenhagen. And anyway Islamic agitators and radical left wing politicians never makes good soldiers they just like to talk tough.

    And last but not least, Europe will never ever become a Muslim continent of that I’m certain.

  2. I agree completely with kritisk_borger. Flip a few switches – power, phone, cell-network, water, heat, petrol – and the holy warriors of Denmark will beg for deportation before we need chamber a round, or this.

  3. Well, I´m not very convinced that it will be all that peaceful with just a containing siege of the “enriched” neighbourhoods and some flipping of switches should grave civil unrest begin.

    We have very violent fanatics on the inside and most likely very frustrated people on the outside. This means we could face all kinds of atrocities, like it or not.

    Should a conflict such as this occur, and believe me I think it will come sooner or later, we also mustn´t forget that the people inside an area under siege is very likely to have comrades in arms on the outside. Either from other neighbourhoods, from other countries or just plain simple fifthcolumners from the indigenous people. Those, although likely small in numbers, could create HUGE damage if not accounted for and readily dealt with.

    Other than that I just agree with the above commenters. Most of the eggs in the same basket makes an easier target should the need arise.

  4. The politician is right, European are idiots for the very fact that they allowed to have vast immigrant populations created in their countries. They are also idiots for silencing anyone who thought this was not a good idea.

    Westerners are also idiots because at the same time they propagated the fantasy of the liberated, career woman. Now look at the birth-rates.

    Westerners are destined to die out like the dodos they are.

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